Innovative Ideas For Personalizing The Promotional Mugs January 21, 2021 08:00

Promotional Christmas gifts, gifts for the best employees, or corporate gifts on special occasions! Regardless of the purpose of your gifting, you can choose custom mugs to please recipients. They have been the best suited gift item for various occasions for different types of people because of their high utility. So, when you are selecting this item as a tool to promote your brand, rest assured that you would get noticed for sure. Branded personalized mugs Australia can speak a lot about your company. Every day when your customers and employees drink coffee with those lovely mugs, they will find your brand name. The best part is that, not only the users but all others around the person also notice this product and get a glance on your logo. Isn’t that wonderful to get more viewership on the same investment?

Nowadays, several companies choose mugs as the custom gifts for their customers, workers, and business partners. But, how do you make your mugs distinctive? Having a logo on the mugs are quite a common method and if you try a little innovative ideas then definitely your brand will stand out in grabbing the attention of the users. There are several innovative ways of personalising your mugs. We have listed some of them.

Novelty Coffee Mugs Australia

Add a photo to the mug-

You can argue that it is a very common way of customising a coffee mug. However, a photo mug holds a high value to a recipient. Photo mugs are the perfect options when you need to offer gifts to a few recipients. For instance, when you like to gift the best-performing, highly productive employees, you can buy photos. Print their photos on the mug for personalisation. Moreover, you may also get space to add your business logo to the mug. Those heart-warming gifts will inspire other employees to work better.

Color changing coffee mugs-

These are uniquely designed coffee mugs, which reveal your brand name and message in an impressive way. Apparently, these heat-sensitive ceramic mugs have solid colors. But, when users add hot coffee to it, the mug will display your promotional message. It is one of the best ways to add a twist to the customized mug design. Bring a smile to recipients as they use your custom mugs.

Customisation with monograms-

You can claim that it will damage aesthetics of a mug when you print the full name of recipients. Thus, the best alternative for you is to add the initials of your recipient’s name. The monogrammed novelty coffee mugs Australia can be one of the valuable gifts on any occasion. You can make your coffee mugs look elegant with this personalisation technique. They are best to be gifted to the employees and their families on organization’s annual day or any fun event.

Add quotes to your coffee mugs-

Sometimes, your employees may need some inspiration from your side. Thus, when you offer coffee mugs as promotional gifts, you can add inspiring words. The quotes printed on the mugs will also be the source of stimulation and energy to users. It is better to choose white and other light-colored mugs to customise them. The next option is to get them printed with some funny quotes, texts, or captions that make the viewers delighted. Such mugs are best to be presented to the employees on corporate outings while having some fun events. They can also be distributed as prizes to the kids or participants on various occasions. 

Promotional Travel Mugs

Mugs personalised with travel pictures-

Hotels and businesses associated with the travel industry can choose this idea. You may make a collage of some famous tourist spots. Then, you can print those photos on promotional travel mugs. Those beautiful photos will lure the mug users to visit their dream destinations. They are also suitable to be gifted to the guests or tourists visiting any hotel as a complementary gift. This will encourage the visitors to come again and book the same hotel. It also helps the users keep their memories alive when they are back home. Travel mugs are slightly bigger than standard coffee mugs, and they have a secure lid. Buy spill-proof, sleek travel mugs for your customers.

Mugs with abstract design and logo

It’s a common notion that promotional mugs should be plain so that the logo remains visible. However, you can choose to get imprinted an abstract design which goes well with your logo in terms of size and color. Such mugs would be used more and will have same visibility of your logo bringing the best outcomes from your gifting efforts. 

Coffee mugs and travel mugs can be the best custom gifts. The reliable stores have different promotional products business for sale, and they provide you with quality custom mugs. You can explore about more ways of customizing a coffee mug from the experts of the promotional gift supplier.