Tips To Use Hand Sanitizers Safely And Effectively

Jul 17, 2021 08:00

The pandemic has shaken the world and its shocks are still being felt badly and immensely. Safety requires a basic minimum of hand hygiene always. It’s not only about the current Covid situation, but hand hygiene can keep you safe from a number of diseases throughout the year. Germs are all around us. They can come on our hands when we touch items during our daily chores. This reduces the hygiene level and makes us fall sick. The key to keep our hands clean is either using a hand sanitizer containing 60-90% alcohol or washing hands again and again with soap and water.

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The most effective and convenient sanitizer to use is the alcohol based sanitizer. Such hand sanitizers can kill microbes and germs effectively. They are simple to use and can be found in almost every chemist shop and departmental store. There are many hand sanitizer bulk suppliers now even catering to businesses with personalized sanitizer bottles for creating brand image.

Even though sanitizers are for our safety and widely used by men, women, and kids, there are some safety protocols to make the most out of them and prevent any hazard.

Tips to use hand sanitizers safely and effectively

In the present scenario, hand sanitizers have become part and parcel of our lives. It is impossible to go out without hand sanitizers or enter back home without spraying sanitizer on our hands and other belongings. Soap and water cannot be available all the time, so hand sanitizers have become the best alternative. Hand sanitizer is not just squeezing the bottle, taking a few drops and rubbing on hands.  It is very important that you should know how to properly use a hand sanitizer so that it can kill all the germs.

The first thing is that you should know which hand sanitizer to buy. 60-90% alcohol-based hand sanitizers can effectively work on hands thereby killing almost 99% of the germs on hands. To use the sanitizer, first take a few drops of sanitizer in one hand. Then rub both your hands properly, making sure that both the front and back part and the portion in between the fingers is also covered. This should be done at least for 30 seconds, till the sanitizer is completely absorbed and your hands are dried. Just in case you squeeze out extra sanitizer which is left after rubbing, try not to wipe it off, leave it and let it dry. And you are ready to go with clean hands. Hand sanitizers are not edible, so special care should be taken to prevent children from ingesting it even by mistake. It can turn out to be fatal.

However it should be kept in mind that sanitizers cannot clean hands which are visibly dirty or heavily soiled. In such cases washing hands with soap and water is recommended.

Also, take care to wash your hands with soap after 4 or 5 times usage of the sanitizer.

Don’t use the sanitizers fanatically out of fear. Proper use will yield good results, on the other hand, overuse can damage your hands.

Keep the sanitizer bottle or spray at safe place and out of reach of the children. Avoid placing the sanitizer near the source of fire as it is inflammable and can cause hazard.

Always prefer a handy bottle of the product as a heavy or bulky pack cannot be carried to different places and can trouble you. These days, there are highly innovative packages of sanitizers available for daily use that can be easily carried in your bags, pockets, or vehicles. Try handy sprays in the shape of pens, wallet, diary, or small bottles that can be hanged in the belts across your waist. 

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Hand sanitizers as promotional giveaways

The trend to promote business through promotional giveaways has increased by leaps and bounds. Almost every business has inculcated a promotional gift in their marketing plan. One such promotional giveaway which is trending these days is hand sanitizer. Companies buy mini hand sanitiser bulk and they get it at a cost effective price from the wholesale suppliers across Australia. Since sanitizer is a very useful item these days’ people love to get such useful gifts and use them extensively. Moreover when they carry it along, the company name and logo gets noticed by dozens of people. There cannot be more useful promotional items companies giveaway than a hand sanitizer which is made its place in everyone’s life.

Many corporate organizations have already chosen this item as a promotional product to give visibility to their brand. This has led to highly innovative designs and sizes of sanitizer sprays, gels, and liquids packed suitably for corporate employees or other business staffs. In any of the corporate event, they can be presented as a free giveaway to customers, clients and employees.   

Stay ahead in the competition with the right choice of promotional item. Order hand sanitizers in different shapes and designs at highly attractive rate and get them customized for your branding event. Order NOW!

Author : Amit Ghia

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