Top 5 Techniques Of Personalising A Pen

Aug 17, 2020 08:00

Personalised pens are one of the most thoughtful gifts you can offer to any person and on any occasion. Although you may have chosen a very simple pen, its customised model can leave a lasting impression on the recipient. That is why, even corporate companies eagerly choose to go with pens of different types as a gift for their employees on varying occasions. Over the years, it has emerged as the most budget-friendly tool of advertisement or brand promotion.

What’s more, a dull, ordinary pen can gain a different look with some personalised touches. The cost also is quite affordable and the availability of customization or personalization of various types make it fit for people of every pocket size.

When we talk about personalization, there is a lot to uncover in the creative world. Some of us add pom-poms to make the pen look decorative and colorful. However, there are other innovative ways of personalising a pen too. If you are the one looking forward to cheap promotional pens for your brand promotion, these personalization techniques would definitely interest you. After considering all the possible options, you can make a decision of choosing any effective, easy and budget-friendly way of personalization.

Lots of business owners buy cheap pens in bulk, and they want to print their brand name, logo, or the name of recipient on those pens. They choose these custom pens as the promotional gifts. Let us now have a look at the available techniques of customising these pens.

Cheap Custom Pens

Digital printing-

Digital flatbed printers help in customising a pen easily. Professionals use a special plate for placing your pens, and the printhead, moving across the pens, transfers ink onto your pen surface. The process is much similar to what we find with a standard paper printer. 

Digital printing methods help in applying different colors to print the pen. Thus, it is easy for you to personalise the pen with your brand logo. However, this technique is best for printing thicker pens having broader clips. 

Foil printing-

It is another technology to make your pens look shiny and attractive. There is a need for a heated cylinder for foil printing, and it helps in applying a think foil layer on the chosen surface. This process is best for pens with chrome and gold detailing. Moreover, you need to make sure that the pen body is smooth to get the desired outcome from foil printing. Foil printing is one of the cost-effective ways of personalising your pen. You can order cheap personalised pens printed with this technique. 


The engraving technique involves the use of electricity and light to make optical beams. However, this technique is of different types, as professionals can use the CO2 laser and YAG laser for customisations. The YAG laser adds a special effect, which matches the look of the original material.

You can engrave your brand logo on the pen, as this technique makes the printed design long lasting. In fact, you can make a permanent change to the look of the pen with this eco-friendly customisation technique. The engraving process adds an elegant finish to metal pens. 

Cheap Promotional Pens

Screen printing-

Screen printing is another method where you need to use squeegee to press the colour with a fine mesh. The most advantageous thing is that you can dry the print within a short time. When you need a bulk package of cheap custom pens within a few days, you may rely on this screen-printing technique. They are also quite affordable. Most of the bulk custom pen sellers also provide screen printing as a complementary service. However, you need to discuss with the supplier in advance. This might reduce the cost of buying the pen from a supplier and then getting it customized by some other service provider.  

Pad printing-

When you need to customise curved and narrow pens, you can rely on this pad printing technique. There are many pen pieces which come in extraordinarily sleek look. Such pens offer extremely affordable costing to the buyers but the personalization part becomes difficult. However, with this technique of pad printing, you can really get such pens speak on the behalf of your brand with beautifully printed logo on it. Beautiful italics text is also possible with this type of printing technique. You can choose up to four colors with this customising process. Pens with uneven surfaces and curved designs are best suited with this technique. 

Buy cheap custom pens online

Now, you can decide on any of these personalisation techniques to purchase cheap promotional pens. Online service providers and supplier of promotional products in Australia stock varying types of pens which can be used as corporate gifts. Many of them can offer you personalization of the pens as well to meet your specific need of promotion or brand awareness. Give the best value to recipients with these promotional pens.


Author : Amit Ghia

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