What Should You Pack In Your Picnic Bag?

Jun 13, 2022 08:00

Sunny days in the summer season can create a perfect mood for enjoying a small trip and picnic with the family. Your corporate team also desires a short break from everyday mundane work. So, get ready for a picnic and delight your employees. You can also please them by investing in useful gifts. For instance, you can buy bulk promotional products like picnic bags.

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Now, the question is- What should you carry in your picnic bags? 

Pack a healthy breakfast and other meals in your bag-

A picnic bag has a special design to hold different items. So, you can put your fresh fruits, cakes, and beverages into the bag. The best fact is that your hot beverages and cold fruit juices will retain their temperature in the picnic bag. The best cooler bag promotional product has an insulated design, and thus, there will be no problem of losing the temperature. You and your travel partners will enjoy the desired taste in your food and drink.

 Especially perishable foods like dairy items and poultry, and meats need proper packing. You can use an innovatively designed cooler bag for them. On summer days, these foods get spoiled within a short time when they are stored at a room temperature.

Find a list of other things that have to be carried in a picnic bag-

Frozen water bottles-

Although you have insulated bags, you can carry insulated bottles to the picnic. Cold and frozen items always give comfort on the hottest days of the year. That is why you always have some cold drinks with you.

Bottle opener-

While enjoying a picnic with your friends and colleagues, you may like to drink beer and wine. So, a bottle opener is one of the most accessories that you can put into your picnic bags Australia. You should also carry glasses and cups with flat and sturdy bottoms.

Some picnic bags have small compartments to keep your glasses organized.

Pepper and salt-

Your fried chicken will become tastier when they are seasoned with these ingredients.

Wet wipes and sanitisers-

Before eating foods, you can clean your hands with pre-moistened wipes. When your hands feel sticky, these wipes will be highly useful. Hand sanitisers are also effective for maintaining sanitation and keeping your hands germ-free.


Disposable paper towels can be the right choice for removing the spills. These towels do not consume much space in your bag.

A Tray and cutlery-
Plates and trays are important for serving everyone who has joined the picnic. You can choose plastic trays, as they are lightweight and do not make your bag weight. Moreover, you need cutlery and a large spoon for several other purposes.

It is better to choose a folding knife to cut your cheeses and meats. You may use a separate bag for carrying these small items. But, some picnic bags have zippered pockets to store them.

A chopping board-

A wooden chopping board with a lightweight design is another essential to get ready for a picnic. While cutting fruits and vegetables for salads and sandwiches, you need this board.

Trash bags-

You can carry more than one trash bag to the picnic spot. It is your responsibility to keep the picnic venue clean. Put the wastes into the bags and throw them away in nearby trashcans.

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These are some items to be carried to the picnic spot. However, you should have a few other essentials with you. For instance, it is good to carry an umbrella to enjoy a get-together at the outdoor site. A foldable umbrella will be the perfect choice for your needs.

You may also use a foldable chair to enjoy comfort in the outdoor picnic spot. The fabric chairs are portable, and you can move them to any place.

Finally, it is to be said that picnic bags do not simply mean custom cooler bags Australia. You can also carry your backpack to hold larger items. Based on your needs, you can invest in quality bags. Your employees will also accept these custom bags as their gifts. The free bags will give them the best value. You may customise almost any type of bag.

If you are willing to present picnic bags to your employees as a corporate gift, here we are offering a wide selection of such bags at highly affordable cost. Explore different sizes and designs of picnic bags in different fabrics and get them customized with your business logo. Our creative team will help you out with the most trending customization ideas so that your brand can get maximum visibility. Checkout our designs and pick any bags as per your need and preference. Order them online now and get doorstep delivery across Australia to locations like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold coast and others.

Author : Amit Ghia

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