Wheeled Laptop Bags: Know Some Unique Advantages

Apr 01, 2021 08:00

Are you a digital nomad working remotely from different places? Then travelling along with your luggage and laptop might be very frequent for you. Now, there are a lot of options for carrying laptop ranging from normal laptop bags to backpacks, but travellers need something different. The need is different because they need something that carries their laptop along with other stuffs in a safe and easy to carry manner. An ordinary bag cannot keep the laptop safe. Also, you would like to avoid carrying two different bags when you are on a business trip for a day or two. That is why office workers like to invest in a specially designed laptop bag. Most of us choose backpacks to accommodate our laptops. But, have you seen laptop backpacks with a wheel? These wheeled models have become highly popular among consumers. Moreover, laptop bags are one of the best custom promo products for several organizations. When you have chosen laptop backpacks for promotional campaigns, you may look for the wheeled designs.


Neoprene Laptop Bag


Some laptop bags have a backpack-like design, while others look like messenger bags. In both these models, you can find wheels. Let us now see why you should invest in wheeled laptop bags.

Wheeled laptop bags have a spacious design-

The standard size of a rolling laptop backpack is about 17 inches. You can easily fit a big laptop into the backpack. Especially, the base of such bags is broad and suitable for keeping other stuffs as well. There is enough cushioning provided to accommodate the laptop safely.However, you may find variations in sizes based on your chosen brands.

As the backpack is spacious, you can put some other items into it. It will be easier for you to store your important belongings in your bag. Although there are wheels, you do not need to compromise other features of a standard backpack. Wheels are one of the additional features that add value to your laptop bag. For instance, you will find pockets and multiple compartments with this bag. You may store your mobiles, pens, and other small items.

Easy to carry heavy load-

You may feel a load when you carry your laptop case bag on your back. Thus, to avoid strain on your shoulders, you can choose laptop bags with wheels. Available in a sturdy design, this laptop bag can accommodate a number of items, including your laptop.

Due to the integrated wheels, you can pull the bag and start rolling it smoothly. There is a long expandable handle with push button to allow easy carriage of the bag. You will save effort and energy while using these wheeled laptop bags with long handles. You can drag them easily on airports, railway stations or even in the long corridor of your hotel or building. When you need to move to different places with your laptop bag, you can choose these bags.

Fit your laptop bag to another bag-

There is an extension handle present in the wheeled models. The best fact is that you can attach the small laptop on the top of your large suitcase. You may need to use a slip strap for securing these bags. Grip the handle of the bag and move it to any place without much effort.

A highly versatile choice-

A premium quality neoprene laptop bag with fitted wheels is useful for multiple purposes. You can attend your seminar while carrying the laptop in the wheeled bag. Moreover, you may also store it easily in the overhead space of an airplane. 

Wheeled-laptop bags with shoulder straps

The wheeled bags mostly come with shoulder straps to offer you added advantages. When it is not suitable to drag the bag using the wheels or when your hands are occupied, prefer to hang the bag on your shoulders. The wheels are small enough not to cause any discomfort. Thus you can experience two-in-one benefit of the wheeled bags which shoulder straps to use them as and when required. 

Laptop Case Bag

Best as corporate promotional gift

Laptop bags are always highly valuable gifts for your employees. To make your corporate gift more special, you can invest in the wheeled laptop backpack. Ordinary bags are too common and to leave a distinctive impression, you must go with something which is different, unique, and highly useful. Choosing custom promo products like a wheeled laptop bag or a laptop case bag can make your approach different and like able. Your employees and potential customers will feel thankful to you.

Look for some reputed and established supplier of promotional products in Australia and explore the availability of laptop bags with wheels. Compare the cost and the features along with customization services offered by the supplier. You must get your business logo printed on the bag to use it as the best advertising tool.

Order laptop bags in bulk at wholesale rates and get doorstep delivery.

Author : Amit Ghia

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