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Promotional Printed Umbrellas

No Of Products:22

Avon Compact Umbrella

51l x 94d cm
From $8.47 To $10.96 | Min qty:25

Hydra Sports Umbrella - White Panels

102.5l x 130d cm
From $13.72 To $16.66 | Min qty:25

Hydra Sports Umbrella-Colour Match

102.5l x 130d cm
From $13.72 To $16.66 | Min qty:25

Sheraton Compact Umbrella

54.5l x 95d cm
From $15.54 To $19.04 | Min qty:25

Trident Sports Umbrella - White Panels

101l x 130d cm
From $16.10 To $19.32 | Min qty:25

Trident Sports Umbrella - Colour Match

101l x 130d cm
From $16.10 To $19.32 | Min qty:25

Trident Sports Umbrella-Checkmate

101l x 130d cm
From $16.10 To $19.32 | Min qty:25

Gemini Inverted Umbrella

76l x 100d cm
From $18.69 To $22.47 | Min qty:25

Swiss Peak Traveler Umbrella

56.5l x 99d cm
From $24.43 To $29.96 | Min qty:10

Light Sabre Umbrella

83l x 65d cm
From $24.50 To $29.75 | Min qty:10

Swiss Peak Tornado Umbrella

81.5l x 105.5d cm
From $27.65 To $32.90 | Min qty:10

Bahama Beach Umbrella

115l x 144d cm
From $31.15 To $36.40 | Min qty:10

Swiss Peak Expandable Umbrella

82.5l x 123d cm (includes handle).
From $29.01 To $33.15 | Min qty:10

Swiss Peak Tornado 76cm Storm Umbrella

98.5l x 131d cm (includes handle).
From $27.48 To $31.46 | Min qty:10

Swiss Peak Foldable Umbrella

59l x 130d cm (includes handle - opened, excluding wrist strap).
From $21.36 To $24.72 | Min qty:10

Patronus Umbrella

102.5l x 130d cm (includes handle).
From $17.25 To $20.05 | Min qty:25

Pegasus Hook Umbrella

88l x 105d cm (includes handle - opened, excluding wrist strap).
From $13.23 To $16.17 | Min qty:25

Prague Compact Umbrella

59l x 100d cm (includes handle - opened, excluding wrist strap).
From $13.12 To $16.11 | Min qty:25

Element Umbrella

84l x 120d cm (includes handle - opened, excluding wrist strap).
From $17.30 To $20.75 | Min qty:25

Navigator Torch

Dia 3.1 x L 9.8 cm (excludes strap).
From $2.31 To $2.59 | Min qty:100

Cirrus Umbrella

Dia 104 (open) x L 85 cm (includes handle).
From $11.13 To $14.07 | Min qty:25

Hydra Sports Umbrella - Black Panels

Dia 130 (open) x L 102.5 cm (includes handle).
From $14.00 To $14.84 | Min qty:25

Promotions247: Trusted Suppliers of Promotional Umbrellas, Australia

Leading the league in the supply of promotional products for businesses of every size, we have evolved as a very unique and preferred destination for promotional umbrellas. Our products are procured from trusted manufacturers who guarantee quality and value for money in every single piece of the product. With the use of the right quality fabric and materials, we bring access to products that give a rich and eye-catching experience. To date, we have helped a number of our clients procure corporate umbrellas with logo for their branding events. Our versatile collection of cheap promotional branded umbrellas, Australia is one of those innovative product ranges that take branding and promotion to the next level in a very stylish way. That is why, our clients hail from different locations like Syndey, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and other areas and trust us as their reliable branding partner.

Explore the collection of printed & personalized umbrellas, Australia

We make sure to stock everything under one roof so that our customers with varying needs and varying prospects find a solution to their needs without much hassle. A few of our product range includes Nimbus, compact, sports umbrella, single color sports umbrella, checkmate, inverted umbrellas wholesale, traveler umbrella, Swiss Peak Tornado umbrella, beach umbrella and more. All of these are lightweight and are easy to carry during travels. 

For café, golf, or outdoor needs of shade, you can choose any size of umbrella available with us. We can provide an umbrella custom print to make it suitable for your business type and the purpose of its use. Libraries, academic institutions, coaching centers, etc can go with kids’ or children’s umbrella to be presented as a gift in any festival or new session. Likewise, you can also buy cheap ladies umbrella bulk to make your kitties more interesting or to present to your ladies staff during any occasion. These days, business spaces like spas, salons, ladies parlors, gyms, sports centers, clubhouses, etc surprise their customers by presenting gifts and goodies from time to time. Owing to the popularity of umbrella logo branding technique, many such businesses order promo umbrella in bulk and keep them to be used on different occasions. For general needs, you can go with any plain or blank umbrella in different colors like blue, black, white, red, maroon, pink, etc and get them personalized as per your choice.  

Promotional Umbrellas with company logo, Australia

Our range of umbrellas is the first choice of brand managers and marketers who wish to choose a budget-friendly way of promotions. We provide custom umbrella printing done through the latest technology that gives visibility to your name or logo in the most attractive way. Also, the color never fades away and looks very vibrant on the umbrellas. A number of our clients have placed an order for bulk umbrellas with logo to offer to their customers and clients on occasions and business functions. No matter what business you are in, we can offer just the suitable business logo umbrellas to meet your specific needs.  

Why choose umbrellas with a business logo for promotions?

Umbrellas are one of the most innovative products for brand promotion. There are various reasons why you should choose them for your business branding needs.

Umbrellas are high in utility: Sunny or rainy days, you need to carry an umbrella always. The more they use, the more is the visibility to your brand printed on umbrellas. 

They are vibrant: Umbrellas in varying colors look vibrant and catch the attention of all around them. Also, the height to which they are carried builds a good connection with the person’s eye. It is easy to recall the things printed on an umbrella. People who don’t like vibrant color choose to buy clear cheap umbrellas bulk and use it as a freebie.

Durable and longer-shelf-life: If you are spending on umbrellas for your brand promotion, rest assured that your investment will give you results for a longer time. Once invested, they are retained among the users for too long owing to the high-quality of the product.

They are sharable: Umbrellas are shared among friends and neighbors. When you are gifting an umbrella to someone, rest assured that it will pass to many. While you invest in one, you might get returns from many.  

What’s next?

Plan strategically for your next promotion activity and spend it in a budget-friendly way. Explore our collection of promotional umbrellas and buy cheap umbrellas bulk at the best rates. Not only for promotion but for business needs as well, many dealers and suppliers choose us for tropical or rain umbrella bulk buy

Talk to our experts and get the best customization ideas from them that will enhance the look of the umbrellas while giving appropriate exposure to your brand name or logo. Order now!