Custom-Printed Beach Umbrellas For Business Promotions

Oct 19, 2020 08:00

A sea beach is one of the best destinations to enjoy vacation. However, beach walkers like to have some shades on the sunny beaches. A large umbrella can be the best companion to them to rejuvenate their mood in the tranquil environment of the beach. But, have you thought of choosing a beach umbrella as a promotional gift? You can look for promotional umbrella suppliers and offer these logo printed items to your customers. A beach umbrella is a versatile gift, as it saves us from the hot scorching sunrays and rainwater. Not only this, it also increases your scope of gaining visibility as beach is the favourite destination of people looking for a break.

When your gift recipients would walk with a branded beautiful umbrella, it would get noticed by many others giving a recall value to your brand. 

We have shared some more information about this specially designed umbrella. 

Beach Umbrella Australia

Beach umbrellas of a variety of sizes and types-

Beach umbrellas are bigger, compared to other standard models, as their dimensions can range from 6 to 12 feet. You may buy them for your own business purposes, as those large umbrellas are useful when you have arranged some outdoor events. The large canopy will create a shade in your venue.

A beach umbrella Australia is available in a range of types and sizes. However, the average diameter ranges between 6 and 7 feet. The bigger ones have diameter of up to 9 feet. 

 It is better to purchase UV-resistant beach umbrellas to ensure the optimal protection from sunrays. The UPF value of these UV-proof umbrellas can be about 55+, and they have the potential to block 99% of sunrays. Fiberglass ribs add durability of these umbrellas, while the mesh system ensures breath ability.

Some beach umbrellas have smaller versions with lightweight designs. They are easily foldable and portable, and you can buy these wholesale umbrellas for your customers. In most cases, you can find them with high quality polyester fabrics. When you have a tight budget, you may buy them as the best promotional gifts.

Fabrics used for beach umbrellas-

The most commonly used fabric for beach umbrellas is polyester that is easily cleanable, resists mildews, and adds durability. The wrinkle-resistant polyester also has elasticity to make the umbrella wind-resistant. Moreover, polyester umbrellas dry quickly. Another fabric, known as Oxford fabric, has high strength with sun protection capabilities.

Know about structural components of beach umbrellas-

One of the major parts of these umbrellas is the pole connecting the system with an anchor. You can find umbrellas with PVC, wood, steel, and aluminium poles. Moreover, the powder-coated rust-resistant poles with metallic finish are long-lasting and aesthetic models.

The frame is the main structure of the beach umbrella, as it helps in retaining the shape in windy conditions. Fiberglass, aluminium, and wooden frames are most common to these beach umbrellas. Another notable part is the anchor with a threaded design to manage the wind and other weather elements.

Thus, beach umbrellas are one of the best promotional products Brisbane, and you can easily customise them with your brand logo. However, you can choose between screen printing and digital printing techniques to personalise the umbrellas. Digital printing is more affordable choice and helps you with a faster solution. 

Promotional Umbrella Suppliers

Beach Umbrella for Businesses

There are many businesses that specially thrive in beach locations. Small food joints, beverage stalls, restaurants, massage services etc make a plenty of business during the holiday season. But how can you make your presence visible across your audience who might be sitting or taking a stroll far away? Well, the extra-large size umbrellas can do the job. They are available in attractive colors which can be printed with your logo and be fixed at a place to attract people from distant locations. The large foldable umbrellas are also available which can be folded and kept inside after day use. They not only provide protection from the sun and rain, but do subtle branding of your company in a very effective manner. 

Based on the structural feature of umbrellas, you can choose an appropriate type for your business need. A weather resistant and strong pole is a must for outdoor business use. It must remain affixed to the ground even during strong winds and heavy rainfalls. You might get a lot of options online, but if you are specially buying for your business promotion needs, then you must check the quality of the product. Umbrellas in every budget can be seen in the market to varying budget capacities. 

Explore a huge range of wholesale promotional umbrellas, Australia online and choose a unique design for your unique business. Get the mock-up view of customization done and place bulk order for quick delivery on time. Also avail the best deals on your order for maximum saving.

Author : Amit Ghia

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