Trending Promotional Items For 2022

Jun 16, 2022 08:00

Trending Promotional Items

Customisation is highly effective. Consumers not only want and demand it, but they are willing to pay more for it. Many businesses are discovering that investing in personalised experiences yields a higher ROI. According to KPMG Australia, personalisation can boost marketing spend efficiency by up to 35%.

"Custom promotional products are an excellent way to market in this growing trend. As consumers continue to value individuality, don't be afraid to be daring with some of your products and designs. People want to stand out when they venture off the main road for outdoor dining or leisure activities," says Archie Hewson—a leisure specialist and picnic essentials and supplies distributor at Picnic Blanket.

Keeping up with the latest trends is challenging. In promotional items, a product can be in high demand one minute and out of style the next. Here are the most sought-after stylish, functional, and forward-thinking things.

1. Customised Cooler Bags Imprinted With Your Logo

Promotional cooler bags with custom printing are an effective advertising medium. They will represent your company wherever your customer goes. Quality imprinted cooler bags will be brought to the beach and outdoor events, providing free advertising for your brand. People will notice and remember your brand whenever they use logo-printed cooler bags.

They are a low-cost advertising medium. This promotional item can save you thousands of dollars, which you can put towards other aspects of your company.

2. Personalised Promotional Umbrella

Promotional umbrellas can provide excellent advertising opportunities; they are versatile, and nearly everyone requires one. A promotional umbrella is a handheld device that shields the user from the elements such as rain or sunlight.

These umbrellas are customised with a company logo print and distributed as gifts for marketing or brand awareness purposes.

3. Custom Water Bottles

Custom water bottles are excellent promotional giveaways for achieving your marketing and brand visibility objectives. You can print your logo on a carefully curated selection of water bottles and tumblers, where it will be visible to your target demographic.

These personalised water bottles generate significant marketing impressions for a fraction of the cost of other marketing/advertising methods. Custom bottled water encourages brand retention because it is usually within the arm's reach of your target audience, with your logo and message prominently displayed.

4. Promotional Caps

Promotional caps and hats are the ideal all-season garment for your guests, clients, customers, or team members. A promotional cap in Australia is a type of headwear worn to shield the eyes from the sun. A cap looks excellent as a fashion accessory or part of an organisation's uniform set. It can be customised with your logos or graphics, making it ideal for use as branded promotional marketing gifts.

5. Portable Promotional Bags

Promotional bags in Australia are an excellent medium for conveying your marketing message. They have a large brand surface area, and you can print with any image or logo. They are ideal for conferences and large-scale events because they can hold an entire suite of promotional materials. They are one of the most cost-effective promotional items available, and you can reuse them for years.

6. Tote Bags With Your Brand

Custom tote bags in Australia are a perennial promotional favourite and a must-have for many events or the weekly grocery run. Logo tote bags come in various shapes, sizes, and colours and are an excellent choice for marketing due to their practicality and low cost.

Tote bags with your logo or message printed on them become an incredibly effective way to grow your brand. Because of their high-quality design, they not only provide years of exposure to your message but also demonstrate that you understand the importance of reducing waste and reusing.

7. Promotional Pens

Promotional Pens

Custom pens are an excellent way to promote your business effectively. Whether you're making logo pens for trade shows or branded office giveaways, personalised writing instruments are an ideal way to make people happy while also promoting your brand.

You can give pens personalised with a name as a gift to thank employees or customers for their hard work. You'll also be reminding people about your company every time they make a to-do list, sign a form, or address a letter.

Get Your Custom Promotional Products At promotions247.

Consumers want more than just high-quality goods and services. They are looking for brands that share their values. Giving a personalised promotional item as a gift helps showcase your company's ethics, making your brand more credible and thus likable.

promotions247 is one of Australia's leading importers of promotional products. With unique promotional giveaway ideas online, we aim to increase brand visibility across your organisation, business, customers, clients, and prospects.

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