Things To Consider While Ordering Promotional Pens In Bulk

Sep 14, 2020 08:00

Customized pens are the best and highly affordable promotional gifts to market your brand name. In fact, pens are the most purchased items used for brand building campaigns. You can simply put your company name, logo, and other details, and distribute these customised pens. However, you have to focus on some factors while purchasing promotional pens online.

Always keep in mind, choosing the right product that presents your brand is good enough only till you use it properly. There are many marketers and business promoters who end up having poor results despite having the best products. There are various factors contributing to the success or failure of a campaign that relies on products. Though, pens are an evergreen product chosen by business of various types and sizes, a pre-planning and the right approach can help you derive the expected results and even more.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind while you buy promotional pens, Australia.

Intended use of the pen-

Will the recipients get the best value from the pen? Maybe, you have chosen these pens as gifts for your customers. Your customers will surely use their pens for their personal needs. When you present these pens to your employees, they will use the promotional pens for regular office works.

Look for wholesale suppliers-

As you are buying pens for commercial purposes, you do not purchase only one to two pens. Thus, you may choose one of the wholesale suppliers to place your order for promotional pens Sydney. With a bulk deal, you will get your pens at a lowest rate.

Get information about the minimum quantity-

Some suppliers have set the minimum quantity for placing orders. This quantity can range from 72 to 100 pieces. You have to check out this information while choosing the supplier for your promotional pens.

Customisation time-

When you buy promotional pens, you place your customization orders. Thus, the chosen online store will take some time for customising your pens. The time for customizations may vary depending on the choice of the supplier and the printing method. In some cases, sellers take 3 to 5 days to accomplish the process. However, some of them also deliver the customised pen within 24 hours.

Message to be conveyed-

As a busy entrepreneur, you are in a hurry all the time. But, it is always essential to take time to think of the message that you like to spread with your promotional pen. Identify the target group to choose the most effective message. It varies from person to person. So, choose some witty quotes for students, inspiration quote for employees, fun quotes for visitors or event participants, etc. The message you print on the pens gives a higher recall time and builds rapport with the users. The same you should convey to the supplier and get the preview of the pens before placing any bulk order.

Color of the pen-

The printed message is surely an important factor. However, another notable thing is to choose a pen of the right color. Pens with white and see-through barrels can be the best options. It will be easy for users to notice your brand name and message. So, go through the pen collection in details and look for all the available option. Do not compromise with your choice as it matters a lot and you are going to invest on it.

 However, some companies prefer a pen color that represents the color of their brands and themes. For instance, Coca-Cola has once chosen pen designs with a combination of red and white shades.

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Pen accessories-

Some pens are useful for multiple purposes. They include accessories that make these pens highly functional. For instance, you have found pens with a lanyard. If you buying pens as corporate gifts, then thinking about the accessories really matters. Pens with lanyards are really important and make them highly useful if distributed among the employees. Likewise, there are pens with drives and tool kit as well. You just have to choose the right product and match it with the right audience for real impact.

Ink colors-

While checking the pen design, you must focus on the ink color. Mostly, pens are available in black and blue ink. When you offer two pens to every recipient, you can choose two different ink colors. 

Keep time in hand

You should plan for an event much in advance. It will allow you time to research and find the most suitable pen for your need. Preview of the customized pens will also take time and the ordering, customization, and delivery will take more time. So, keep enough time in hand so that you can avoid last minute rush and do not take decision in a hassle.

Now, you can start looking for high quality promotional pens Melbourne

Author : Amit Ghia

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