The Importance of Personalised Aprons for Hospitality Businesses

Mar 01, 2021 08:00

The professional kitchen environment requires the highest standard for hygiene, discipline, and respect at all times. This is because kitchen accidents can quickly arise if you don’t prioritise cleanliness and protection. Did you know that wearing a uniform can also improve one’s focus?

Custom Aprons

Types of Aprons

Before personalising your aprons, it’s crucial to be sure that you’re using the right type.

  • Bib apron
  • Bistro apron
  • Tuxedo apron
  • Cobbler apron
  • 4-way apron
  • Waist apron
  • Dishwasher apron
  • Disposable apron

Aprons are standard accessory worn over other clothing for various purposes. While there are lots of aprons available in department stores, you’d want to have personalised ones for the following reasons:


Provides Protection 

Whenever you’re cooking, there are risks of getting burned—especially if you’re working with hot liquids. Scorching pots and pans could also get near you. Depending on the material that it is made of, an apron can minimise the risks.

The aprons readily available in stores follow a standard size, which may not fit all your kitchen staff. Some of them may need longer aprons, others, shorter. If the garment is too short, it won’t deliver the right level of protection. If it’s too long, you could trip on it, or it could grab kitchen items. 

A vinyl apron is best when you’re constantly handling hot liquids or any substance that can damage clothing or skin. Did you know why chefs wear white?


Helps Maintain Cleanliness

Every hospitality business’ nightmare is receiving complaints about foodborne diseases. Besides proper food handling and storage, wearing apron reduces the risk of these problems.

Microorganisms can harbour skin and personal clothing, and personalised aprons Australia serve as a barrier between these microorganisms and the food. You can customise the aprons of your kitchen staff and opt for an anti-microbial textile.

“Hairnets, face shields, and gloves should also be included in your uniform as they also help prevent food contamination. A hospitability business must also have standards when it comes to health and personal hygiene.”, explains David Taylor, kitchen manager at Monkeyfoodz.


Strengthens Brand Identity

When at a hotel or restaurant, we typically distinguish the kitchen staff by their apron. You can maximise official aprons by personalising them to fit your brand. Customer confidence also increases when they see that the staff is wearing the proper uniform.

Like other printed promotional products, aprons can be effective marketing tools because customers can perceive you as more organised and confident. Personalised aprons can help align the kitchen environment with your branding guidelines.

Print your company logo to your aprons for increased exposure. The customers will remember you easier.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can find cheap promotional aprons here.


Provides Extra Storage

Food preparation should be hasty to please the customers. This means you’ll need all the ingredients and utensils within reach. An apron with multiple pockets, attachments, and compartments for all essential items can improve efficiency. With this type of apron, they don’t have to leave their workspace to get the things they need.

Consider personalising the storage of your aprons to fit the needs of your staff. There are also wholesale aprons with pockets out there. 


Displays Your Style

At home, we seldom consider fashion when grabbing an apron. In hospitality businesses, it’s also the last on the mind of the chef. However, marketers and business owners should take stylishness into account when designing uniforms.

Today, aprons are available in a wide array of materials, designs, colours, and accessories. They add more character to the standard uniform and the environment.

You can personalise aprons based on the atmosphere of your establishment. For example, if you’re running a vintage restaurant, 80s-inspired aprons can help tie up the ambience. If you want your barbershop to convey a brusquer image, get aprons made of leather and rubber with metal detailing. Boost the customer experience with this dining etiquette for servers



Choosing the Right Apron for Your Hospitality Business

There’s a wide array of options for kitchen aprons. But if you’re serious about safety and branding, it’s essential to take the following factors into account:



Temperature protection is probably an essential aspect of an apron. The kitchen environment is filled with heated objects and liquids, which could cause physical harm. Your apron must have the right level of protection against these hazards. Here are the most common kitchen accidents and how you should respond to each.

At the same time, you’d want to feel comfortable while in the kitchen and opt for a lightweight material. 



Consider the amount of stress the apron has to endure daily when deciding on durability. If it’s a 4-way apron for the chefs who handle sharp knives, you need to make sure the fabric doesn’t cut easily. Bistro aprons and server aprons are usually worn by front house staff and do not experience heavy wear and tear.

Durable aprons aren’t necessarily expensive. You can find wholesale aprons at affordable prices here.





Aprons should be washed often to prevent microorganisms from harbouring on it. Moreover, you wouldn’t want anyone to walk into the kitchen and find all the staff in heavily-stained aprons. Consider materials that are easy to clean, such as leather, vinyl, and microfibre.

If your tasks don’t expose you to lots of stains, you’d be comfortable with an apron made of cotton, linen, or canvas. Read the manufacturer instructions before washing the apron.

Here are five fabric options for aprons:

  • Cotton/Muslin
  • Rubber/Nylon
  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Canvas


Aprons are essential for providing protection, maintaining cleanliness, branding, increasing efficiency, and exhibiting style. Therefore, a business that offers hospitality should invest in top-quality aprons. To maximise this accessory, consider personalised aprons in Australia.

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