Custom-Printed Event Umbrellas: How Can They Aid Your Branding Efforts?

Nov 13, 2020 08:00

Are you looking for some innovative ways to start your branding campaign? Apart from all the other aspects of a successful marketing campaign, a product that flaunts your brand among the prospects is definitely one of the best ways. For this purpose, you can find a lot of products in different budgets. However, going with a highly innovative thing that is different from all others can surely bring some fire to your campaign results. Bespoke event umbrellas can turn out to be the most valuable marketing tools for your business. One of such products are the logo printed umbrellas. Some companies need to host outdoor events, like trade shows and sports tournaments. Custom-printed umbrellas Sydney can be the right choice to spread their brand name and get values from marketing efforts. But, why are these custom products important for your corporate events? There are some ways, in which promotional umbrellas will amplify the result from your marketing campaign.

Custom Promotional Umbrellas

Find much space to imprint your brand name

The major purpose of investing in promotional event umbrellas is to have the optimal brand exposure. An umbrella gives you a good amount of space to show off your brand name, logo, and contact information. What’s more, you will find a chance to display a promotional message. You may choose every panel of your umbrella to imprint your company name. Your business-related information will easily be viewable to attendants of your corporate event. It is better to use the top section or interior side of your umbrella to print your promotional golf umbrellas. You may choose umbrellas with a massive canopy that provides you with a space for printing your company name.

One-time investment that gives recurring returns

There are many marketing campaigns, ads, and efforts that require you to spend a lot of money. Even after doing that, you get a slight momentary result that might fade away with time. However, by spending on custom-printed umbrellas, you invest once but get branding results for a longer period of time. No matter what your business is, once your name gets printed on the umbrella it will get views of the people crossing by and your brand will enjoy a longer recall time. In school events, corporate sports day, outdoor fun activities, fund-raising events, marathons, etc, you can order printed umbrellas in advance. As per your need, you can buy a small, medium or large size umbrella in your choice of color.

An array of colour options

Most of the companies like to choose marketing products that match the colour scheme of their brand. As umbrellas are found in a range of colours, patterns, and designs, you will surely find the best branded promotional products. From bold colours to unique and innovative designs, umbrellas are available in a variety of colours. The colors also look vibrant even from distance and are good enough to attract the users even from a distance. However, we think that it is better to buy the minimalistic ones to make your brand name prominent to the target viewers.

Highly portal and lightweight umbrellas

When you distribute light-weight small umbrellas, your brand visibility does not remain limited to a single place. With the user of the product, it also gets movement and visits locations where your brand gets visibility and recognition. So, basically, you invest in presenting to a few people, but the area covered is too large bringing multi-fold benefits to you.

Promotional Golf Umbrellas

Budget-friendly options for businesses of any size

It may be a big corporate event, and you need to buy a bulk package of custom umbrellas. Still, you will find those umbrellas at the most reasonable price. Small and medium-sized businesses may also choose the right umbrellas for their marketing campaign. Moreover, they do not need to pay a high amount for the printing and design process. However, with the minimal investment, they will get the highest value from your custom promotional umbrellas.

Durability is a distinct trait of event umbrellas

You do not need to worry when it is a stormy day. There are storm-proof event umbrellas with stronger handles, frames, and ribs. The best umbrellas have wooden or steel handles that can endure the force of strong winds. As you have arranged your event at the outdoor sites, these resilient umbrellas are the perfect option for your needs. Besides, you can use those promotional umbrellas in more than one event to continue your branding campaign.

Now, you may look for some trendy umbrellas with custom prints that serve your marketing needs. Although it may be a crowded street and public space, your custom umbrellas will easily catch the attention of viewers. Thus, your brand name will also be visible to the audience.

 Check out the best designs of custom umbrellas and order in bulk for a wholesale rate.

Author : Amit Ghia

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