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Cotton Calico Bag - Tote With Bottom Only

Product is Made in India

from $1.49 To $2.99
100 min

Cotton Calico Bag - Flat Bag

This 4oz Flat Cotton bag from Promotions 247 has quickly become the go-to choice for both business and pleasure. Developed and manufactured using the latest technology, the finest cotton and decades of expertise, it is one of the best quality and longest-lasting cotton tote bags you'll find. Designed with quality, comfort and practicality in mind, this natural cotton tote bag ticks all the boxes with it’s: • Soft, wide handles making it comfortable and easy to carry at shoulder or waist height • It’s flat and soft too, so it folds up- saving you space in your car, office, home or handbag • It’s quality cotton also means that if it gets wet, it dries quickly and retains it’s shape • You can also print your logo or other business details on this flat cotton promotional tote bag, or order it with no printing at all! • It’s 38 cm height and 38 cm width size also makes it perfect for carrying an assortment of goodies. From laptops and tablets, to books, tradeshow gifts and groceries. Whatever it is, you'll be able to carry it comfortably and securely in this cotton bag. That's why it is one of our fastest sellers and a big hit with tradeshow exhibitors, bookstores, product launches, events and regular day-to-day use. • Click the button below to get your plain natural 4oz Cotton Bag – Flat sample. Alternatively, download a pricelist or call us at Bags 247 for more information about this bag and the best wholesale prices on all-natural and promotional cotton tote bags for business or pleasure. Product is Made in India

from $1.49 To $2.99
100 min

Cotton Drawstring Medium Pouch

Product is Made in India

from $1.40 To $2.99
100 min

Cotton Drawstring Small Pouch

Product is Made in India

from $1.30 To $2.99
100 min

Disposable Face Mask Elastic Band

Mouth Face mask with elastic band. 3ply material for multiple layers of protection. Non woven material with outer layer which filters larger particles, middle layer which filters smaller particles and inner layer which is soft against the skin. All layers are made of non woven material. Product should be used 1 x per day and then discarded. Should not be washed and reused. This is not a surgical face mask.

from $1.00 To $1.50
100 min

75% Alcohol Wet Wipes

Perfect for backpacks and purses with easy to open and close plastic lid. Each packet contains 10 antibacterial wipes with clean and fresh citrus scent. These wipes come with 75% alcohol additives, which are able to kill up to 99% of germs.

from $1.32 To $1.81
100 min

Cotton Calico Bag - Backpack (Drawstring)

Product is Made in India

from $1.49 To $2.99
100 min

Cotton Calico Bag - Messenger Bag

Product is Made in India

from $1.49 To $2.99
100 min

Cotton Tote With Full Gusset -

4oz Cotton. Product is Made in India

from $1.49 To $2.99
100 min

Spinner Pen

Retractable plastic and metal ball pen which features a stress relieving fidget spinner on the top. Simply give it a spin and the momentum produced provides a therapeutic sensory experience. It can be spun while holding or writing with the pen and it will spin like a top upside down on a hard surface. Spinner Pen really attracts attention and offers an exciting opportunity to put a logo or message in the hands of a huge potential audience. It has a black refill with 600 metres of German manufactured DOKUMENTAL ink. Spinner Pen is patented under USA registered patent 9,950,556, Australian patent application no. 2018202349, New Zealand patent application no. 741287, Australian design no. 201716080, New Zealand registered design no. 423567. Due to small parts this item is not intended for use by children under the age of 3 years.

from $1.96 To $2.45
100 min

Deno Silicone Straw

Plastic straws are not recyclable, contain harmful BPA, and massive amounts end up in our oceans. They contaminate water, marine life, human life, and jeopardize our very food systems on catastrophic levels, here is the silicone reusable straw for you to make a healthy planet. Reusable food grade silicone straw is folded into a white translucent plastic travel case. Immediate handwashing after use is recommended.

from $1.08 To $1.61
100 min

60ml Hand Sanitiser Gel

Protect your skin with our scented hand sanitiser gel. It contains 75% Ethyl Alcohol content, which can effective eliminating over 99.9% of germs and bacteria. This hand sanitiser comes in a compact, little tube that can be put into your bag and carried with you everywhere. It dries quickly without the need for water or washing, making it great to take with you on the go.

from $1.74 To $1.79
100 min

Pick Up Sticks Game

Classic game of pick up sticks where each player tries to pick up sticks from a pile without moving the other sticks. The sticks and the game instructions are presented in a wooden box with a sliding lid. Branding is on the lid which laser engraves to a natural etch.

from $1.82 To $2.24
100 min

Fan with Pouch

Inexpensive giveaway product which can be used as a fan or a flying disc. It has a high tensile internal wire frame and comes with a matching storage pouch. Can be supplied flat, ready for use or folded into the storage pouch.

from $1.29 To $1.40
250 min

Vernier Caliper

Affordable, fully functional plastic Vernier Caliper.

from $1.13 To $1.33
250 min

Stress Ball

Round ball shaped squeezable stress reliever made from soft polyurethane.

from $1.78 To $1.89
100 min

Coloured Pencil Set

Six coloured pencils in a robust cardboard box.

from $1.15 To $1.47
250 min

Non Woven Bag Extra Large With Gusset

Reusable extra large non woven tote bag is ideal for holding large and bulk items when shopping in the supermarket. This bag is made of 90gsm new polypropylene material, which is more durable and stronger.

from $1.14 To $2.17
100 min

Laminated Non Woven Bag With Large Gusset

85 gsm standard size shiny laminated heat press sealed non woven tote bag, smooth surface, lasts longer and much stronger than normal non woven bags, water resistant, a perfect promo bag for your coming events.

from $1.36