The History And Rich Legacy Of Engraved Pens

Feb 04, 2021 08:00

Are you going to offer special gifts to employees or other people who matter a lot to you? Be it for the people with academic background, professionals, students or housewives, you may find engraved pens as the most valuable gifts. For years and years, pens have turned out to be an evergreen item of gifting for all the purposes. No matter what the business is, a personalized pen comes out as the most suitable gift for everyone. Even for promotion companies and different other purposes, pens are the perfect gifts. However, pens have become the most acceptable giveaways since the past few ages. It is true that the types of pen chosen for gifting has kept on changing, they form the most preferred item for brand promotion always.

Out of various ways of personalizing a pen, like printing and engraving, the latter is an old method of customization and being used for many years. Let’s get to know more about this process.

Engraving is one of the ways of imprinting something by cutting into the surface of glass, wood, and other materials. The personalized pens Australia with engraved designs reflect professionalism.

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History of pens and engraving techniques-

You know that the introduction of ink has led to the invention pens. Since the ancient age, we have found the evolution of pens. The ancient civilization saw the use of reed pens, and now, we are familiar with ballpoint pens and fountain paints. However, due to the transformation in pen designs, we have noticed different techniques of engraving the pens.

In the past, there was a trend of writing handmade wooden pens. The engraved wooden pens have a high aesthetic value. Made of rosewood and different other woods, these pens can be the perfect giveaway on any occasion. You can engrave the names of recipients and attractive designs to beautify the pens.

These days also, with a high craze about antique art and designs, people are preferring pens made out of bamboo and wood as an item for gifting. These pens are beautifully engraved with a company’s logo or printed with a solid color to be presented to the recipients. You can also order wooden pens in bulk at online stores and get them customized the way you want to present to your employees, visitors, or guests.

Modern engraving technologies for pens-

Nowadays, you can find pens made of some other materials apart from woods. There are different engraving techniques, like electrochemical etching and dot peen engraving. However, these engraving methods are not effective for customizing the pens. These engraving machines are useful for engraving large and hard surfaces. But, the pen surface is more complicated, as it is round. To engrave these smaller models, there is an innovation of the laser engraving technique. While using the laser technique, you do not need to deal with chemical and robust mechanical system. Moreover, you can avoid removing materials while engraving pens with this modern technique.

A few years ago, engraved pens Australia were used only for personal needs. For instance, we used to choose these pens as some special gifts. Although they are some low-priced giveaways, they hold a high value to recipients.

However, now, these pens have become the best choice as corporate gifts. These simple promotion pens are highly cherished and memorable gift for recipients of any age. Lots of companies invest in custom pens as their promotional gifts. Available at a very reasonable price, these pens help them to spread their brand names and other business details.

To engrave a pen, professionals need to cut into its surface. Based on the pen materials, the engraving technique turns out different result. For instance, the coating color of metal barrel pens is different from the color underneath. While engraving into this pen, the natural metal color is revealed.

Resin barrel pens are also available with engraved designs, and their interior colors are not different from that of the surface color. The engraver uses some durable fill materials to fill the engraving. They are long lasting, and there is no need to refill them.

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Engraved pen sets in a case

For novelty gifting, the pen sets are quite in a trend. They are suitable to be given to esteemed clients, guests and special visitors. After being packed in a case and wrapped with gift ribbons, they make a highly decent gift to be presented to any level of the recipient in any occasion. Such pens come in metal body, wooden body, or plastic body as well. However, the quality of the pens should be too good if they are to be engraved. Pens engraved with a business logo or name look attractive to gain viewers’ attention.


Author : Amit Ghia

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