Transition Degrowth To Robust Growth With Covid Kit

May 28, 2020 08:00

It is official; nations cannot continue lockdown for long. News is coming in that lines and has come in the front page. Many developing countries are relaxing lockdowns, removing restrictions despite the rise in infections or deaths. In the US, people are agitating against the curfew, demanding ease of tight laws that take their freedom. They feel, life is theirs, and body theirs and they have every right to be free.

Due to lockdown,the economy is incurring huge losses. Hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs. Businesses are wondering what is in store for them. Many have given up hope and are shutting down, leave alone trying new promotions with products like promotional wet wipes. In such a scenario what one should do? This is the moot question before businesses.

Our topic of discussion is how can businesses rebound with a Covid kit. Why it is necessary to do promotions with a pandemic kit? Will there be assured results? We are going to find answers to these questions.

Promotional Wet Wipes

First of all, we need to understand pandemic has gripped the nation and only precautions help people to avoid infections. Today, even people who don’t have travel history also get affected by Covid. And if immediate medications are not provided one will succumb to death. That is why exactly we need to focus on restoring the health of the public or giving a protective gear to those who face threat from the pandemic.

In such a scenario, the priority for every enterprise should be to restore the health of the pubic by networking with other stakeholders like government, healthcare, education, infrastructure, manufacturing, et al. Due to this reason businesses should focus their CSR into procuring materials in Covid kit like face masks, hand sanitizer, a medical face mask to the healthcare community so that they can do their job well and bring results on the lifesaving front.

Think about this scenario. One large IT company earmarked funds to the tune of $7000 to buy Covid kit. It will go to approximately five thousand healthcare workers and able-bodied employees. Both are important because we are on a war front where health workers are vital for the production and consumption of goods and services.

To make this into a reality this company should buy hand sanitiser online in Australia and fill their inventory. With or without the partnership of like minded business they can do this social responsibility to create a talented and healthy workforce to sustain their operations.

Contrast this with another scenario. You are too busy with your ideas on brand promotions. It may be a good idea and might have worked out well also. But you need to see that your workforce or the businesses ally with you creating opportunities for you should survive and so that you get projects from them and you too survive in that process.

Our topic of discussion is transitioning degrowth. It will happen only when people’s concerns are allayed and they are healthy triggering demand and leading to growth.

A Covid kit has two packages – one for the people and the other for the healthcare workers like doctors, sanitising workers, nurses, nurse technologists, housekeeping staff in the hospital and the like. Businesses should have concern for both like the general public, executives, students at the same time special care for the healthcare segment. When businesses have a focus like this, they can easily bring back the situation to normalcy.

Let us hope for the best. There is a wave of antiviral research going on and the nation is pinning hopes on the same. Till that we need to reinvigorate the fight against Covid and buy face mask online. This will help businesses to compile a kit for different communities including their staff.

Buy Face Mask Online

While talking about staff it is important to include the families also. Therefore, offer a pack for the staff as well as the other members of the family. Because if one gets affected there is every likelihood of virus spreading to other members and impact the workflow of your organisation. Foresee scenarios like your staffer has to coordinate with the healthcare activities of their family members. This will result in the absence of work or losing focus on work. The reason for telling this is to consider buying medical face mask wholesale from a reputed vendor having an established presence and nationwide supply chain.

One can be a source of infection by actually passing the virus and this is a worst-case scenario. Other times it can be willful avoidance of providing Covid kit to the needy. In that way also an enterprise can be a source of infection because just because people under their purview didn’t take precautions, getting infected becomes easier. That is why with all seriousness one should promote Covid kit with all sanitising, face masks, and more importantly wet wipes to cleanse the surface of skin very hygienically.

If businesses expect robust growth they must take an active role in protecting the health of denizens. And the best way to do so is by offering Covid kit that will help them protect themselves so that their productivity not affected, and as a result, a company realises its ROI.

Now that you have heard enough on the importance of providing Covid kit on a social responsibility basis, it is important that businesses should find a reputed vendor who can supply seamlessly all the products to come as a kit. Some vendors have Australia wide delivery and you avail their services for bulk purchases. In the same vein start networking with various sectors to ensure the reach of Covid kit. All the best for now.

Author : Amit Ghia

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