Travel Mugs: Features You Must Look For

Jul 08, 2021 08:00

Coffee on the go is almost a necessity rather than being a luxury these days. For this reason, the popularity of travel mugs has seen a huge surge in the past few years. Travel mugs are easy to carry and maintain the temperature of their contents. Its feature to offer you your favorite beverage in the most refreshing way is what is making it a hot selling item these days. If you are also planning to buy a travel mug for yourself, then this article is for you. In this article, we will be listing essential features that you should look for when buying a travel mug.

Size of the Travel Mug

The size of the mug should be decided before you proceed to buy one. The size should depend on your requirement. It shouldn’t be too big, that it becomes difficult to carry nor it should be too small that it couldn’t contain the liquids. The size of the travel mug should be adequate to fit in the cup holder slot of your car. For other modes of travel, you must keep in mind that your convenience matters a lot and that is why you should consider its size. The market is full of small, medium, and large size travel mugs to meet the requirements of every type of buyers.

Personalised Travel Mug

Spill-Proof & Durability

When carrying liquids, especially, hot ones on the go, it becomes extremely essential that the travel mug is spill-proof. The lid of the mug should fix such, that the liquids don’t leak when the mug is pushed or falls accidentally. Stainless steel travel mugs are a popular choice among the youth as they have a long life and are sturdy enough to contain liquids on a long journey.


Hot coffee turned cold, or iced drinks turned warm can easily spoil anyone’s mood. To avoid such situations insulation in the travel mugs is essential. A rightly insulated travel mug helps in retaining the temperature of the liquids as it is. Choose a material that has good temperature retention capabilities. Look for a good quality personalized travel mug that stays with you during long hours of traveling and inscribed with your name to avoid any mix-up in the crowd. In this category also, you can choose to buy stainless steel insulated mugs or the melamine mugs in your needed size.

Easy to clean

There are various options of wholesale travel mugs Australia that are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The material in which tea/coffee smell stays and is hard to clean tend to have lower life as the bacteria build-up starts to occur and can be unsafe for health as well. So picking up materials that are food-grade safe, sustainable, and easy to clean will help you make a better purchase.

Mugs with handle and hanging straps

Travel mugs must offer you complete convenience. It must offer you ease of use so that you can sip your coffee or beverage without any difficulty. At the same time. it should be easy to carry while you are driving, travelling in a vehicle, trekking, or taking a stroll on the beach. For this purpose, a travel mug with a handle comes handy. Also the long straps can allow you to hang it across your shoulder without any trouble. You can quickly increase or decrease the length of the strap as per your need.

Easy Customization

If you are looking for corporate and business gifts for your clients and staff, travel mugs are a great option. Look for the material that is good in quality and is easy to personalize as well. Also, when the points mentioned above are incorporated for the purchase, your customers and employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness. A good quality giveaway speaks volumes about the commitment of the company towards quality and improves customer retention.

There is no doubt, a travel mug can go a long way. Choose a travel mug with the right size, insulation, leakage proof, sustainable, and easy to clean. If you pay attention to the points that we mentioned above, you are sure to get a perfect companion for yourself and you can thank us later. 

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Where to buy travel mugs?

Online and offline markets are full of products like travel mugs, but the quality you get is not assured. That is why, you must go with a reliable supplier of travel mugs so that you get a good quality product at the best price. You can do the initial search online at various stores. This way you would be able to explore different types of mugs available, their features and their cost. Once you select the design, you can negotiate on the cost on bulk orders. If customization is needed for branding purpose, you can ask for that also. However, you must realize that only a quality product can give good name to your brand.

Find a wide variety of customizable travel mugs online and get them delivered across Australia at locations like Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and others. We also offer custom-printing with your business logo for corporate gifting on various corporate events. explore the collection and order NOW!

Author : Amit Ghia

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