Top 5 Trending Glassware Used As Promotional Gifts

Nov 06, 2020 08:00

Are you looking for some universally acceptable gifts for a promotional campaign? Then, you can invest in a set of personalised glassware that reflects modern and creative shapes. It is not only a different looking gift but also quite descent to be presented as a corporate gift. With an artistic image of your company logo, glassware can catch the attention of recipients. The simple glassware will let your brand name stick to the mind of your business partners, customers, and employees. However, you are not limited to simple designs as glassware can offer you a lot in terms of types, utility, design, and make. For every age group, men, women, or kids, you would find a glassware product that is just for you in your budget.

We have now made a list of some trending glassware used as the best corporate giveaways. These are among a few of the top trending stylish glassware.

Custom Beer Glasses

Whiskey tumblers-

Whiskey tumblers have straight models with a heavy base and thick walls that do not break easily. In terms of drinkability, these tumblers are the best pieces for whiskey and beer lovers. However, these are hand-blown tumblers and need careful cleansing to avoid any damage. The twisted shapes and distinct accents have made these glass tumblers unique.

Margarita glasses-

When you are looking for custom beer glasses for your marketing campaigns, you can choose Margarita. These are slightly large glasses with a small bowl on the top. As the glass rim is very wide, you may decorate them in your own way. You can find these iconic-shaped glasses in some restaurants. When your target recipients love to drink wine in a style, you can choose Margarita for them. Customise these glasses with your company name and get results from your branding campaigns.

Martini cocktail glasses with a bent stem-

Simple stemmed glasses are very common to cocktail lovers. You may impress your customers and employees by offering these beautifully designed glasses with a slightly bent stem.

Stemmed wine glasses always reflect elegance in formal and information occasions. The dainty look of these lightweight glasses let users see the true colour of their wines. As wine lovers will use these stylish customised glasses regularly, your brand name will be viewable to them regularly.

Glassware with attractive colors-

Glassware looks more beautiful when it has a touch of colors. Thus, you can buy a set of solid glasses with some tints. Some glasses are also available with unique patterns to make those pieces highly decorative. Moreover, these wine glasses reflect a contemporary look that can attract any user. Most of us use these champagne glasses on special occasions. However, they are also the perfect choice for your promotional campaign. These cheap wine glasses with eye-catching accent and your brand logo will be the most effective marketing tools.

Cheap Wine Glasses

Highball glasses-

They are tall, straight-sided glasses that you can use to serve almost any drink, like soda water, scotch, and juices. The holding capacity of standard highball glasses is 6 to 8 ounces. Nowadays, you can find heat-resistant borosilicate glass with high durability. Some manufacturers also combine crystals to design the glassware.

Glass drink bottles: People are getting cautious about their health and try to minimize the use of plastic bottles for drinking. For such purposes, the glass drink bottles with metallic caps are widely used as an option. Though, they are mostly chosen as bottles to offer cold beverages and are preferred for commercial usage, you can find a variety of models for domestic use also. These days, the corporate employers prefer such bottles with designer printing of their logo on the bottle to be presented to their employees or esteemed clients during corporate events.

Glass tumblers: They have been present for ages and used in every house. There are various types of glass tumblers in small, medium and large sizes which can be used in pair for gifting. On your request, you can buy them in gift boxes also which can be beautifully packed and tied for corporate gifting. On online platforms, you don’t even need to wait for online sale on glassware, as many suppliers are offering them at discounted prices. On bulk orders, you can bag good deals.

Apart from these, you can find many other varieties of glassware which can fit your need without compromising with style. 

Quality glasses are dishwasher safe and have delicate finishes. Made of toughened and tempered glasses, the modern glassware can last long. Customise these glasses in any way and display your brand name clearly.

Get the best of glassware from a reliable promotional products supplier and avail customization or personalization service also. Have a preview of the mock-up design before placing any bulk orders. Checkout all the available designs, their features, cost and more and get the best deals along with doorstep delivery.

Author : Amit Ghia

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