Water Bottles With Varying Designs - Pick The Best One

Mar 14, 2022 08:00

Do you like to reflect your style while choosing sneakers and clothes? Similarly, water bottles reveal your personality and lifestyle. They are something more than a container to hold water. That is why manufacturers have tried to add innovative features to make water bottles more innovative. Nowadays, bulk water bottles are available at a cheaper rate. Check the latest types of water bottles available in the market.

Squeezable water bottle-

You do not like to carry a bulky bag to hold your bottle. The squeezable design is a perfect choice for your needs. Made of sustainable materials, these water bottles are available in clear and blue versions. Some bottles have leak-resistant push-pull lids to prevent a mess. You may add a logo to the personalised water bottles Australia.

Customised Water Bottles

Action Sipper Drink Bottle 

You can buy BPA-free bottles with a capacity of holding around 500mL of water. The reliable screw-on lid has a special sipper mechanism. You can make a perfect colour combination of the lid and a bottle. But, some bottles are not dishwasher-friendly, and thus, you can clean them manually.

Water bottles looking like notebooks-

Standard water bottles have a cylindrical shape. However, some futuristic bottles have a rectangular shape that resembles a notebook. With a bevelled design, these bottles have their lids on one side. As they look like notebooks, you can put them easily into your bag. Choose these notebook-style customised water bottles for your employees and customers.

Promotional gripper bottles-

Health-conscious consumers can invest in the poly-clear gripper water bottles. Some bottles have ounce markings to let you track the amount of water you drink. They also have a leak-resistant lid to prevent water from flowing out of them. Regular gym goers will find the best value from these bottles.

High quality bottles are available in lime, charcoal, blue, red, pink shades. Add a silk-screen logo to the bottle and spread your brand name. Thus, may choose these gripper bottles as your promotional products Brisbane.

Metallic sports bottle-

Sportspersons always like to carry energy drinks in their bottles. That is why lightweight aluminium bottles can be the safest option for them. The standard sports bottles can hold 25oz of water.

The sturdy design ensures that your bottle is safe when dropped on the floor. The screw-on snap-to-lock lid with an integrated handle can be attached to a backpack. Some commonly chosen colours are blue, green, red, and silver. With the laser engraving technique, you can show your brand logo.

Stainless steel bottles with a magnetic lid-

As you do not like conventional-style bottles, you may choose highly elegant stainless-steel models. The magnetic lid sticks onto your water bottle, and there is no risk of losing it.

The best stainless-steel bottles have a double-wall insulated design to hold cold water and hot beverages. The bottles can retain the temperature of your drinks for 12 hours.

Premium copper bottles with an insulated design-

Copper vacuum insulated water bottles have become a popular choice. However, copper is used for plating the inner wall. To design other parts of the bottles, manufacturers have used 18/8 grade stainless steel. Due to insulating technology, these bottles can keep your water in the best condition. They can hold your cold water for 48 hours.

Bulk Water Bottles

Glass water bottles-

Although glass water bottles are slightly heavy, they are eco-friendly options. The spout may be slightly curved, and you can easily sip water. You will get the desired from water, as the material will not react to your drinks.

Moreover, the best glass bottles have the silicone sleeve to prevent breakage. Thus, you can use these bottles for your everyday purpose and keep yourself hydrated.

Wide-mouth water bottles-

Some consumers do not like to use narrow-mouthed bottles. A narrow opening prevents you from putting ice pieces into water. That is why you can look for a bottle with a bigger mouth. This bottle design is advantageous when you need to clean the interior side.

Almost any water bottle model is customisable, and you can add your brand name to it. Show your brand details on the lid and other parts. Make sure that it has not affected the aesthetics of your bottles.

Find a wide variety of drink bottles in glass, steel, BPA free plastic and other models and pick the one that fits your budget. We provide a range of promotional drink bottles long with customization services for your brand promotion. Pick any bottle of your choices and get your business logo printed on it through screen-printing method. Use it as a gift for your employees or as a gift for your visitors or guests. We deliver across Australia including locations like Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney and others. Rest assured about the quality of the products and our after-sale services. Order now to get the best deal on bulk order.

Author : Amit Ghia

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