Wholesale Backpacks March 20, 2018 23:55

Wholesale backpacks: Everything you need to know

The Backpack has some monikers attached to it. From being called a rucksack to the backpack, it has evolved over the years. Though backpacks are commonly used by hikers to carry heavy necessities, backpacks can be seen sported by a lot of other people who are carrying items in bulk. These bags look light and usually are, but one must not mistake it for the weak bags which are incapable of carrying certain items. Backpacks are sturdy and are built for heavy duty engagements.

There is no history known to man from where backpacks originated. It is because even primates knew they would have to carry stuff from one place to another. It happened to come into being by normal habitual existence and living. But backpacks have been of good use since its beginning.

What is a Wholesale backpack?

 There is no hard and fast science involved in knowing what wholesale backpacks are. It is a way of trade where the backpacks are sold in the wholesale. Wholesale is a method of jobbing or distributing merchandises to retailers for commercial use. The retailers buy these merchandises, like Backpacks in bulk amount and then sell it in the consumer market. Just like every other item, there is also a market for Wholesale Backpacks. There are innumerable Wholesale Backpack sellers in the bag industry. Some are local, and some are high-end brands. Listed below are top five Wholesale Backpack brands, existing in the commodity market.

Top 5 wholesale

  1. Herschel Supply Co

The Herschel Supply Co is the manufacturer of hipster retro backpacks and also accessories. The company was founded in Canada, 2009 and ever since has been the top sought out Backpack brand. The company sells in wholesale and retail.

  1. JanSport

It is an American brand of backpacks and collegiate apparel. JanSport is the largest backpack maker, and half of all small Wholesale backpacks sold in America are of this brand.

  1. Nike Inc.

Nike Inc. is an American MNC which is engaged in the manufacturing and production of footwear, backpacks, sports apparels, etc. The backpacks of this brand are famous among sportspersons.

  1. Addidas

It is a multinational company founded in Herzogenaurach, Germany, which manufactures sports goods, backpacks and accessories. Adidas is the largest distributor of Wholesale Backpacks all over Europe. It manufactures Unisex backpacks which makes it a sought-after Wholesale Backpack brand.

  1. High Sierra

This company originated in America, and it manufactures great quality backpacks. They make backpacks that are comfortable, strong and also less expensive. The backpacks are easily available in retail shops and online.

These above mentioned brands manufacture and produce the best backpacks available in the market today. With a range of designs and styles, these backpacks make way for the good sale. Retailers usually purchase these items in wholesale. Then these backpacks are sold to the common public. Though backpacks are usually opted by hikers for hiking, it can also be used for various other activities. It can be used for, when you are traveling, going to school, moving heavy items from one place to another, etc.