What to Look for While Buying a Lunch Cooler Bag?

May 10, 2021 08:00

Nothing is worse than a spoiled lunch on a hot day. Not only it switches off the mood but also makes you dull and unenthusiastic. But why this happens? Mostly because you don’t pack the lunch properly and compromise with the quality of your lunch carriers. Not having the right lunch boxes and bags can negatively impact the ingredients and also lead to a foul smell. Having a proper lunch carrier is vital for health and everyday eating joy. It not only ensures  that you lunch is kept fresh but also avoids spillage of the food items. You definitely need to carry a bag which is clean and free from oil and sauce that can stain other parts of the lunch bag or the backpack in which you carry your box. That is why, having a proper small or large size lunch bag is necessary for you.

Custom Printed Lunch Bags

If you are planning to get a lunch cooler bag, this is the article for you, as here we are listing all the factors that you need to consider while buying one for yourself. Always remember, buying a normal lunch bag and a cooler lunch is different and there are many factors that need to be take care of.


The size of the cooler bag should be adequate to fit in your lunchbox and additional everyday contents such as fruits, milk, yogurt, etc. For your personal lunch requirement in office, a small size lunch cooler bag is sufficient or maximum you can go a medium size bag. However, if you are choosing cooler lunch bags Australia for a picnic or a group outing with friends and family, then it should have enough space to hold the lunch for the whole number of people going on the trip. It is always advisable to choose a slightly bigger size from what you assume is required. This helps in incorporating last-minute additions if there are any. You can easily find these bags in wide variety of sizes online that too on sale.

Capacity and Compartments

Various lunch cooler bag Australia features separate compartments and sections for drinks like milk and yogurt or fruit. If you are buying a lunch bag, it is best to look out for its capacity and the number of sections that it holds. Ask the seller to put some demo items in the compartment for an informed decision. It might increase your budget slightly, but having a good quality lunch cooler bag with fabric outing and multiple compartment is suggested as it can hold too many things.


The whole purpose of the cooler bag is to keep your food and drinks chilled. Proper insulation helps in maintaining the temperature of its contents and should be looked out for. So be sure of the quality of the product. Poor items would not work properly and will not last long. So, while placing any order, you must check the user reviews. Various companies lookout for custom printed lunch bags for their employees with their brand logo printed on them. They must buy them from a trusted supplier of promotional items across Australia to get value for their money.


When buying a cooler bag for daily use, a shoulder strap offers optimum comfort and is convenient to carry. However, side handles are perfect for heavy, fully loaded bags. This is an important point to consider especially if you have long commuting hours.

Type of Material

A poor material can promote the growth of mold in food, foul smell, etc. The cooler bags should be checked if they are FDA-approved and food-grade safe, before making a purchase. Also, the material should be long-lasting and suitable for everyday use.

Cooler Lunch Bags Australia


There are multiple variants available in the market for lunch cooler bags. One should lookout for a model that is decently priced and serves your purpose as well. However, if you are mostly outdoors in hot weather, you might consider a highly durable and long-lasting model and pay slightly extra for it. If you are a business and looking for branded corporate gifts, you can look for affordable lunch cooler bags, as they are functional and can easily be customized as well.

Lunch cooler bags are popular for they are easy to carry and provide cool food on a hot day. They let you enjoy a home-cooked meal on the go and avoids damage to your stuff from accidental spills and leaks. If you consider the above-mentioned points, you will surely pick a perfect lunch buddy for yourself.


Author : Amit Ghia

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