Types Of Beach Towels And Why To Pick Them For Your Brand Promotion

Nov 27, 2020 08:00

Most of the companies look for highly valuable products as the promotional gifts. They invest hefty amounts on these products which are sometimes effective in connecting with the users while many times fail to do so. The purpose of offering the gifts to customers is to promote their brand with the use of the products. Any product on which you spend money but gets kept inside a wardrobe or cabinet, is actually a waste of your money and failure of your purpose. Thus, to achieve the actual goal of promotional gifts, it is important to choose something useful. If they are affordable and comes in budget that it is an added advantage. One of such useful products are the beach towels which you can offer to your potential customers. Buy towels in bulk and personalise them with your brand name. It is specifically suitable for different kinds of business promotion as well as for corporate gifting as the employees usually go out on beaches for fun. This will definitely get high exposure to your brand and will help in gaining popularity.

While choosing beach towel as your advertisement tool, you should keep the quality in mind. Apart from that a fare idea about the types of such towels will also help you choose the best piece in your budget. So, let’s get to know what types of beach towels are available in the market.

Buy Towels In Bulk

Cotton beach towels-

Most of the beach towels have 100% cotton terry cloth that has a high absorbent nature. You will feel comfort in using these towels. Turkish cotton is another similar fabric that makes the towels smooth. You will enjoy both comfort and style with these beach towels. There are also fade-resistant towels, which retain their colours for several years.

Sand- Free Microfiber Beach Towels-

When you come back from the beach, you find your beach bag with piles of sand. These sand particles come from your beach towels. Sand can get stuck to everything in your bag.

To keep away from this issue, you can choose loosely woven sand-free towels. As the yarns are loose, small particles may pass through yarns. You will not find them trapped in your towel fabrics. Moreover, it is easy to brush away sand from your towels. Thus, while buying promotional beach towels, you may look for products with sand-free microfibers.

Cooling towels-

Beach towels are useful in a range of ways. Some of us use cooling towels as wraps. The special fabric polymers and innovative designs serve two major purposes. They can make you feel comfortable and cool. As you are on the beach under the direct sunrays, these towels are highly useful. You may also buy cooling towels promotional item for your customers. On New Year or other holiday occasions, such towels can be gifted to employees as a gift. Especially, for outdoor corporate event, these can be the best gifts.

Hands-free towels-

You know that it is much inconvenient to carry big towels in the beach bag. The towel can consume too much space of the bag. However, while you are going to the beach with your family members, you may need to carry big sized towels. The best option for you is to buy hands-free towels that have an integrated strap. You can roll up your towel and unroll it easily on your needs. Also, the larger area of these types of towel provide you ample space for beautiful customizations or logo printing.

Promotional Beach Towels

Reasons of choosing custom beach towels

We have talked about a variety of beach towels that you can buy as wholesale promotional products. However, why should you invest in these beach towels?

Almost any promotional product may help you in marketing your business. However, the beach towel gives you much space to imprint your brand name, message, and business details without affecting the aesthetics of the towel. Moreover, quality towels will last long, and your customers will see your brand name for a number of years.

Your customers can use these towels in several ways. Make them feel thankful by offering these promotional towels. The colorful towels, made of premium fabrics, can amaze your potential customers. You can make your business name memorable to them. 

Buy beach towels online at wholesale rates

Online stores are offering you a plenty of options to the buyers these days. Convenience, cost benefits, quality and options are the major things you get while buying products online. Search for towels, view the catalogue, go through the detailed features, and cost and place an order. With online suppliers of beach towels across Australia, you can get complimentary customization services also which adds to your benefits. 

Find the most extensive collection of beach towels and buy them at the most competitive wholesale rates. Place bulk order and get doorstep delivery.

Author : Amit Ghia

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