What Are Vacuum Flasks And Their Different Types? December 23, 2019 08:00

As far as engineered consumer products are concerned, the modern vacuum flask represents the ultimate in convenience. These devices have won widespread appeal owing to their ability to preserve the temperature of liquid refreshments such as cold water, hot tea, hot coffee, chilled juices and wines, etc. The portability of these engineered products empowers users to carry such beverages to distant landscapes during hiking treks, walks in the park, to the sea beach, on a picnic, during overnight train journeys, etc. Therefore, more customers are taking a decision to buy vacuum flask as part of endorsing modern lifestyles. Not only this, even corporates are preferring this product as an advertising tool to get close to their audience in an highly effective way owing to the popularity of the product.

The vacuum flasks come in versatile range in terms of shapes, sizes and look. Below are a few types of the flasks available in market for various purposes.

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Vacuum Flasks plus Coffee Mugs

This combination cheers and warms the human soul in cold climates. Commercially available custom coffee mugs represent the perfect complement for a smartly designed vacuum flask. Business owners can arrange an impromptu celebration around these items, spark conversations, and enjoy the moment with a cup of hot coffee. Some observers note the coffee mug enables the vacuum flask to complete its prime reason for being, that is to slake human thirst with hot or cold beverages. A little customization fulfills the purpose of branding that a business is intended to do. Especially in corporate offices, when someone is working on the desk for long hours or visits the cafeteria, drinking coffee in a custom-printed flask leaves a remarkable impression on the mind of the users. This goes a long way in creating a brand impression and creating its high recall time.

Squat-shaped Vacuum Flasks

A low profile shape allows users to carry more than one vacuum flask. These products can be used to carry steaming soup outside the home in cold climates. Manufacturers often add wide spoons to such products as part of their attempt to promote product utility. In addition, these flasks are designed with excellent insulation, leak-proof seals, and durable construction. Modern business operators can offer such flasks with promotional coffee tumblers as a giveaway to broadcast their business. They form the best gifting item for students and families in academic organizations or corporate houses. Rest assured the product will be used at home or outside because they are easy and stable to be carried away from home. Also, they are available in beautiful color body or the lid color. When your logo will be printed, it would surly gather the eyeballs of people all around.

Flasks as a Fashion Item

Ingenious manufacturers are designing and marketing high-end vacuum flasks for well-heeled customers. These products add a splash of style to the user's everyday routine. Bespoke graphics, carry bags, top-notch designs, and product guarantees allow buyers to access durable flask products for use at home and in the workplace. Shiny stainless steel construction adds a touch of class to such products, thereby sealing their reputation as an item that promotes modern convenience. These steel body flasks are the best item to be presented to your elite clients in a well-customized box. They can also become the best gift for the winners of any corporate event you might organize. For seminars, conferences, visit of delegates or a token of gratitude, you should keep such flasks at your facility to be gifted right on time. Place an order for bulk vacuum flasks, get them customized with your company logo and use whenever needed.

Flasks for Long Trips

Road trips are ideal to test the utility value of a vacuum flask. The best flasks are rugged pieces of engineering design that can retain the original temperature of a liquid for 24-48 hours. Such products boast quadruple-walled insulation systems on the inside and rustproof steel on the outside. These travel well on camping trips to ensure campers remain adequately hydrated. In addition, campers and outdoor enthusiasts can carry wholesale travel mugs Australia as part of a complete travel package. As a business owner or marketer, you are organizing any outdoor event, then present such flasks to your people or the visitor and earn the most deserved goodwill. Just think of the potential return it can offer on your investment. Since you are presenting them to the new people coming from various geographical locations, your brand would also go along with them to various locations extending the reach of your company’s name.

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Smooth Functionality, Pastel Colors

Commuters that routinely travel on buses and trains can carry lightweight vacuum flasks on their daily commutes. Even the daily office goes can have them in the car to take a sip at the traffic signals when they stop. Ergonomically designed, these products support the user's travels and carry up to half-a-litre of cold or hot liquids. Manufacturers have boosted the convenience quotient of such products with spouts designed to promote the act of sipping liquids. Nothing will spill out of the flasks even if there is jerk on the road making it an ideal carrier for liquid items while traveling. An ideal product for modern urban commutes, these flasks support the mission of regular hydration for a healthy body.

Excess Capacity - Always Welcome!

Giant flasks boasting carriage capacity of 1 litre and above are ideal for families or groups that travel together. These products offer quality construction and can be bought in pairs as a means to boost hydration for all members. Available in primary colors, the all-metal construction offers superb functionality. Special carry cases can be designed to promote safe carriage of such flasks. Even bigger sizes are available for the commercial usage and you can choose anyone based on your requirement. However for branding or promotional purposes, going along with a flask that is good enough for one or two people is good enough. Also, you should make a selection based on your business type. 

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