Types Of Glass Bottles: Usage And Promotional Benefits

Sep 16, 2019 08:00

Glass spells class – no wonder the world of global commerce is in hot pursuit of custom glass water bottles as a promotional product. An astonishing variety of glass water bottles has emerged in global markets in recent times. A whole range of colors, designs, materials, tints, shapes, functionality, and design aesthetics are built into these wonder products. Most glass bottles of recent vintage feature a sturdy carry loop on top of the bottle, while screw-on lids secure the functionality of the product by preventing spillage of the contents. These products have also gained a measure of fame by featuring custom messages and unique dual-tone color designs. Therefore, businesses can deploy the modern glass bottle as a promotional product, and as an emphatic message that seeks to preserve the natural environment.

Glass Bottles - Best for Promotional Events

The use of custom glass water bottles is finding increasing endorsement in the global business community. This stems from heightened public awareness to the dangers of plastic bottles and the long-term challenges posed by polymer-based plastics to the earth's natural environment. In this scenario, promotional glass bottles and glass drinking water bottles Australia are the product of choice for businesses that seek to make a classy or sophisticated statement. These products, when packaged in sustainable jackets, can create wonderful promotional benefits for a sponsor enterprise. Customers can find a myriad uses of these glass bottles and they have a deep appreciation of the choice of promotional product by the sponsor enterprise.

Glass Drinking Water Bottles Australia

Unique platform for Commercial Messages

Intelligent business operators can select glass drinking water bottles Australia to promote a commercial message or broadcast a brand logo in the public domain. The addition of a flexible half-sleeve to the bottle can prolong the life of the glass bottle product, while offering an additional platform to encase a commercial message. A bright red color or a vivid yellow jacket enhances the visual appeal of the product to all customers, thus expanding the scope of broadcasting commercial imagery through the glass water bottle. Further to this, commercial operators can commission specialist manufacturers to design and create a variety of shapes in transparent glass or in sharp colors. Such a product, when branded with a logo or business imagery, can help cement the unique commercial identity of the brand operator.

Bottle Caps - More the Merrier

The bottle cap or screw-on lid represents a critical functional part of the glass bottle. In line with this, business buyers of cheap promotional drink bottles wholesale Australia can specify a set of colors for bottle caps when inking a deal with specialist manufacturers. A range of colors helps add novelty to the look and feel of the glass bottle, and this could enhance its appeal in the eyes of customers. This approach also helps reinforce the appeal of the product as a promotional item. A range of colored bottle caps on top of the glass bottles can distinguish each promotional event organized by a commercial enterprise. In addition, the top of the bottle cap in cheap promotional drink bottles wholesale Australia can serve as a surface to emboss a compressed brand logo; this technique helps enhance brand recall among customers because the bottle cap must be unscrewed every time a customer wants to use the product.

The Glass Bottle - Now in Sets

Certain types of promotional products are best disbursed to customers in sets; the glass bottle belongs to this category. Therefore, manufacturers can design and create cartons of small glass bottles as part of efforts to woo customer attention. Each bottle in the set, when encased in a sleeve of a unique color, helps create a definitive visual impact in the minds of the receivers of such promotional products. Business operators can contract with manufacturers to create a thousand cartons at a fixed price; this commercial technique allows the sponsor to acquire a relatively large number of promotional glass bottles at reasonable cost. Special grades of durable glass could be included at additional cost; this investment can be justified by the fact that durable promotional products help business brands to retain a longer presence in the public eye.

Custom Glass Water Bottles

Custom Embossed Juice Bottles

This type of product holds a special place in the domain of promotional glassware. The wide opening on top of such bottles makes them ideal for sipping juice after a workout or a brisk walk in the wonderful outdoors. Business operators can commission the manufacture of such bottles with specific logos embossed on the wide surfaces. Customers can keep such bottles inside their homes and be reminded of the sponsor brand every time they use these custom embossed glassware products. In certain cases, elaborate, stylized, or over-sized promotional screw-on, caps can be manufactured to heighten the appeal and visibility of the business logo. 

When is the right time to present glass bottles as gifts?

Glass bottles are all-time go as a giveaway item. However, there are a few specific occasions that make it just the perfect gift. If you are welcoming your guests or customers for a festive shopping, then presenting a personalized glass bottle can be the perfect gift. Also, as a Christmas gift, it can very well suit the occasion. You can also make the day of your employees on a new year eve by presenting decorated glass bottle which look elegant and stylish. They can be used to be kept as a showpiece as well as a utility item. Especially, in family get together, presenting the set of glass bottles is the good choice. In any outdoor event, offering juice bottles can be the right move. A few other occasions are listed below.

  • Present drink bottles in any sports event, outdoor activity, camping event or fun activity.
  • Use glass bottle sets as a giveaway in company parties, family get together, festivals and other celebrations
  • Offer customized juice bottles in trade shows, exhibitions, outdoor stalls and the like.
  • Present single customized glass bottles to employees on company’s annual day or the beginning of new financial year.
  • Surprise your customers with a custom printed glass bottle on festivals or for a minimum purchase value.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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