Trending Ideas to Customize Your Duffle Bags for Brand Promotion July 5, 2021 08:00

Bags are a popular means of promoting any brand and are among the top choices when it comes to brand promotion. Duffle bags are extremely versatile and are a perfect companion for carrying everyday items and gym essentials as well. Vouching on the opportunity of branding on the duffle bags can prove to be a great idea, and it can offer high functionality to your clients at the same time. There are multiple ways to enhance the aesthetics of the bags. In this article, we will be discussing various trends in which you can customize regular promotional duffle bags

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The functionality of the bag

Nothing beats the super functional bag for the consumers and they remember the brand that provided the bag for several years. Adding some pockets to the bag enhances its usability. Normally it is observed that the bags have front and back sides only. As a brand, you can put additional pockets on the bag. Adding a slot to keep the water bottles on the outside, is also a creative way to uplift the functionality of the bag. Other than this, you can improve the size of the bag so it can be used by the end-user to carry it as a travel bag. For instance, a large sports duffle bag Australia, will be an interesting move on the marketing of a sports product brand. Also, opting for a waterproof fabric for the bag will improve the overall customer experience and functionality of the bag.

Playing on Colour Schemes

Colours can play a vital role in the customization process and when done right, can leave a lasting impact on the minds of the user. Choose colours that go well with your brand logo and decide accordingly. Right colour schemes can attract spectators and improve brand visibility as well. If you love subtle designs, then adding a bright coloured handle or on the pockets can completely elevate the looks of the bag. Sometimes even opting for using the colour scheme of the logo for the brand and not printing the company logo also works as a subtle marketing technique.

Designing of the bag

Choosing the type of design or printing can help in better customization of the bag. For instance, embroidered duffle bags wholesale, are getting popular day by day for their elegant design and timeless appeal. You can even opt for the logo stamping option if looking for cheaper alternatives. There are various other methods of adding the brand logo on the bag creatively and can be played around with the experimentation process.

There are various methods one can play with creativity when customizing the duffle bag for brand promotion. Customization may always not be expensive. There are several promotional products wholesale suppliers online, who offer custom-made products at affordable prices. 

Choose customization option as per fabric

Now as per the fabric of your bag, you need to choose a customization method that works for it. Afterall, your business logo should be visible and must not go away after a few uses. A few of the trending ideas include screen-printing, embroidery or embellishments. For a more corporate or professional look, you must choose the prints that look attractive and descent. At the same time, when you choose to put or get patches something on the bags, it is better to go with metal badges or the leather ones. Usually for corporate promotions, your logo carved on leather or metal which is sewed to the bag will look great. All these services you can get from the supplier of promotional items as they offer their customer multiple options to choose from. 

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How to get the best deals on duffle bag customization?

For corporate gifting needs, you must trust a supplier who is well-established and known in the industry to make sure you are getting value for your money and you would get your products on time. Now, once you have landed on to the right supplier page, you should check all the available products, compare their features, and cost before placing any order.

Also, if you are searching for sale on duffle bags and look forward to some savings, then try to negotiate on the cost of customization. Though most of the wholesale suppliers the best offers on their products, a few compensate for that on the cost of printing or embroidery. You must ask to offer that as a complementary service along with your bags’ free delivery.

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