Types Of Drinks And Beverages To Be Considered For Your Party

Dec 09, 2021 08:00

Hot or cold drinks are always an integral part of any party. These super refreshing drinks can add a charm to the party as well as work as an appetizer. Without some types of drinks, you cannot set the right mood in the party venue. A glass of drinks will also give you a chance of welcoming your guests. Moreover, some hosts like to please their guests with party favours like personalized water bottles.

Surely, pure drinking water is one of the essentials in our everyday lives. However, as it is a party, you can also choose some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests. Based on the season and the occasion, sometime you might get puzzled as how to choose the appropriate drink for your guests. If you would come to know about all the possible options in your hands, you would find it easy to go with any one of them. So, here are some cool options of party drinks and beverages so that you can plan ahead and be prepared for your party. 

Personalized Water Bottles

Find the list of drinks and beverages that you can offer your guests.

Tea and coffee -

A cup of hot coffee and tea can make your guests thankful to you. You can make your tea more tasteful by adding ingredients like cinnamon, lemongrass, honey, ginger, jasmine, and lavender flowers. However, you can serve any type of tea, including green tea, white tea, and black tea.

Similarly, coffee can be a part of your evening party. Hot coffee will make your guests more energetic. The hot caffeinated drinks will be the right choice for your party.

To host a corporate party for your guests, you can include coffee in the menu. You may also buy custom coffee cups from the best promotional marketing companies.

Sparkling drinks-

These are carbonated drinks also known as sodas. With artificial flavourings and sweeteners, these sodas also give good feelings to your guests.

Sparkling drinks are advantageous in some other ways, as they promote the digestion process. As you like to serve soft drinks to your guests, you can buy bottles of soda. The sparkling drinks are safe for both adults and children in the party.

Fruit juices-

You may have hosted the party in the morning, and it is good to enjoy the day with your guests by serving fresh fruit juices. Squeezed and concentrated juices with some additives and flavourings can please your taste buds.

Moreover, almost any guest will appreciate the juice, as it is a health choice. Filled with minerals and vitamins, the cool juice will cheer up everyone in the party. Moreover, you can choose cheap water bottles and infuser bottles as your party favours. These infuser bottles will nurture the habit of drinking fruit juices.


In a birthday party of your kids, you can serve smoothies made of yogurt, fruits, and vegetables. The thick and creamy smoothies will tickle the taste bud of every guest. As smoothies are loaded with nutrients, they are the healthy choice. You may also please your little guests with printed water and drink bottles.

Alcoholic drinks-

To enjoy a corporate party and bachelor party with friends, you can choose beer, wine, and champagne. Cocktails are also the favourites of the beverage lovers. The colorful drinks will draw the attention of your guests. However, alcohol lovers can find a range of options, including gin, brandy, bourbon, whiskey, rum, and vodka. Know the preferences of your guests and make the right choice.

Printed Water And Drink Bottles

Think about the Drinkware

No matter how much you plan for your parties, the way you present them to the guests matter a lot. For parties, people arrange special drinkware which are elite and classy. The glass tumblers, wine glasses, soup bowls etc. are quite in demand and people love to aggregate a variety of styles for different occasions. Based on the quality of the glass, their cost also differs. You can also plan for your party by having the best glass drinkware. However, if the party is for kids, you can also choose to go with reusable plastic drinkware which are colorful and BPA free. They are food-grade plastic not causing any health harm. 

Find a wide variety of glass drinkware in different shapes and designs and order them online at bulk to get wholesale rates. You can also get them customized with your business logo or any personal message for best personalization experience to your guests. Get them party packed and offer as and when needed. Explore the collection and order NOW!

Author : Amit Ghia

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