Why You Should Pick Custom Umbrellas for Your Next Business Event

Jun 28, 2021 08:00

Business marketing is an on-going process and requires constant new ideas to promote the brand. Carrying on with the obsolete and old school methods will not fetch good results always. That is why, the marketers, brand promoters, and business owners constantly juggle with the challenges of coming out with new ideas and concepts. The approach to make your customers happy and loyal through various methods of customer delight has always been rewarding. If you are also planning your next business event for your company and looking for the perfect giveaway or promotional item, this article is for you. We are going to suggest you something interesting that can really delight your employees, customers, or clients.

Marketing or branding through the use of promotional products has always been there, but the inclusion of new and innovative products can make your efforts different each time. With various promotional marketing products available in the market, it can be confusing to pick the right marketing tool for business events. You can try with custom umbrellas which si picking up the trend as a preferred branding tool these days. Here, we are listing why you should consider custom umbrellas.

Umbrellas For Sale Wholesale

Extremely Convenient and Useful

Whether it’s a sunny day or raining heavily or a drizzle, umbrellas are a necessity for all genders and age groups. This is where a smart marketer can vouch for the opportunity. Custom umbrellas wholesale will be promoting your brand proudly in these weathers. Studies have shown that customers keep promotional umbrellas longer than any other promotional items like USB drives, pens, office accessories, etc. To make them more fashionable for your customers, you can choose to print your brand logo on a bright colored umbrella.

Spread Brand Awareness

Wholesale promotional umbrellas are a great tool to spread brand awareness and offering functionality at the same time. Custom umbrellas can offer shade in an outdoor business event and can also help in spotting the brand from a distance. Studies have shown umbrellas offer an average of 1300 impressions in their lifespan. So, whether you pick a customized outdoor umbrella or as a giveaway to your customers, you can win the marketing promotional game with it.

Improves Customer Retention

Studies have proven that repetitive visibility of the brand improves customer retention. When surveys were conducted by the marketing teams in the USA, it was observed that customers were willing to continue shopping from brands that gifted them promotional umbrellas. This was due to the regular use of the umbrella and repetitive spotting of the brand, which impacted their decision.


Umbrellas have an average life span of 14 months or more as per the studies conducted. This is more than double the lifespan of other promotional items. Also, investing in good quality custom umbrellas helps in building trust for the business in the eyes of the consumer. This is because a brand that invests in good quality promotional items leaves an impression on the users that the company pays attention to quality and is not only concerned for their cost-savings. This helps not only retaining customers but also improving customer acquisition through word-of-mouth publicity.

Umbrellas offer long-lasting usability and versatility. This is what makes it a top choice among the corporates. If you are looking for bulk purchases, various vendors deal in umbrellas for sale wholesale, offering fine quality at reasonable prices.

Available in different budgets

Umbrellas can be used as a free giveaway across various businesses. Based on the industry type and recipients, you can select a suitable size of the product that fits in your budget. For example, an NGO can select small size colourful umbrellas for its users while a sports club, gym or stadium promoters can select a medium-size umbrella for their recipients who are mostly adults. Likewise, in open restaurants or food joints, one can go with large-size umbrellas with strong handles and fabrics to be used in an outdoor environment. No matter what size you choose, getting it customized properly is important.

Custom Umbrellas Wholesale

Where to buy promotional umbrellas?

You would definitely wish to make the best deal on umbrellas that also take care of the budget allocated to you. The best approach is to search for custom-logo umbrellas online and compare different vendors with respect to the product features and cost. Once you are sure about the design, size, colour, and quality of the product, try to check for the cost of customization. Mostly, the suppliers of promotional umbrellas in Australia offer custom-printing for free and also offer free delivery across Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney, and other parts of Australia.

Buy wholesale promotional umbrellas at the best prices online and continue with your branding campaign with all new spirit. Explore different types, sizes and designs of umbrella to pick one of your choice. Select and place an order now!

Author : Amit Ghia

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