Tips For Packing Your Wine Bottles Safely

Jan 12, 2022 08:00

It is fun to drink a glass of cool wine. Especially when you are out to a remote location with your friends, hanging out with some wine is a relaxing experience. However, wine lovers have one common complaint. They cannot easily pack wine bottles in their suitcases during a long trip. Even if they are carrying, the fear of damage keeps them alert stealing the fun of an outing. We must admit that wine bottles are must-haves to enjoy in a vacation. But, how would you pack your bottles during your trips? There are ways and special carriers but they are way to heavy and good for carrying a large number of bottles. If you have to carry a couple of bottles only, then there needs to be some smarter way. These days, some companies offer wine bags as the unique corporate giveaways. You may make the best use of these bags for your packing needs. They can accommodate one, two or even three bottles at a time with separate compartments for them.

Wine Bottle Cooler Bag

There are several other tips for packing wine bottles in your suitcase. Let’s get to know about them so that next time you for an outing, you don’t miss your favourite drinks.

Wrap your wine bottles-

One of the best tricks is to wrap your bottles before placing them inside your suitcase. You must pay attention to the neck of the bottle. It is better to cushion around the bottle’s neck. You may use your jackets and sweaters for this purpose. You must not put more than one bottle into one bag. Bubble wraps can also be used. If you will keep the bottle with its box, then also it will be safe, but, of course, it will occupy more space.

Use wine bags-

Wine bags available in the market are of different types. However, the major purpose of those bags is to protect your bottles when you are on a trip. Promotional wine cooler bags with tight seals and padded walls can be the perfect choice. These specially designed bags will also maintain temperature of your drinks. Some consumers buy wine sleeves to pack wine bottles by adding layers of protection. However, wine tote bags can be a better option. They are also being used as a promotional gift these days in various corporate events. You can get these bags printed with your business logo and giveaway to your employees as a New Year Gift or Christmas gift.

Look for wine bottle suitcases-

Like the wine bottle cooler bag, a wine suitcase is available for you. A suitcase is a hard case, which holds 3 to 4 bottles of wine. It is roomy and endure the weight of your bottles. When you need to carry more than one bottle at a time, you can choose the wine suitcase. The robust design will ensure protection to your wine bottles. However, nowadays, wine bags also help you in carrying multiple compartments. They have padding to absorb the impact. Based on your needs, you can make the right choice.

Do not place your bottles adjacent to each other-

You might like to carry your wine bottles together. But, when the glass bottles clank together, they can result in breakage. That is why there must be gaps between your bottles. You may use your shirts and socks as the barriers. Wine bags have separate compartments for every bottle with cushioning between two compartments. That is why, they are preferred to carry wine. Moreover, their weight is also less and are easy to carry.

Promotional Wine Cooler Bags

Check the shipping laws of your home country before shipping liquor-

You are packing wine bottles to ship them to a different country. It is true that you have invested in wine cooler bags wholesale to protect the bottles from damages. However, you may also need a license for shipping alcoholic products. Ship your wine legally and avoid any issues. Some shipping service providers take special care of the wine bottles.

Wine bottles are not permissible for a carry-on luggage-

Some airplane passengers think of carrying liquids of more than 100ml. However, they have to pack their wines in the check suitcase and not in their carry-on luggage. They must also follow these rules while carrying water bottles.

With these simple tips, you would be able to carry your wine bottles for a little extra enjoyment outdoors. If you are planning a worthy new year gift for your customers or employees, this can be a great item to consider. Find wide variety of eco-friendly wine bags at wholesale rates on bulk order. Choose any design and get it customized the way you want. Explore the collection and place an order now for free doorstep delivery.

Author : Amit Ghia

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