Types Of Aprons: Make, Styles, And Fabrics

Apr 12, 2021 08:00

Many of us wear aprons while cooking foods to protect our clothes from stains or while being at our workplace. Though aprons are not mandatory for a lot of jobs, in some professions, aprons have become a part of the uniform. Either you buy it or your company might offer it to you as a complementary uniform. Lots of companies have chosen aprons as one of the popular promotional items for their employees also. Printed with brand logo and names, aprons can attract everyone’s attention. These days, people are very much concerned about the look and quality of their aprons, as it reflects a brand and has much to do with its reputation.

As an organization, if you are also planning to order aprons for your staffs, you must learn about aprons of different styles and fabrics. It will help you choose the appropriate product for yourself and get good ROI on your investment.

Find aprons in a range of styles-

While placing order for aprons in Melbourne, you need to know about the most common apron designs.

Bib apron- It is very commonly used by the professional chefs, as it full covers the dress. Not only it offers safety to the dress but also protects the user as the fabric is thick and can without high kitchen temperature.

Cobbler apron- You can choose it to protect only the upper part of the body. However, it covers both the rear and front sides of your body.

Full bib – You have to tie it around your backside to cover the chest portion.

Half apron – It reaches up to the thigh from your waist to ensure some protection.

4-way apron – Chefs and other professionals use this apron, as it is easy to wear around the waist. You can buy bulk waist aprons online at an affordable rate.

Bistro apron- It does not ensure high level of protection and include small pockets to hold small items. They offer convenience while being at work. 

When you have chosen the apron style, you have to decide on the fabrics. Branded aprons Sydney are made of high quality fabrics. However, you need to identify the right fabric based on the profession. An apron for a chef would be different than the apron of a hospital staff. This difference is not only in the look of the apron, but also in the use of the fabric while is mostly decided by the purpose of the apron.

Let’s get to know aprons for different professions and the suitable fabric for them.


Almost every waitress wear aprons as the dress code. Aprons for cocktail waitresses have to cover the hips. These waitresses have concerns about the risk of stains from spillage of liquor. Thus, you have to buy aprons made of stain-resistant fabrics, like denim, cotton, and linen.


The cotton fabric of a chef’s apron weighs around 240 grams. It also offers the ultimate protection against stains and spills. You may also choose aprons with a blend of polyester cotton. However, cotton is preferred as it is safe from fire and also allow easy breathing of the fabric. 

To ensure comfort, you can invest in the cotton ones. Moreover, you have to check the strength of the fabric that makes the apron highly durable. The best aprons have reinforced seams that protect the fabric from tears and splits.

You must not buy leather aprons for chefs, as they prevent smooth movement. Moreover, it is not easy to customise leather. You can look for apron fabrics that let you print your brand name. Find the best companies for high quality apron printing Melbourne.

apron printing Melbourne

Learn more about apron fabrics-

You have to focus on the thread count while choosing the apron fabrics. While there is a higher number of threads for every square inch, they make the aprons long lasting. The thread count of cotton aprons is higher than other fabrics, like duck cloth.

Besides, when your employees need to clean floors and wash dishes, you can choose nylon and rubber aprons. These are waterproof fabrics and keep the apron dry throughout the day. You must consider these factors while buying aprons.

Customization of apron

No matter you are buying aprons for what purpose, you need its personalization or customization. Your staffs should display the brand or logo of your company when they are at work or are outside representing your brand. There are fabrics that are good for screen-printing of the cloth or others which are good for embroidery work. Mostly, people prefer to go with thread work for aprons as they last long and are easily visible. However, printing and patch works are also popular ways of apron customization.

If you are planning to buy bulk aprons for your employees, then you are on the right page. Find some unique designs of aprons for sale and place online order. We offer professional designed logo printing services as well and sell our products at wholesale rates. Order NOW!

Author : Amit Ghia

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