Types Of Insulated Bags For Business And Commercial Use

Aug 13, 2020 08:00

It is sometimes challenging to deliver foods from your commercial kitchen to your customers’ doorsteps. Hot soups, pizzas, and other dishes become cold and lose their tastes. Thus, how do you retain the best flavour of your foods during their transport? The smartest option for you is to invest in insulated cooler bags bulk packages. For your commercial uses, these insulated bags will be highly valuable to you. The specially designed bags maintain the proper temperature of your foods. They are also available in different shapes and sizes and in a number of designs to meet your varying needs.

Also, these insulated  bags find their usage across a number of other business and commercial usage. The regular caterers delivering food to corporate offices use them on a regular basis. Even individuals at home prefer these bags when food or beverage is required to be kept fresh for long hours.

Now, let us introduce you to the type of insulated bags available for you. We can categorize insulated cooler bags based on the foam insulation used for designing them as well as on their type or style.

Insulated Cooler Bags Bulk

Based on the type of insulation

Polyvinyl Chloride Foam-

PVC is an affordable and durable materials found in soft and hard forms. However, the soft ones are very commonand they are the best choices for manufacturing insulated delivery bags. With these soft PVC bags, you can find plasticizer of a higher concentration level. The most notable fact is that they are resistant to chemical and oil. 

Polyurethane Foam-

PU is another foam material with high resiliency and versatility. As it is a PVC-free material, it has become highly popular option. Moreover, due to the open-cell design, polyurethaneis mildew-resistant and it does not trap odors. You can choose these lightweight models for your food delivery professionals. 

Polyester Foam Insulation-

It has drawn attention for its high tensile strength and breathability. The foam insulation does not add weight to your bags. 

Insulated bags are available in two major styles-

Backpack- Insulated backpack cooler bags Australia can be the right choice for those who are active backpackers. They have a bulky design with two shoulder straps and foam interiors. These backpacks hold lots of things, as they have spacious compartments. For hands-free operations, you can prefer these insulated models

Shopping bags- The square shaped insulated shopping bags Australia are best for storing your groceries. With a number of zippered compartments, these bags are convenient for your use. You may also take these bags to a picnic spot. 

Types of insulated bags based on the loading style-

Top-loading- The insulated bag with top loading design helps you in stacking your products for delivery. You can stack your trays, beverage bottles, foods pans, and some other items in these bags.

End-loading- When you like to slide something into your insulated bag from the front side, you can choose this model.

Types of closures used for insulated bags-

It is another way in which we can classify insulated cooler bags.

Hook-and-loop closure-

The loop refers to the soft side of a closure, while the hook indicates the rough side. With the connection of a hook and a look, we get a solid closure.

Zipper closure-

You can find a Y-shaped channel to open and close the bag. They are very handy to use and keep the products inside. For commercial use by food delivery companies, zipper closer is one of the preferred models as it allows quick access to the products.

Side-release buckle-

This buckle enables you to make single-handed adjustment to use the bag. By compressing two sides, you can open the connection. For keeping heavy objects or delicate objects inside and accessing the whole at once, side release buckle is a good option as it allows the top portion to be opened easily.

High budget and low budget insulated bags

Cooler bags come in different budgets. It mostly depends on the size of the bag, the insulation mode and its fabric. For home use, going to office with a cooler bag, school or college going children going with a small size personal college bags is good. For commercial use, you must choose a high-end bag which are larger in size.

Insulated Cooler Bags

Buy insulated cooler bags online

There are number of insulated cooler bags suppliers Australia. Visit their websites online and explore the catalogue to know about the product range. You can also do enough research about the features and cost of the bags before making any final decision. Corporate organizations can even look to buy cooler bags in bulk and get them customized with their company logo or name to use as a promotional product.

Now, you can choose any of these insulated bag designs for your commercial purposes. With innovative designs, insulated cooler bags

Author : Amit Ghia

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