Why Should Your Business Focus On Wet Wipes, Sanitisers?

May 14, 2020 08:00

The way ahead is helping communities to banish unhygienic hands, covering faces. Are you ready?

You are mobile and will continue to be so. Who does not travel or not having an experience of staying in hotels or resorts? Who doesn’t have babies at home or not have the experience of a baby? Very few. All need personal hygiene. Sometimes we need to think in these lines to realise our humble state.

Avoid embarrassing situations

Wet wipes are universal as wherever there is a home or a place of stay, we all need wet wipes. Imagine a scenario when you have to stay in a hotel. The use of facial tissue is passé after the emergence of COVID19 in Australia. People today want the best sanitising options for protection from the virus. You have just checked in a hotel and are waiting for breakfast after ordering it through room service. The waiter enters with the tray. He placed all items with care and by the time a piece of scrambled egg falls on your creamy white shirt. You got embarrassed.

Buy Protective Face Masks

In no time the waiter apologised and took out a wet wipe from his kit that contained everything for emergencies and gently wiped the stained surface and cleaned it. You got satisfied. What surprised you was the effect of the wet wipes in cleaning the surface. It was a clean operation and you liked the nice smell from that surface of your shirt. You also thought likewise, the waiter could have used a tissue to do the job, but he used a wet wipe instead for hygienic cleaning.

Your approach towards that hotel changed after that incident and whenever you go to that city you check in that particular hotel only. That was the kind of impression it has created in your mind.

Meeting emergencies

Look from any angle, wet pipes are meant for emergencies. You saw a scenario where the shirt got stained by a piece of a scrambled egg. It can also be a situation like a bird dropping on your shirt and you suddenly pull out a wet wipe and clean the surface. If this is the case with removing the marks of bird dropping then what will the be the case of baby wipes which you can use to wipe the baby’s excreting activities. Yeah, it is an emergency where we need to carry wet wipes which has a good smell as the baby inadvertently does the job of passing urine or motion.

Promotions among families

From this, we understand family is a great community for businesses to target with promotional wet wipes.That is why organisations should have a strategy to create a market in families, as a result, their brands will widen their reach.

Often, we have focussed on tradeshows and during tradeshows wet wipes may not be an ideal item to promote but tradeshows are the occasions where businesses can express concern about hygiene to their audience with a brochure of wet wipes. On the other hand, if businesses are promoting custom printed wet wipes among their workforce, they will receive them well and as a result,the organisation can generate goodwill effectively.

Promotional Wet Wipes

Trying different

In a situation like pandemics, WFH executives will have different expectations when it comes to corporate gifts. You may be a hypermarket owner selling groceries. Every time you cannot win their hearts with the same product. That is why you need to have products like face masks for the customers who expect different treatment. At the same time to such community, you cannot give a hint like buy protective face masks. Gauge the demand well, understand the psychology through small talk and offer face masks as gifts. That is called intelligent promotions.

Even though customers use masks made of clothes there is a demand for disposable face masks that retail segment can fulfil and create gold customers.

For example, you are selling chicken through your protein store. Those who approach a meat store must wear masks as the chances of infection is more there. So, if the meat seller offers face masks as a package for a bill amount above certain rates, then the promotions will become easier. So is the case with a mutton or pork retailer in the vicinity.

What more to say, face masks are vital for those who live as a family. Med supplies matter for families. Every med store should have the policy to offer face masks for purchases above a certain amount. This will increase the credibility and loyalty among their customers. Go for it.

Next issue before the retailers is, how to have a different promotion after having tried with many promotional products. Yeah, it is a scenario where one needs to think out of the box and make a difference. There are times when we need something to showcase our standards. In the former times it was a facewash and today many brands are available.

Where to buy

But the problem here is it is an instruction from the government to use sanitisers to ensure hygiene in our hands. At that time the search is, where to buy hand sanitizer in Australia because new players have emerged to take advantage of the situation. We need to buy good products from good companies and avoid being duped. Then the best option is to deal with a long-term player who has shown its responsibility. And they should have the infrastructure adequacy to supply products in every part of Australia.

Baby wipes, face masks and hand sanitisers are products for a season. In a situation like pandemic, it has great value. But baby wet wipes have value forever. Change management matters for our marketing efforts and we need to think about making a breakthrough with these everyday products.

Finally, it is all about creating a bonhomie with the customers helping them meet their emergencies. Regular marketing is one part and meeting the emergencies is another aspect. When the retail segment understands this and does the needful, they are on the way to becoming great brands. Realise it.



Author : Amit Ghia

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