What Are The Basic Features Of A Pen?

Jul 25, 2023 08:00

Designed as highly functional, colorful products sporting exotic gleaming lines, the promotional pen is truly an item worth coveting in the modern day. The surge in manufacturing technologies allows creators and designers to engrave these products with laser-etched logos, thereby catching the human eye! Most businesses can invest in such promotional products when they negotiate with manufacturers for bulk purchases. The engraved signage and business logos ensure promotional pens boost brand recall and expand the business of the sponsor enterprise. But, before investing in pens, you should be aware of their features.

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Features of a pen

Regardless of the pen design, there are some common features.

A streamlined body

It is one of the most significant aspects of a quality pen. Not every type of pen has a streamlined design. You can find this feature in modern gel-based pens and ballpoint pens. However, some ink-based pens also have an innovative design. The best pens allow you to grip them conveniently.

Most traditional ink pens do not provide a superb grip. But, ink-based pens with a steel body and a rubber part can be the right choice. Easy-to-grip pens also ensure good handwriting, and you can keep on writing for long hours.

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High-quality nibs

If it is a fountain pen, you have options for steel, gold, and titanium nibs. Of course, pens with gold nibs are costlier. Run the nib of the pen over a paper and ensure it does not cause scratchiness. It should have a good amount of flexibility. Gel, capless rollerball, and ballpoint pens must come with a smooth extending/retracting mechanism. When you have extended it, the nib should be firmly in place.

Properly fitted parts

A proper fit is a sign of the style and quality of a pen. Check these aspects to ensure no ill-fitting or loose parts of the pen. The cap has to pressure fit or twist easily without a gap. The pocket clip must be straight, while other decorations must be secure.

Materials and finishes

Pens are made from different materials, including wood, celluloid, metals, and resins. Many consumers prefer buying pens made of colorful plastics, while others like to use engraved metal pens with luxurious designs.

You can even find patterns on the barrel or the cap. High-end pens are available with matte and glossy finishes. Although paint-based lacquers and colored resins are used as finishes, the hand-applied finish is standard for many premium-quality pens.

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Why choose pens as promotional products?

Business operators could choose the ubiquitous pen as a promotional product based on the low per-unit cost of such pens. The small form factor of the product allows it to travel across regions, nations, and continents. These small business promotional pens promise high potential of broadcasting a brand name far and wide, thereby deepening the consumer's connect with the sponsor brand. In addition, high quality polycarbonate construction, a ritzy body color, and flawless functionality can vault these pens to the level of a minor status symbol embedded in a user's pocket. Truly, the promotional pen has emerged as a compelling option for ambitious business operators with tight marketing budgets!

Pens are not only smaller in size, but also smaller in budget as an investment. Business of any size can readily pick any of these pens to use as a promotional product. Even small shop owners can get pens customized and offer to their customers on some occasions. Pens like plastic body pen, metal body pen, or bamboo pens can be bought in any budget for intermediate branding needs. These custom promotional pens with company logo are too low in the cost but highly useful.

Where to buy promotional pens?

If you are in the lookout of promotional pens, then don’t compromise with styles of quality. At Promotions247, we bring for you the choicest selection of pens in every budget and for every occasion. From school going kids to your esteemed clients, we have a perfect pen for everyone. Go with budget-friendly plastic pens, wooden pens, pens with flash slights, pens with drive, multi-color pens, steel pens and more. You can also pick the elegant pen sets in customized cases for your promotional needs. Just select the product, get it engraved or screen-printed with your business logo and have them delivered at your doorstep. We deliver wholesale personalized pens in Australia covering locations such as Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney and more. 

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A small pen looks simple, but it comes with some amazing features. Depending on the type of pen you have chosen, there are variations in features. You can print your brand logo and a few other details to customize your pens. So, buy a gel pen, fountain pen, ballpoint pen, or other types of writing instruments for your promotional campaign.

Author : Amit Ghia

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