Types Of Stylus Pens And Their Usage

Jul 06, 2020 08:00

You might have seen people using a pen instead of their fingers on various touchscreen-enabled devices. This might sound a little crazy to look such handling on mini electronics. Moreover, the low budget smartphones and tablets do come with a stick. They are attached to the devices too. They do look like a pen as they have a nib like a pointer. Yet, in this modern world, smart people use stylus pens instead of their fingers. They are pen-like instruments, which have varied uses for people using built-in stylus phones. They give higher performance than your finger. Here, we have discussed 2-type of stylus pens and their usage.

Personalised Stylus Pens

Types of Stylus Pens

Majorly there are two types of stylus pens. They are Active and Passive stylus pens.

Active Stylus Pen

An active stylus pen or simply active pen is like a digital pen. It includes a small sensor electronic component, which functions on a lithium battery. The battery is replicable, which is placed on the top cap of the stylus pen. This pen is active as long as its battery lasts. The digitizer present in this pen makes you hand rejection. You can buy the latest active stylus pen, as you cannot make by yourself or DIY approach. You can buy personalized stylus pens as per your creative work needs. Hence, this pen is much active and does more wonders than your finger can do on a touch screen.


You can do better note-taking with the same speed as you write on a paper. You will achieve the same without altering your handwriting style on a touch screen.

You can do painting and draw on a touch screen, which will be better than your use of fingers.

You can use them on handwriting recognition software.

Active pen writings can be converted into digital text.

This pen helps in precise selection and better scrolling on your touch screen enabled devices. 

Passive or Capacitive Stylus

Passive capacitive pens look normal like a modern ballpoint pen. This is because it does not have an electronic component inside the pen. Here, your finger sensing is replaced with a rubber or foam on the nib of the pen. You can buy promotional stylus pens by custom work orders. Hence, you can use them efficiently on any touch screen enabled devices.  


This pen works on any capacitive touch screen device.

This is the best pen to use by people, who used to constantly navigate on their devices.

This pen works more efficiently than your finger on any capacitive touch screen devices. 

Stylus Pens

Promotional use of pen stylus

Whatever be the type of stylus, they are getting used extensively for promotions of business brands. Since available in various budgets, advertisers from different industries and budgets can have them to use as a tool to publicize their brand on various occasions. Especially for corporate events, they make the perfect gift for today’s tech-savvy generation who always hold a smart device in their hands. However, there are a few factors you must keep in mind while using stylus pens for your brand advertisement.

Get personalized stylus pens for promotion: Your effect of brand promotion would be double if you get the stylus personalized with either the recipient’s name or the company’s logo or name. Whenever used, they would surely give visibility to your company’s name. Since such pens are used by educated employees in corporate places, your brand name would get noticed by a lot of people.

Choose the right size: There are various sizes of pens. Choosing a standard size would help as a right sized-pen would be conveniently used by people and would not be kept inside the cupboard. The more they are used, the more exposure your brand would get.

Buy bulk pen stylus: When having stylus for promotional purposes, you must buy it in bulk to get the best deals on the cost and offer to your targets in your budget. Also, when you buy such products in bulk, you might get the opportunity to get them customized for free by the reputed suppliers. As a marketer, making everything happen in the given budget is truly an achievement. So, give it a planned approach and save your money while running an effective brand marketing campaign. 

In the present world, the stylus pens are called as a digital pen, input tool, mobile accessory, and pen computing. It is advisable to buy the best pen stylus, which matches your personal or official needs. You can make them under DIY or custom ways by personalizing them as your signature brand for your brand promotion purposes too. You must note that, they perform well based on your operating system software and the screen digitizer on your Smartphone, tablet, and graphic tablet.

Have a look at the wide range of stylus pens available online and buy them at wholesale rates.

Author : Amit Ghia

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