Using Promotional Plastic Bottles? Go For BPA Free Only!

Feb 17, 2020 08:00

Bottles, jars, hip flasks, sippers, and small casks – all represent intelligent utility devices that allow people to carry liquids food items and beverages efficiently on their everyday journeys or around multiple points on a map. Promotional plastic bottles are mostly used these days as they are one of the most used item by people of any segment. They carry plain water, aerated beverages, fruit juice, fortified water, liquid yogurt, the odd slush, frozen drinks, etc. However, of late, consumers have become aware of the chemicals that constitute some elements of manufactured plastic drink bottles. Hence, the recommendation is to use BPA-free plastic bottles that do not pose dangers to public health. Even if you are planning for an advertisement or marketing campaign for your company, consider only BPA free bottles as you need to reach to an aware group of recipients. Your reputation will also be kept high with products which have quality and which add value to the user experience.

Below are a few more things you must know about BPA plastic bottles and its usage as a promotional product.

Can do mass promotion for maximum commerce

In view of recommended health precautions, the world of commerce should consider gifting BPA-free bottles as bulk promotional items. This choice ensures high levels of safety in the arena of public health, and reduces the scope for damaging repercussions that could mar popular brand names. Hence, marketing professionals should invest in safe promotional bottles as a means of bolstering the value proposition associated with a sponsor brand. The promotional strategy gains additional cadence when such bottles are swathed in labels proclaiming the BPA-free status of promotional products.

Custom Plastic Water Bottles

Suitable for any segment of audience

Modern materials science and engineering techniques have enabled the design and creation of custom plastic water bottles that appeal to the aesthetic sense of customers. High-quality polycarbonate materials have empowered manufacturers to bring to market BPA-free plastic water bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes. These can be fashioned into dazzling ranges of bottle products that capture buyers' attention and encourage healthy hydration habits in modern citizens. In fact, such bottles have imparted fresh new meaning to the domain of promotional products and created premium niches in the global market for superior plastic bottles. No matter who is your target audience, this item can be commonly gifted to anyone without any hesitation. This allows you take one time decision and place order for bulk promotional items and distribute among your people for greater visibility and attention.

Long lasting product for lasting results

These bottles are unbreakable and suitable for rough use. You invest once in these bottles, but they remain in the market for too long gaining recurring visibility to your brand name. The promoters of a modern brand can give away unbreakable plastic bottles fashioned from BPA-free polycarbonate to school-going children. Sets of six bottles, swathed in multiple colors can capture the attention of young people as well, while helping educate their awareness about a sponsor brand. The high quality make enables such bottles to withstand rough use in school canteens and playgrounds, while preserving the children’s' ability to drink restorative fluids at regular intervals. Such an instance of commercial promotion clearly serves some of the extended objectives of modern education regimes. At the same time, your company’s name flaunt in the hands of that segment of audience which can offer you extended reach.

Not only school children, they gain equal attention when used by the corporate employees, staffs of a company, workers in a workshop or plant or others. Make sure to get your custom plastic water bottles printed creatively with your brand name or logo that will surely get the attention of people using it and all around them.

Interesting variations designed in plastic

Some popular BPA-free versions of promotional bottles have gained fresh new currency in the form of flat-shaped bottles, square bottle products, bottles with reinforced bottoms, and over-sized shaker bottles. These can be variously infused with cool or warm colors that enhance their desirability among multiple segments of modern consumers. These bottles offer ample space for logos and other insignia of commercial promotion, thereby expanding the choice of products for promotional marketing campaigns. They are widely used these days among corporate employees to be presented on occasions like company’s foundation day, annual day, family day etc.

For corporate outings or fun events also, these can be presented as freebies, reward or gift. Whenever such products are used at home, they remind of the event and help in leaving impression in the mind of people which is very important for organizations these days.

Plastic Drink Bottles


An interesting outcome resides in the fact that BPA-free plastic water bottles can find their way to new destinations such as gymnasiums and sauna parlors. So, no matter where you are presenting the gift, it will make its way to an all new group of people where you would like to extend your names. Such handy items are always a good choice considering this factor that enables them to be carried beyond geographies and physical limitations.

A healthy choice of gift for healthy branding

High levels of public awareness can pitch BPA-free plastic promotional bottles into the everyday health regimes of modern consumers. A truly bewildering choice of such products can enrich jogging routines, morning walks, after-dinner strolls, trips to shopping malls, local cycling tours, casual lounge sessions in the great outdoors, etc. Everyone knows the important of staying hydrated and such a gift helps in promoting this message. If you happen to creatively customize the bottle with the right message and your logo, you would surely leave an impact in the minds of your people.

The variety of bottles includes tall transparent bottles, sculpted sippers, non-toxic jumbo bottles, etc. These offer leak-proof convenience and therefore serve as ideal promotional products for modern brands and businesses.

There are many more interesting models of these bottles you can get. Explore a lot many designs and choose the one that fits your budget. You can also get good deal on BPA free plastic water bottles on bulk order and save a lot of money.



Author : Amit Ghia

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