Wet Wipes - A Healthy Promotional Item In Your Budget

Sep 16, 2021 08:00

Wet wipes are one of the healthy promotional items in your budget that are preferred by people these days. These wipes are highly popular in markets for different purposes these days. In the coming years, the sale of wet wipes is estimated to rise significantly as they are handy and easy way to keep clean. Since, wet wipes are multi functional, they can be used to wipe the hand, face and different body parts. This is the reason, they are not only used by individuals, children, and old age people, but also in hospitals in a wide scale. Promotional wet wipes with company logo are also preferred as a gift for people and customers. There are many alternative uses of wet wipes. But before buying wet wipes, there are several factors that need to be considered, such as the ingredients, quality, size and packing. The chemical composition of each wet wipe varies as per their usage.

Promotional Wet Wipes

Apart from wipes for humans, there are wipes for objects and things which are wettened with chemicals to ensure full disinfection. Office cleaning wipes are not intended for personal hygiene because the chemicals used in the wipes are harsh for the skin. The fabrics used in wet wipes are mostly polyester or polypropylene that are non-woven and non-knitted.

Though wet wipes can be found in the market by different names like wet towel, moist towelette, disposable wipes, disinfection

Different variety of wet wipes are as follows-

  • Baby wipes
  • Toilet wipes
  • Industrial wipes
  • Medical wet wipes
  • Personal hygiene wipes
  • Pet care wipes

Benefits of using wet wipes are:-

They are PH Balanced

Wet wipes are enriched with natural ingredients and scents that helps remove bad odours

Ideal when running water is unavailable

Improves the skin health

Facilitates quick and easy hygiene throughout the day

Can be frequently used

Raise personal hygiene standards

Convenient to carry 

Makes you feel fresh

Personalized packets or box dispenser 

If you want to give your employees something useful and at the same time handy which can make them feel special in a specific way then, here is the solution. Offer them something that keeps them safe and cared. Custom printed wet wipe is the budget friendly item that can be customized for every individual working in the firm making it special for the recipient as well as fulfilling promotional needs of the company. Corporate promotional gifts are the best way to market yourself in the crowd without appearing to be strategic in the verdict of advertising. There is no need to think beyond custom wet wipes if you are looking forward to gift something unique to your customers or employees. Convert ordinary wet wipe boxes to promotional wet wipes by getting them custom-printed with your business logo. You can print the logo of the company or the slogan over the box and design it according to your wish. 

While ordering the wipes, talk to the supplier and get them designed the way want in your budget. To have further control on the budget, you can select specific size of the wipes and their numbers in each box. A low-cost gift would accommodate 10 wipes in one pack and the size of the wipes would be small. There are further mini wipes also available, also known as pocket wipes that can be easily put inside your pocket and used whenever you need. They are very safe to be used by children as well. So, while you are planning any corporate event, make sure to choose the appropriate sizes of the wipes. As per the recipients types, you can make do a mix and match by choosing different sizes of the wipes. On bulk order, you might also save a lot on the printing of the wipe boxes or the packets.


Wear a mask to keep yourself protected 

Wearing a mask is a compulsion in the pandemic. It is the primary barrier that acts as a hindrance between you and the outside germs and bacteria causing diseases. Gifting a mask however is a great idea as it is one among the cheap promotional items for business. It reflects the true intention of the giver showing that they are conscious and aware of the situation by choosing to give preventive items for your protection. Thus making a wise decision, you can buy face masks online in bulk of your favourite design, color and thickness. 

The cost of wipes varies from manufacture to manufacturer. While looking for cheap wipes, do not compromise with the quality of the product. Also, an old wipe might not be wet and turn out to be useless product if not chosen wisely. So, check the manufacturing date before placing any order.

Find a wide variety of wipes online and buy now to get delivery across Australia.

Author : Amit Ghia

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