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Dominoes Game

Classic game of dominoes where players take turns placing a domino on the table that matches the number of dots on the end of a previously placed domino. The dominoes and instructions are presented in a wooden box with a sliding lid. Branding is on the lid which laser engraves to a natural etch.

from $2.24 To $2.66
100 min

Camri Notebook

Affordable medium-size notebook with 32 colour-edged leaves (64 pages) of lined cream paper. It has a soft touch PU cover and is bound with smart stitching that matches the colour of the leaves.

from $2.55 To $3.70
100 min

Alpha Notebook

Small notebook with 80 leaves (160 pages) of lined paper and a hard cover with a luxury soft touch Neoskin finish. It has an elastic closure band and a book mark ribbon.

from $2.72 To $3.64
100 min
Pop Bubble Board

Pop Bubble Board

A fun therapeutic fidget item that provides the sensation of popping bubble wrap to reduce stress and anxiety. Manufactured from flexible and washable silicone, the Pop Bubble Board creates a sensory experience for adults and children alike. It can also be played as a two-player game, where players take turns until one player is forced to pop the last bubble.

from $3.02 To $3.25
100 min

Highlighter Pencil Pack

Set of four different coloured jumbo highlighter pencils in a natural kraft cardboard box. The pencils have hexagonal wooden barrels and the pack includes yellow, orange, pink and green pencils. Highlighter pencils are a long-lasting alternative to highlighter pens as they will not dry out.

from $1.93 To $2.31
250 min

Double Presenter Express Print

Paper pen gift box for 2 pens, made of matt black craft paper, it has a flip up lid with a magnetic closure, a die-cut foam base holds most of pen styles, a great gift box for pairing pens.

from $1.62 To $3.49
100 min

Wheelie Bin Pen Holder

Mini plastic wheelie bin pen holder, an desktop stationery organiser, large printing area for your green concept message and logo.

from $2.31 To $2.90
100 min

Pencil Case

300D special polyester material with coating, pen and pencil case with a zip closure. Stylish fashion design with a large printing area, a great promotional product for school and office.

from $1.89 To $2.73
100 min

Premium Usb Pen Gift Box

Cardboard pen and USB drive presenter with high quality glossy textured paper cover, it has a separate lid and die-cut foam base holding most of pen styles and USB drive, a great gift box for people working in the office and students.

from $2.18 To $4.14
100 min

Launa B6 Pp Notebook

B6 PP cover notebook with side spiral bound, the cover is made of frosted PP plastic, it has 70 leaves(140 pages) of 70gsm white recycled lined paper and coloured elastic retaining closure.

from $2.07 To $4.34
100 min

Envi A5 Recycled Paper Notebook

A5 recycled paper notebook with side spiral binding, recycled paper cardboard cover and 70 leaves(140 pages) of 70gsm recycled lined paper, coloured side stripe made of recyclable non woven material, it has a colour matching paper ball pen attached by elastic loop.

from $2.46 To $3.17
100 min

Handy Pu Notebook

This small delightful design notebook can be easily slipped into your pocket, a handbag, and backpack. Smooth debossable PU cover notebook has a ribbon page marker. 80 leaves 160 pages of 70gsm lined white paper with expandable inner pocket. Imprinted with any logo of your choice makes a perfect gift for student and yong professionals.

from $2.28 To $3.64
100 min

Stone Paper Notebook

Pocket size stone paper notebook, recycled cardboard cover with top spiral binding. 60 leaves (120 pages) of lined stone paper with elastic band closure, recyclable paper pen attached to notebook by elastic loop. Stone paper features smoother surface, water resistant, tear resistant, grease proof and anti bacterial, this stone paper is recyclable.

from $2.02 To $2.58
100 min

Adhesive Marker Note Pad And Book

A5 size adhesive marker note pad and book with a recycled paper cover, it contains 5 adhesive neon coloured marker strips, 25 leaves note pad and 50 leaves(100 pages) of recycled unlined creamy colour paper notebook, attached with a recycled paper pen, black snap closure.

from $1.81 To $2.37
100 min

Jotty Sticky Note Pad

A spiral bound multi-purpose note pad has a 60 leaves(120 pages) lined note pad, a 25 leaves yellow adhesive note pad, five different coloured paper pads of adhesive flags (orange, green, pink, blue, yellow), and a recycled cardboard barrel pen slips into the elastic retaining closure. Unbleached natural cardboard cover. A very handy notebook and note pad for office staff and students.

from $1.90 To $2.52
100 min

Jadex Note Pad

Spiral bound notepad with natural unbleached cardboard cover. 5 different colour notepads (25 leaves) and 5 different colour pads of adhesive notes flags (Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Yellow). A small and handy note pad, easy to be carried around.

from $1.90 To $2.53
100 min

Konda Sticky Note Pad

A multi-purpose note pad which has a 50 leaf note pad, a 25 leaf pad of adhesive notes, five different coloured pads of adhesive paper flags (blue, pink, orange, yellow, green), and a recycled cardboard barrel pen that slips into the spine of notebook. Unbleached natural cardboard cover with a secure closure. A very handy notebook for office staff and students.

from $1.86 To $2.54
100 min

Handy Sticky Note Pad

A small and handy Sticky flags and note in a pocket size book, it contains 2 sizes of note pad and 5 sticky flags in 5 neon colours, and self-adhesive, stick to most surfaces.

from $1.83 To $2.45
100 min

Metz Glue Tape

Glue tape is an ideal item for general office use or gift wrapping, allows you to apply glue in an easy, mess-free way. It features a correction tape-style design that's comfortable to hold and a precise tip for neat application, immediate and strong adhesion, no need to wait for glue to dry, precise application with 5 mm wide applicator tip, no wasted glue, single-handed application, unlike sticky tape that requires both hands, 8m long Japanese dot liner glue tape with transparent plastic case. Have certificate of EN71, BSCI, ISO090012015. Warning: Do not leave the products in wet or hot environments. Correction tape contains small parts, choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years.

from $2.02 To $2.48
100 min

Colour Pencil Tube

12 assorted coloured basswood pencils in a recycled cardboard tube, 2.65mm pre-sharpened pencils are lead free and easy to carry in a plastic capped cylinder shape tube and not suitable for children under 3 year old. Pencil colours Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Black, Light Blue, Light Green, Green, Purple, Maroon, Blue and Brown.

from $1.99 To $2.90
100 min

Tutor Pencil Case

Round pencil case which is manufactured from 410gsm cotton canvas with a matching zippered closure.

from $2.14 To $3.29
100 min

Turbo Pen - Classic

Retractable brass ball pen with a lacquered barrel and a soft rubber grip. It has shiny chrome accents and a distinctive coloured insert in the clip. Turbo has a black large volume refill with 1800 metres of German manufactured Dokumental ink and a tungsten carbide ball for improved writing quality. It laser engraves to a brass colour and can be presented in an optional velvet sleeve or a gift box.

from $2.51 To $2.84
100 min

Rubber Duck

Classic floating rubber duck that squeaks when it is squeezed. It is a fun, attention-grabbing product that is ideal for fundraising, awareness campaigns and promotion.

from $2.42 To $2.59
100 min

Natura Stationery Set

Unique rectangular pencil case which is manufactured from a 50/50 blend of natural wheat straw fibre and BPA-free polypropylene. Wheat straw is a waste product with little value and the agricultural industry often dispose of it by burning which creates air pollution. Using it to make a pencil case reduces the amount of plastic used and produces a trendy natural look. Included inside the pencil case is a 15cm wooden ruler with measurements in inches and centimetres, two wooden HB pencils, a wooden pencil sharpener and a retractable ballpoint pen with a cardboard barrel.

from $2.44 To $2.80
100 min