Try Some Cool Branding Ideas With Printed Cooler Bags

Feb 10, 2020 08:00

Information, when conveyed visually, casts the maximum effect on the minds of people. This is a proven fact that is useful for framing commercial branding strategies in today’s world. For instance, large and medium-sized cooler bags can morph into innovative advertising platforms that serve as mobile billboards. Therefore, corporate entities can leverage this idea by designing custom printed cooler bags that radiate the image of a brand logo or other forms of corporate/branding signage. Similarly, small businesses, owners of businesses that operate inside malls, and pop-up stall owners can use this idea to promote custom-designed commercial messages.

A few aspects need to be taken care of and a well-informed approach can yield good results if you invest a little amount on custom promo products adopting the right strategies. Here are a few things you must know before indulging into advertising or promotions using the products like a cooler bag.

Custom Printed Cooler Bags

How they are effective for business promotion?

Large cooler bags can double as custom promo products that attract the attention of today’s consumers. Increasing levels of innovation in terms of use, shape, size, and carriage of cooler bags validate the above statement. For instance, a newly minted business enterprise can gain instant currency in the public domain by sponsoring sets of cooler bags loaded with chilled beverages. The large surfaces of such bags – emblazoned with outsized logos of the sponsor – help broadcast a branded image or brand message to onlookers. The same technique can bring huge levels of attention and publicity to academic institutions that wish to enroll new students for fresh academic seasons. However, presenting this time to any age group of people or segment of people is as effective as the product can be used indoor, outdoor, in office and at homes. Wherever they are placed, they garner the attention of everyone around the product and leave lasting impression in the minds of people.

Synchronicity in Bag Design

A corporate establishment with a large marketing budget can invest in color-coordinated cooler bags that arrest public attention. These corporate cooler bags can be fashioned in medium sizes to encourage mass adoption of the primary product. Corporate messages, paired with designer graphics, when printed on two sides help create a bespoke visual that prompts high levels of brand recall in ordinary citizens. In addition, such branding can thrive on a base of contrast colors, which find intelligently repetition in multiple editions of such bags. These can be presented to the corporate employees on occasions like organization’s foundation day, annual day, launch of a new product or a simply fun family day. It is one of those items which won’t be kept inside the cabinet to be gifted to someone else. Rather, indoor or outdoors, the product will be used for sure.

Employees can carry these corporate cooler bags to the workplace carrying food items to be consumed fresh. At home also, you can cook the food and keep in the bags to be used later. It will prevent on the stop cooking to have fresh food and will offer greater convenience to you. At workplaces, opening such branded cooler bags attract others and speak on behalf of the brand without much effort. The reusable nature and longer durability means that once you allot some budget to this type of marketing drive, you will get recurrent benefits for as long as the product would remain in the market.  

Try Out Mix & Match Graphics

Vertical stripes, dreamy swirls, and panels of solid color represent the right ingredients to create visual excitement in the latest trending cooler bags. This design approach can present infinite variation when creators seek to fashion promotional custom cooler bags Australia. Brand images, when located inside these stalwart designs, bear potential to gain high levels of mileage for sponsors. This technique remains highly relevant when brands seek to accelerate consumer spending during sales seasons, festival campaigns, and events that center on the launch of new products.

Promotional Custom Cooler Bags Australia

Digital Boosters on Cooler bags

Innovation must be the watchword when brand marketers seek to break new ground in visual marketing. In line with this, they could explore custom hashtags, high-resolution product images, and tiny URLs because these play a significant role in marketing brands to digitally-aware consumers. A new library establishment, for instance, could infuse new energies into its marketing campaigns by printing hashtags and URLs on small-sized cooler bags designed for personal usage. This technique can also bear fruit for small shops and standalone retail establishments that have access to limited marketing budgets. The outcomes could include greater traction with customers mediated via social media and other elements of the digital domain. So the takeaway is, use

  • Hashtags
  • Company urls
  • Phone number
  • Call to action message

Plan Ahead for New Product Launch Events

Limited capacity cooler bags (designed with space to contain a single bottle of soda) represent innovation in marketing techniques that can promote a new product at launch events. These personal carriers of chilled beverages can excite the imagination of the average people and create an enormous brand following at launch events. When emblazoned with sponsor logos, these cooler bags generate brand new meaning in terms of promotional marketing undertaken at a personal level, while expanding the space for carriage products that ferry personal refreshment. They look really cool and are highly useful making sure that the cooler bag would be used widely giving exposure to your brand name. 

Where to buy custom-printed cooler bags?

Well, there are a number of online portals and physical stores where you can buy the cooler bags. But if you are thinking specifically for custom-printed cooler bags, then you need to do some research and lookout for the supplier of promotional products as they are the one who would custom print the bags for you. Trust only the reliable and established name in the industry. It will make sure you get quality product and the company is available to help you even after the sales. Order in bulk to get good rates and enjoy your marketing activity happily

Author : Amit Ghia

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