The Power of the Pen for a Growing Business

Nov 07, 2019 08:00

Stylish, glistening, a sheer joy to behold, and iridescent in exotic colours – the modern pen has evolved into more than a mere writing instrument. The pen has made its presence felt in great moments of human history as a faithful companion that helped ink important documents. The forward evolution of technology has allowed designers and manufacturers to create interesting avatars of the pen to cater to the many choices, whims, and fancies of a variety of modern users. Business operators have benefited deploying pens as promotional items that raise the public profile of the sponsor enterprise. Such tactics have also enabled the modern entrepreneur to build a distinct brand presence in crowded commercial markets.

Pens - Wonderful Gift items

Promotional Pens for Sale

Marketing professionals working on behalf of modern commerce can invest in bulk pens Australia as a cost-efficient marketing tactic. Such action hinges on buying promotional pens in bulk and gifting one piece of the product to each customer. When emblazoned with the sponsor's business logo, such promotional items a long way in enabling brand recall in the minds of customers. Therefore, commercial gifting presents a unique strategy to expand brand awareness among modern customers. In addition, the high utility value of the pen enables these products to integrate well into customers’ daily routine at work and at home.

Plastic Ballpoints - A Fashionable Product

Impeccable business logic attends a decision to buy bulk branded promotional pens Australia. Designers are utilizing high-quality polycarbonate materials to fashion pens and distinctive writing instruments that appeal to a customer's sense of fashion. These products, when manufactured in bulk, can be packaged in sets of ten pens, each in a distinct colour combination. The clustered product – when offered in mass markets as a commodity – seeks to promote fashionable writing, and provide meaningful thrust the aim of attaining universal education. The polycarbonate pen also seeks to raise the profile of the sponsor business by advertising logos and assorted business signage.

Personalization - The Great Advantage

Mass production enables unique benefits that can cater to the requirements of modern bulk buyers. For instance, a mass-produced piece of merchandise can be personalized in the late stages of production. Pens, when bought in bulk, are no exception. Hence, manufacturers can create a special panel the chassis of each; buyers can imprint their name on panel, thereby creating a unique writing instrument for personal consumption. The use of such a pen promotes a high level of engagement between the consumer and the sponsor enterprise, thereby spotlighting the benefits of fabricating and gifting a personalized writing instrument.

Pens can Brand Recognition

Promotional Pens with Logo

Each writing instrument, when deployed as a promotional product, can spur brand recognition in markets far and wide. We note pens are highly mobile products that can travel the pockets of citizens and consumers to distant markets. Therefore, as a highly functional product, the pen allows new customers to gain familiarity with a brand and, in effect, expand the concept of consumer choice. This is significant for any business that seeks to gain mileage in terms of expanding its brand presence and resonating in the minds of modern consumers.

How and when to use pens for your promotions?

Only buying promotional pens in bulk will not help, if you don’t have a defined strategy of advertising in place. There are many marketers who this mistake, spend money products, but fail to achieve the desired results as they don’t plan the things properly and end up in a chaotic promotional drive with zero results. Utilizing a pen can be the best option looking at its effectiveness and cost pressure. What you need now is to make it more impactful by designing a strategy which fulfills your purpose and brings the outcomes as you expected. Here are a few ways that can help you advertise your brand using these low-cost pens.

  • Choose the right type of pens: Identify your target audience and choose a pen that best fits their position. It will give you acknowledgment and your gift will get noticed many times whenever in use. For example, if your recipient is an esteemed business partner or a client, you cannot opt for simple custom printed ballpoint pens, rather you should opt for pen sets with cases. These pens should be boxed and the box should be labeled with your brand. Also, the quality of the pen must be high and possibly a strong body would help. Likewise, when you are distributing pens among new visitors to your shop, office, stall, or event, a multi-coloured pen with your logo will fulfill the purpose. For students, you can go with plastic ballpoint pens. For internal promotion among employees, you can have pens with drives as it will really engage and please them.
  • Try something new: Promotion with pens is quite common. What you can do differently really matters in making your recognized and visible. These days, bamboo pens are in trend. Also, pens with and pens with drives look unique and highly useful. Choosing such type of innovative items can let you get noticed among your people. Since these are an item of daily use, you would be visible all the time, especially in workplaces.
  • Right occasion matters: When is the right time to present a pen is quite important. Presenting a pen in the festive season might look odd. So, choose an occasion that really goes well with your product. As a reward for team accomplishment, as one of the items among other goodies on the company’s annual day, are a few occasions that find a place for pens. Also, if you are organizing any internal event, fun activity, competition, or customer engagement event, then using customized pens as a prize to the winners can be a good idea. For this, you need to buy bulk branded promotional pens Australia and always keep them in your stock. Whenever needed, you can take them out and use them.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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