Umbrella Handles Of Different Materials- Make The Right Choice

Mar 31, 2022 08:00

Have you bought wholesale umbrellas Australia for your marketing campaign? Umbrellas are highly useful things to ensure protection against sun rays and rainwater. You may have checked the fabric quality and sturdiness of the frame of your umbrellas. Colourful fabrics for the canopy can create a distinctive style. However, have you considered the handles of umbrellas? The shape and materials of the umbrella handles can make a noticeable difference.

Find the list of materials used for these handles. 

Wooden umbrella handles-

Since the 19th century, wooden handles have gained high popularity in the world of umbrellas. They had a handcrafted curved design and were made of ebony and mahogany wood.

Originally, these wooden handles were the status symbols, as they could reflect the users’ dignity and royal position.

However, today, some manufacturers use special plywood for making umbrella handles. Plywood is a lightweight and durable material that can be embossed with your brand logo. So, while buying promotional umbrellas Australia, you may choose ones with plywood handles. With high elegance, these umbrellas will surely draw the attention of your potential customers.

Wholesale Umbrellas Australia

Rubber umbrella handles

The natural polymer, rubber, is used for designing several outdoor products. Rubber is the most commonly chosen material for different objects, from pens to tires. A rubber handle added to umbrellas provides a good and comfortable grip. Thus, it will not get slipped when you hold the umbrella with your wet and sweaty hand. Moreover, the rubber handles secure the umbrella on windy days.

Aluminium umbrella handles-

Aluminium is one of the versatile materials due to its malleability. It can be moulded and folded easily to make different shapes. The overall design of some umbrellas is made of aluminium. Thus, all parts, including the handle, shaft, and frame, are designed with aluminium. The shiny lustrous metal does not add weight to your umbrellas. Some modern umbrellas have aluminium handles with a beautiful grey tone. Nowadays, several companies choose umbrellas as the marketing giveaway items. They can invest in products with aluminium models. 

EVA foam umbrella handles-

Also known as Ethylene-vinyl acetate, EVA is one of the synthetic materials with a range of industrial applications. The soft and durable material is highly malleable. That’s why several manufacturers use it to mould the materials into any shape. They can cut the material into sheets to make different shoe soles and mats.

But, why do umbrella designers use EVA for the handles? The soft material ensures a firm and comfortable grip for the user. The EVA foam has the potential to restore its shape under pressure. Although you use the umbrella regularly, the handle will remain smooth. In fact, EVA handles are like rubber handles, as they are resistant to slip.

Silica gel umbrella handles-

This material is slightly different due to its absorbent nature. The best fact is that silica gel is capable of enduring much amount of force without any risk of damage. In some cases, when you hold the umbrella for hours, your hands feel tired. To avoid this discomfort, you can choose umbrellas with silica gel handles. Umbrellas online Australia are available with this handle design.

The squishy, soft material gives the ultimate comfort to your hands. As you need to use your umbrella every day, you can look for silica gel handles.

Promotional Umbrellas Australia

Bamboo umbrella handles-

You can trace back the use of bamboo umbrellas since the ancient age. In the Asian culture, there was a trend of using paper canopies and bamboo frames to protect the head from the sunrays. These umbrella designs became popular in Japan and China. Nowadays, some stylish bamboo umbrellas are available in the market, and they truly reflect the ancient art. You can use them as the sun umbrellas. The bamboo shaft and handles of the umbrellas are lightweight but strong.

Acrylic and plastic handles-

One of the commonly chosen materials for designing umbrella handles is plastic and acrylic. The umbrellas with plastic handles are also affordable without any compromise over usability and utility. The high-quality plastic does not degrade easily. Some reliable brands also use acrylic for designing transparent handles for your umbrellas. But, the benefits of acrylic are not different from normal plastic substances.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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