Choose The Best Apron Fabrics For Your Chefs May 9, 2022 08:00

Are you searching for the best aprons for your chefs? Cheap aprons with logo can create a professional look. But, which fabric is perfect for the staff in your restaurant? Aprons for chefs are available in several styles like cross-back, classic bib, and pinafore. Moreover, aprons mostly have a unisex design. But, choosing the right apron fabric is important to make it long-lasting. It can range from canvas to nylon and linen.

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100% Cotton Denim aprons

Denim is one of the favourite fabrics for almost any type of clothing. The durable denim fabrics are easy to care. Denim aprons look attractive, and you can invest in them because they are-

  • Made of pure cotton to ensure durability
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Highly breathable

Cotton Canvas/ 100% Cotton aprons

Cotton is one of the natural fabrics with absorbent capacity. Cotton canvas and cotton aprons are slightly heavier, but they are resilient and long-lasting. The colour of these aprons can range from vibrant to neutral tones.

You may also buy heavy-duty canvas aprons Australia, as they are easily customisable. These canvas aprons are available with and without pockets. Especially, waist aprons, bistro aprons, and bib aprons have 100% canvas construction. The best fact is that canvas aprons are waterproof, and you can easily clean them. You can find a perfect combination of style and functionalities. As there are no synthetic fabrics, your chefs will feel comfortable. But, natural cotton fibres are also breathable and soft.

Leather aprons

It may be slightly costlier to purchase leather aprons. But, leather is a practical, durable fabric that can last long. Several industries choose leather aprons due to the protective qualities of the fabric. Moreover, leather aprons create a unique style statement. Especially, professionals like baristas, barbers, and bartenders like to put on leather aprons.

Genuine cowhide makes your apron durable, spill-resistant, and heat-resistant. You will get a good feel while wearing these leather aprons.

Poly cotton aprons-

Some chef aprons have a blend of polyester and cotton. Other employees in your commercial kitchen, restaurant, cafes, and healthcare centre can wear these aprons. The major advantage of using poly-cotton aprons is that they are lightweight without compromising on the fabric strength. Moreover, there is no risk of fading the colour. So, black and other dark-coloured aprons will retain their look for several years.

Poly-cotton aprons reflect a highly professional look, and thus, you can invest in them for commercial use. While buying the best promotional items, you may choose these aprons.

Polyester-viscose aprons-

Some chef aprons are available with a blend of polyester and viscose. Modern poly-viscose aprons are found in black, navy, and white tones. You can also choose striped aprons. These poly-viscose aprons are resistant to wrinkling and fading issues. They will retain their original look after every wash. 

Linen aprons -

The natural, lightweight fabric linen makes you feel comfortable. So, several apron manufacturers choose linen as the best fabric to design their products. You can find pinafore aprons made of breathable and softer linen fabrics. Artists, florists, and professional in cafes prefer linen aprons as their regular uniforms. 

PVC aprons -

PVC aprons have waterproof properties, and that’s why they are best for chefs. Spills of water and other liquids can make your apron wet. Thus, PVC aprons can act as protective clothing when you work in a kitchen. Moreover, they do not need much maintenance on a regular basis. Use a damp cloth to clean the PVC aprons, and let them dry naturally in the air. 

Nylon aprons -

Like PVC, nylon is another waterproof fabric used for designing aprons. The durable fabric is best for professionals who need to work in wet areas. The easy-to-clean fabric is lightweight and makes you feel the ultimate comfort.

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Although the fabric is important, some other factors can affect the look of aprons.

  • Frequency of cleaning the apron
  • Types of detergents used for aprons
  • Water temperature and water quality
  • Contact with sunlight
  • Dry cleaning

Proper care is important for aprons of any fabric. You can buy promotional aprons printed with your brand name and logo. These aprons are a part of your chefs’ uniform, and thus, you can customise them in different ways. 

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