What Are BPA-Free Plastic Bottles And Their Benefits?

Nov 25, 2019 08:00

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a chemical compound commonly found in ordinary water bottles; it represents a building block for man-made resins and certain types of plastic. BPA remains present in ordinary plastic water bottles because of the manufacturing process. The latest research indicates high levels of BPA inside the human body causes certain undesirable health conditions. For instance, one study found that women with frequent miscarriages have approximately three times the blood levels of BPA as women with successful pregnancies. BPA also impacts human health in terms of posing a higher risk of certain cancers, reduced fertility, diabetes, and birth defects.

Now people, getting more aware about the harmful effects of BPA and their substitutes, look for alternatives which are more dependable. Even government approval bodies emphasize on production of safe bottles by the manufacturers. That is why, there are many manufacturers of water bottles, who exclusively produce BPA-free plastic bottles which are enjoying good demand in the industry. Common people and businesses buy BPA-free plastic water bottles in bulk Australia for their personal, business or commercial needs. There are a number of health benefits of these bottles. Let’s get to know about them.

Benefit 1: Lowers blood pressure

Health experiments reveal that the use of BPA-free confers the benefit of lower blood pressure in human beings. Therefore, BPA-free water bottles are a necessity for users that are interested in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Hence, BPA-free water bottles must be considered as wholesale promotional items when manufacturers of plastic bottles market their unique products to modern consumers. This choice of promotional item confers a health-conscious image on the manufacturing concern, while alerting consumers to the health benefits of using BPA-free bottles in everyday use.

Plastic Drink Bottles BPA Free

Benefit 2: Friendly for the natural environment

Consumers can buy BPA-free plastic water bottles in bulk Australia to take care of their health concerns, while nurturing the earth's natural environment. This stems from the fact that a large percentage of plastic bottles do not get recycled. Over time, these bottles can begin to leach BPA and other harmful chemicals into the natural environment. Therefore, using a BPA-free water bottle helps reduce hundreds of plastic bottles from affecting nature. The modern consumer can also consider using aluminum bottles, because these are made of BPA-free materials.

Benefit 3: Better manufacturing quality

Modern manufacturing techniques include sophisticated procedures that amplify the benefits of plastic drink bottles BPA-free. Plastic bottles made with such techniques typically offer superior product quality, are odorless and unbreakable, leak-proof, and guarantee a long shelf life in the hands of the consumer. These attributes ensure peace of mind for modern users, thereby promoting the use of BPA-free plastic bottles. In addition, such products are fashioned in a range of colors, thereby raising product appeal in the minds of consumers.

Benefit 4: Sleek design

The health benefits conferred by such bottles are attracting the attention of large numbers of modern consumers. In response, designers and manufacturers of plastic bottle products are offering custom plastic water bottles wholesale Australia to woo bulk buyers. The sleek design and an element of smooth ergonomics built into these products elevate the quality of such bottles, thereby setting new standards in user convenience and consumer safety. These engineered plastic products can be used in schools, at the workplace, during trips to shopping malls, solo hikes in the countryside, at music festivals, during picnics, etc.

Benefit 5: Education & Safety for young citizens

The conscious move to endorse BPA-free plastic bottles sends positive signals to young consumers about the importance of preserving human health. Research indicates debate in the public domain helps enrich the awareness of young citizens, thereby alerting them to avoid the use of traditional plastic water bottles. Such awareness can hold long-term benefits for new generations of citizens and can help curb undue pressure on public health infrastructure in different countries. Hence, researchers and the makers of BPA-free plastic bottles must collaborate to raise awareness for the benefit of future generations.

Buy BPA Free Plastic Water Bottles In Bulk Australia

Benefit 6: Preference as a promotional item

Because of the multiple health benefits of these bottles and their popularity among the masses, business marketers and owners consider gifting these bottles as a promotional gift. Bottles are one such product which will always find a use, especially if they are so safe and clean. Considering this factor, when already businesses order custom plastic water bottles wholesale Australia, going on with BPA free bottles seem quite an obvious option. A few other reasons that make it the most preferred choice of business marketers are given below:

  • Highly useful product: A product which is useful gets noticed by all. Other options that keep your branded item in the shelves or inside the cupboards do not give any return on your money. So, choose a highly useful item like a bottle is wise as more and more people will drink, more and more your brand will get noticed.
  • Easy to carry:These bottles are handy and easy to carry. Since they come in different sizes, they can easily fit in school bags, laptop bags, handbags, or any other bag to get carried to places. This ensures that your brand is also getting carried to different places irrespective of where you did the branding activity of your company. From daily school, college, offices to pools, beaches, gyms, and markets, these bottles will go everywhere.
  • One product for all: The best thing about choosing BPA-free bottles is that they can be presented to anyone. No matter what age or gender of the person is, everyone needs a bottle. So, you can blindly pick any bottle, get it customized with your logo, message, quote, or company’s name and gift to your people.
  • Budget-friendly: Marketers would love to advertise with these bottles as they are highly budget-friendly. Whatever you invest in one go keeps on giving you recurring returns as they remain in the market for long owing to their durability. Also, they are available in various budget options to make your job easier.

If you are looking for plastic drink bottles BPA-free, choose to go with any reliable supplier with credible existence in the industry. Get the best deals and discounts on BPA-free plastic bottles!

Author : Amit Ghia

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