Promotional Custom Printed Shopping bags


Need custom-printed shopping bags for your store or shop? then you need to check out our collection here. Hundreds of options are available when you choose to personalize your shopping bags with the logo and contact information. By giving customised Shopping Bags, you're not just handing out a bag, you're getting an advertising opportunity from your customers as they carry around your store name or logo and use it over and over again!

Whether you want to customise a jute bag or cotton or non-woven we have all of them here and are also available in many styles for you to pick from. 

Contact us with any questions about our personalization capabilities we are happy to help you and give you the best quality bags in your budget.


  • What materials or fabrics were used in making these promotional shopping bags?

We have bags made of jute, cotton, canvas, nonwoven pp and juco.

  • What size shopping bags do you provide?

We have all sizes available and can customise them as per your need, all you have to do is contact our team. 

  • What print styles do you offer and how many colours do you provide for one bag?

We offer high quality screen printing with up to 3 colours and colorflex transfer on the front, back, or both and gusset(depending on model).

  • Do you provide sample bags for businesses that need assurance?

Yes, we do provide sample bags and you can order them from the website or contact us for one.