Types Of Pens And Their Use As A Marketing Tool

Feb 13, 2020 08:00

Writing instruments represent one of the greatest milestones in the intellectual history and evolution of humankind. The modern pen (resplendent in sleek shapes and sizes) or the promo pens, Australia, represent the latest product enabled by the march of (relevant) technologies and ergonomic styling languages. From the simple ball point pen to sophisticated liquid-ink based writing tools, the modern pen presents a spectacular commentary on the utility, design, vintage, functionality, and journey of writing instruments. These objects can therefore, serve as unique marketing instruments that reinforce commercial messages in the minds of users.

Now, the market is flooded with different types of promotional pens and you need to figure out as which one you would like to go with. A few types are mentioned below.

Different Materials: Plastic, Metals, Wood

The latest designer pens can be forged from a variety of materials such as high quality polycarbonates, various metals, and different species of wood. For instance, promotional metal pens can serve as shiny brand ambassadors that acquaint the world with different lines of sponsor brands. They help increase brand awareness, spur sales of branded products, and increase market traction for sponsor brands. Similarly, novel writing instruments shaped from wood contribute to product diversity in a collector's range of modern writing instruments. In this context, promo pens Australia can complement commercial strategies for businesses that wish to market their brands through writing instruments.

Promo Pens Australia

  • Metallic pens for corporate clients and esteemed customers: These are some important group of target audience where you need to be choosy about the item you select for promotion. In such cases, going with elegant metallic pen sets enclosed in a beautiful case is the best bet. They can beautifully be wrapped and presented to your esteemed people for garnering attention and building relationship. Though the cost may be little higher than the normal bulk pens, they leave lasting impression of your brand in the mind of recipients. The pen box as well as the pen can be customized with your brand name and logo.
  • Plastic Pens for Bulk promotions

Marketing professionals can design commercial campaigns around promotional plastic pens. These writing tools represent a low-cost approach to modern marketing, and enable entrepreneurs to broadcast a brand in every segment of a market. These promotional products, when shod in a range of iridescent colors, help to attract customer attention to brand imagery emblazoned on the product. In addition, the sheer utility inherent in such durable writing instruments ensures high levels of brand recall among users in different parts of the globe.

  • Wooden pens for crowd and new visitors: Bamboo pens or wooden pens are getting widespread attention these days. Their eco-friendly nature makes them special and an item to turn and look for. Distributing such pens in your outdoor events, company’s trade shows, or a corporate event where invitees are outsiders or new comers, can have far reaching effect. Wherever these pens would be used, people around the user would surely notice the pen and a subtle promotion of your brand would be done automatically. This is a very innovative idea of advertising.
  • Casual pens to Market School products to Children

Innovative marketing people can choose to emboss school products with business logos in a bid to target school-going children with commercial messages. The pen remains a mainstay in most school bags; therefore, these instruments must bear certain forms of advertising that seeks to raise children's awareness. In addition, brief messages can find pride of place on the chassis of pens to promote awareness about the natural environment, as also the modern imperative to conserve non-renewable resources such as water. Therefore, pens can emerge as a remarkable marketing tool among school and college kids.In this category, you can explore a range of innovative pens like multi-colored pens, pens with flash light, stylus pens, pens with drive as some of the unique items to promote your brand. 

Personalized Marketing for Business success

Intelligent brand marketers can invest in personalized marketing products when they bulk buy personalized pens. A number of common names can be etched into the body of each pen, thereby amplifying the marketing potential of such devices. A different form of personalization appears when manufacturers create blank spaces on writing instruments; these spaces invite users to etch their own names, thereby creating a perfect personalized promotional product. Certain writing instruments can feature flat surfaces that can carry custom graphics designed to appeal to the aesthetics of modern users.

Promotional Pens - More the Merrier

Curvaceous pens fashioned from economical alloys can find distinction when marketed in sets of six instruments. This approach to marketing does entail higher expense, but the outcomes include a high-velocity marketing campaign that arrests the attentions of a wide range of the available market. Versions of such metallic pens can be affixed with a small flashlight, thereby multiplying the functionality quotient inherent in these writing instruments.

Promotional Plastic Pens

A few more unique pens to advertise your brand

Since pens are widely used as a promotional item, so manufacturers are also trying to bring them in innovative makes. Here are a few different options you would love to consider for your next marketing campaign.

Highlighter pens: These are multi-functional twist action pens with a highlighter on the top. The upper and lower compartment of these pens sometime accommodates paper clips as well. Try out! (give image please)

Tool pen: To surprise you, these pens are not only a writing instrument, but also a tool set accommodating screwdriver at the center of the pen placed very strongly.( give image)

Stylus pen: These pens are available with multi-color refills and a smooth rubber grip. What makes them multi-functional is the stylus on the top which can be used with touch screen devices. (give image)

Phone holder pen: These are very unique pens with metallic barrel. Its unique spring loaded holder in the retractable mechanism can hold phone safely for an easy hands-free viewing. (give image) 

Find a wide variety of promo pens Australia to bulk buy personalized pens and place order for quick delivery at your doorstep.

Author : Amit Ghia

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