Windproof Umbrellas- Pick The Best Style For Your Needs

Aug 01, 2022 08:00

Do you love the calm and tranquil surroundings of a beach? This atmosphere attracts several travellers to the beach and no one can choose to stay away from such an atmosphere. But, how do you feel when your umbrella cannot endure the strong wind near the beach? This can happen only when you use the ordinary umbrellas with poor strength. Mostly people don’t even realize that for beaches, you need to have umbrella of different type. It is not suggested to use an ordinary umbrella while visiting a beach. Buying the best windproof umbrella is the right decision for every beach traveller. So, next time when you plan a trip to the beach, make beach umbrella an important item in your list.

Wholesale Umbrellas In Bulk

Nowadays, several resorts and hotels like to choose this umbrella as a promotional gift for their guests. However, windproof umbrella is of different types. 

Find the latest windproof umbrella styles in the market-

The people are different with different choices when it comes to carrying a stuff or buying an outfit. Likewise, in umbrellas also, you would love to have one in your hand that meets your expectation of the look and feel as well as the features.

  • Classic umbrella with an auto-opening system-

The best quality wind-resistant umbrellas have a double-canopy system and an automatic opening. The curved J-handle is made of hardwood to ensure a touch of natural elements. It is also easy to grip this handle. The special release system also enables you to open and close the umbrella without effort. The shafts of this umbrella are made from fibreglass to make the design lightweight. They are available in medium sizes as well as large sizes. When going in a group prefer to have a bunch of large size umbrellas.

  • Windproof umbrellas with a reverse close design-

Strong winds near the beach cause a regular umbrella to get collapsed. However, it does not happen with the windproof umbrella that can be used on both rainy and stormy days. They withstand the strong winds and the force of wind does not make them collapse in the direction of the wind. At the same time, the strong fabric also does not wear and tear. The reversible umbrella design is advantageous when you have a small space. For instance, when you are inside a car and like to keep yourself safe from rain, this windproof umbrella is a perfect choice. When not in use, they can be kept anywhere.

  • High-grade windproof umbrellas for golf players-

The golf umbrella is a large model with around a 70-inch diameter. But, when you close it, you can easily fit it into your bag. As a golfer, you would like to protect yourself from the sudden downpour. That is why you can invest in this specially designed umbrella. Even in sunny days, they can be used to protect yourself from scorching sun. The light-weight models are easy to carry in the ground.

Golf umbrellas are available with canopies of different sizes, and thus, you can use them for a range of purposes. The silver-coated pongee fabric is used for the canopy because it is waterproof. With fibreglass ribs and iron frames, the umbrella gives you the ultimate value while being highly attractive with the looks. In most cases, golf umbrellas with a windproof design have a manual opening system. The rubber-coated handle ensures that you can comfortably grip the umbrella as they are soft on your skin. You can buy gold umbrellas in plain colors which can be printed with any design of your choice. Sports club and golf clubs usually order golf umbrellas in bulk and get them custom-printed with their logo for promotional purposes.

Best Beach Umbrella

  • Windproof umbrellas with an extra-large canopy-

Due to the large canopy, the best beach umbrella can accommodate multiple users. You can use it during the monsoon season to ensure protection against rainwater. The highly engineered design ensures that there is no risk of inversion damage to the umbrella. Furthermore, the auto-opening technology ensures that you can easily use the umbrella. The mega rigs are highly strong, and there are 16 ribs in total. This type of umbrella is available in different designs. But, most commonly, consumers prefer the black shade.

  • Ladies umbrella with a windproof design-

Umbrellas for women are available with floral prints and other attractive designs. Some women like to use the umbrella as a fashionable accessory. Create your fashion statement with this colourful umbrella. The quick-opening system makes the umbrella easy to use. The standard length of the umbrella is around 29cm, while the diameter is 94 cm. But, you can find the umbrella in several other sizes.

  • Windproof umbrellas with water-repellent canopies-

You can invest in these umbrellas as a promotional gift. The umbrella can be chosen as the engraved corporate gift.

High-quality umbrellas have a strong canopy and a metal handle. The Velcro strap enables you to keep the umbrella organised. The frames and ribs have a highly durable design. Moreover, the 190T polyester fabric used for the canopy is water-repellent, and thus, you can use the umbrella during the rainy season.

  • 3-fold windproof umbrella-

Modern umbrellas are available with a 3-folding design and 8R ribs. The radius of the umbrella can range from 48 to 53 cm. Most commonly, the umbrella has a polyester canopy, and the pole is made from aluminium alloy. The trend is to order them in bulk and use as a free giveaway to the employees on various corporate events. Organizations can buy bulk wholesale umbrellas and get them screen-printed with their business logo before distributing among their employees or customers.

  • Windproof umbrellas with blunt technology-

Wind-resistant umbrellas have a blunt technology, which spreads the outward force along the canopy edge. Moreover, the telescopic floating ribs ensure a reliable design of the umbrella that is flexible enough to let the wind float through its surface without causing any harm to the fabric or the ribs of the umbrella. You can easily control them on a windy day and enjoy your time out wherever you are. 


Best Windproof Umbrella


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You can also pick any umbrella of your choice and buy wholesale umbrellas in bulk and use them for promotional purposes. Check the fabric and overall structure of your umbrella. Once satisfied get a preview of the customization and place a final order only when you are satisfied.  It makes the deal more affordable. We deliver our products to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold coast, and other locations across Australia and enjoy a very happy customer base for years.

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Author : Amit Ghia

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