Unknown Uses Of A Hand Sanitiser- Make The Best Use Of It

May 16, 2022 08:00

Hand sanitiser bottles have become one of the best options for companies looking for promotional giveaway ideas. The major purpose of using hand sanitisers is to kill bacteria and viruses on your hands. During your everyday life, you cannot avoid having a contact with germs and microorganisms. When these germs get into your body, you become ill. That is why several consumers have started using hand sanitisers to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Buying the mini-hand sanitiser bulk is a cost-effective affair. But, why should you choose hand sanitisers as your corporate giveaways? Surely, you like to take care of your employees and customers. However, there are other reasons behind it. A pack of hand sanitisers can provide value in more than one way. Consumers can use them for multiple purposes.

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Polish any silver items-

From spoons to jewellery, everything made of silver can be polished with sanitisers. Add a few drops of sanitiser to a cloth, and start rubbing away the tarnish.

Clean your spectacles-

A specially formulated eyeglass cleaner can cost high. However, a hand sanitiser can provide you with the desired solution. You can remove fingerprints from your spectacles using the sanitiser.

Replace your deodorant with hand sanitiser-

The bacterial growth in your armpits produces a bad odour. That is why you can rub hand sanitiser in your armpits to feel fresh. But, make sure that you are using FDA-approved hand sanitisers to avoid any risks. Buy bulk hand sanitiser packages to use them for a number of purposes.

Get rid of acne-

The presence of bacteria is the major cause of inflammation and pimples on your skin. Thus, apply a little amount of hand sanitizer on the concerned spot. You will feel relief within a short time. However, do not try to clean your pet’s paws with hand sanitisers.

Remove markers from your whiteboard-

You might have written something on the whiteboard with a permanent marker. There is a solution for it. Write over it using a dry erase pen. You can then apply hand sanitisers for wiping it off. Do it multiple times to eliminate the traces of ink.

Sanitisers for cleaning diamond rings-

Several consumers do not know that their hand sanitisers are effective in cleaning diamonds. The stone will have a sparkling look when treated with sanitisers. However, do not apply it to every gemstone.

Keep your stainless steel utensils free from fingerprints-

Fingerprints may affect the beauty of stainless steel utensils and appliances. To avoid buying a special cleaner, you can use a hand sanitizer. Apply the gel on a cloth and remove grease marks and fingerprints.

Use your sanitiser as nail polish remover-

When a nail polish remover is not at your disposal, you can try out a hand sanitiser. But, you have to wait for a minute after applying the sanitiser with a cotton pad. Repeat the process to clean the nails.

Treat your mobile’s touchscreen with sanitiser-

A touchscreen needs to be cleaned to ensure optimal visibility of the screen. The best solution is to spray some sanitizer on the microfiber cloth and clean the screen gently. It is the easiest way to clean your mobile regularly.

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Clean your computer mouse and keyboard-

Your computer keyboard and mouse attract lots of dirt particles every day. That is why it is important to clean them regularly. Use hand sanitiser to clean these computer components. You can also treat the touchpad with sanitiser. Buy a hand sanitiser online Australia and use it for office purposes. 

Use sanitiser as your faucet cleaner-

Faucets in your kitchen and restroom can be cleaned with a hand sanitiser. Proper sanitisation can kill several bacteria on the faucet. Your employees and customers turn the knobs of faucets every day. Thus, without sanitisation, there is a risk of spreading germs to different places. 

Sanitiser for countertops and tables-

Wipe down your kitchen countertops, desk, and other similar surfaces. But, do not use the solution for wooden structures, as it can cause damage.

A pack of hand sanitiser is useful in several ways. However, you have to manage it carefully. Direct contact of sanitiser with eyes can pose a risk. Sanitisers have chemicals that are not safe for your eyes.

If you are looking for some useful promotional item for your employees or staff, the customized sanitizers can be a good idea. Choose any stylish package of the sanitizer and get your logo printed on it for distribution across your prospects and people. We offer the best wholesale rates on bulk order along with complementary screen-printing services. Get them delivered across Australia to any location like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast etc. Checkout all our collection and order now for quick doorstep delivery. Rest assured about our customer service and post-sale support.



Author : Amit Ghia

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