Everything You Must know About Umbrellas

Nov 21, 2022 08:00

An umbrella can be defined as a handheld device to protect yourself from sunlight and rain. However, today, umbrellas are not simply an accessory to save you from weather elements. They create a fashion statement for users. Available in different colours, fabrics, and sizes, umbrellas are customisable. Promotional umbrellas are the perfect corporate gifts for any occasion. 

Table of contents

  • History Of Umbrellas
  • Different Parts Of An Umbrella
  • Different Types Of Umbrella
  • Materials Used For Umbrella Handles
  • Choosing The Right Colour For Your Umbrellas
  • Pick The Right Frames For Your Umbrellas
  • Creative Ways To Use Printed Umbrellas
  • Where To Buy Umbrellas?
  • Conclusion

History Of Umbrellas


The origin of umbrellas could be traced 4000 years ago in the Mesopotamian region. The Western countries started using umbrellas since the 17th century. Although umbrellas were originally intended for women, English men in the 18th century began to use them. Materials like ebony were used for ancient umbrellas. The first European-style umbrellas were unique due to their whalebone structure. However, today, aluminium, steel, and wood replaced these materials. Nylon also replaced the canvas cloth used for umbrellas.

Different Parts Of An Umbrella

Apart from frames, there are others features also that you should keep in consideration. So, before choosing frames of cheap wholesale umbrellas, you need to know about their integrated parts as well.


Traditional style umbrellas have a vertical pole with varying widths. You can find these poles divided into two parts for easier storage and portability. A thick pole with a single-piece design is a highly durable option on a windy day. The diameter of conventional rods ranges from 32mm to 28mm. Moreover, you may find a metal tilt to let your umbrella provide more shade.


These are slender parts to keep the umbrella’s visor in an open position. These ribs are of two types. The long ones remain fitted to the top part of the umbrella. On the contrary, the short ones are present in the lower side of other ribs for closing and opening of the canopy. You can find a difference in diameters of the steel ribs and fiberglass ribs.


A hub is a ring-like system attached to the rib. There is a steel wire to string together the ribs and hub. Check for their quality. They should be anti-rust.

Different Types Of Umbrella

Walker umbrella

It has a crook handle made of wood or silicon. It is smaller than a golf umbrella but large enough for visible branding.

Telescopic umbrella

The small foldable umbrella can be put into a bag. You can replace its handle according to your needs.

Reverse umbrellas

Although the function of the inverted umbrella is similar to a regular umbrella, there is a difference. The inverted ones can be opened in both directions. You can notice an upward-opening mechanism in these umbrellas. But, when did the reverse umbrella enter the market? The Japanese designer, Sakamoto, invented this type of umbrella, and he launched the product in 2013. 

The inverted umbrellas are available in different designs

  • Manual inverted model- The way how this umbrella works is not different from the conventional umbrella. Use your hands to close and open the umbrella.
  • Automatic umbrella- It is a self-opening umbrella with a button on its handle. You can press the button for automatic closing and opening of the system. 
  • Transparent inverted umbrella- The fabric used for the canopy of the umbrella is transparent. Still, it will protect you from UV lights. The best fact is that transparent umbrellas are mostly made of waterproof fabrics. 
  • LED reverse umbrella- There is an energy-efficient LED integrated with the reverse umbrella. While walking through the dark streets, the lights will be useful. 
  • Reflective reverse umbrella- The inverted umbrellas with a reflective edge provide high visibility in low-light conditions. 


Materials Used For Umbrella Handles

Find the list of materials used for these handles. 

Wooden umbrella handles

Since the 19th century, wooden handles have gained high popularity in the world of umbrellas. They had a handcrafted curved design and were made of ebony and mahogany wood.

Originally, these wooden handles were the status symbols, as they could reflect the users’ dignity and royal position.

However, today, some manufacturers use special plywood for making umbrella handles. Plywood is a lightweight and durable material that can be embossed with your brand logo. So, while buying promotional umbrellas Australia, you may choose ones with plywood handles. With high elegance, these umbrellas will surely draw the attention of your potential customers.

Rubber umbrella handles

The natural polymer, rubber, is used for designing several outdoor products. Rubber is the most commonly chosen material for different objects, from pens to tires. A rubber handle added to umbrellas provides a good and comfortable grip. Thus, it will not get slipped when you hold the umbrella with your wet and sweaty hand. Moreover, the rubber handles secure the umbrella on windy days.

Aluminium umbrella handles

Aluminium is one of the versatile materials due to its malleability. It can be moulded and folded easily to make different shapes. The overall design of some umbrellas is made of aluminium. Thus, all parts, including the handle, shaft, and frame, are designed with aluminium. The shiny lustrous metal does not add weight to your umbrellas. Some modern umbrellas have aluminium handles with a beautiful grey tone. Nowadays, several companies choose umbrellas as the marketing giveaway items. They can invest in products with aluminium models. 

EVA foam umbrella handles

Also known as Ethylene-vinyl acetate, EVA is one of the synthetic materials with a range of industrial applications. The soft and durable material is highly malleable. That’s why several manufacturers use it to mould the materials into any shape. They can cut the material into sheets to make different shoe soles and mats.

But, why do umbrella designers use EVA for the handles? The soft material ensures a firm and comfortable grip for the user. The EVA foam has the potential to restore its shape under pressure. Although you use the umbrella regularly, the handle will remain smooth. In fact, EVA handles are like rubber handles, as they are resistant to slip.

Silica gel umbrella handles

This material is slightly different due to its absorbent nature. The best fact is that silica gel is capable of enduring much amount of force without any risk of damage. In some cases, when you hold the umbrella for hours, your hands feel tired. To avoid this discomfort, you can choose umbrellas with silica gel handles. Umbrellas online Australia are available with this handle design.

The squishy, soft material gives the ultimate comfort to your hands. As you need to use your umbrella every day, you can look for silica gel handles.

Bamboo umbrella handles

You can trace back the use of bamboo umbrellas since the ancient age. In the Asian culture, there was a trend of using paper canopies and bamboo frames to protect the head from the sunrays. These umbrella designs became popular in Japan and China. Nowadays, some stylish bamboo umbrellas are available in the market, and they truly reflect the ancient art. You can use them as the sun umbrellas. The bamboo shaft and handles of the umbrellas are lightweight but strong.

Acrylic and plastic handles

One of the commonly chosen materials for designing umbrella handles is plastic and acrylic. The umbrellas with plastic handles are also affordable without any compromise over usability and utility. The high-quality plastic does not degrade easily.

Choosing The Right Colour For Your Umbrellas

The biggest truth is that the colour scheme of your umbrella does not matter much. Still, black is the best choice for umbrellas intended for using during the summer season.

Some users are concerned about the colour fading issues. You may think of buying a bright-coloured umbrella, as it looks vibrant. But, blue, red, and other similar shades can fade away easily. Lighter colours like yellow and orange repel the sunrays. It seems the dark color of the umbrella would absorb more sunlight and make you feel hotter. However, the dense black color does not let the heat get inside your umbrella and keeps you safe while absorbing the sun rays.

Darker versus brighter umbrella color

Darker hues absorb more rays than lighter shades like pastels and whites. The UV rays will not reach your skin. On the contrary, bright tints like red also absorb the light rays. The more vivid colour ensures a better protection level. That is why bright yellow garments is more protective compared to the pale one.

Which umbrella color is best for your patio?

The most commonly chosen shades for patio umbrellas are beige, cocoa, and terra cotta tones. Color choice is personal, and you can buy ones that match your outdoor settings. However, darker shades fade away faster than lighter ones. While buying the umbrella corporate gift, you have to check the color quality. This you can do by talking to the supplier or the manufacturer you are dealing with. If you are placing an order with any established supplier, then check for their reviews as well to stay informed and make better decision.

Should you choose black for your outdoor patio umbrellas?

You may be concerned about the risk of fading colors due to the outdoor use of your umbrellas. However, you can look for high-quality branded umbrellas made of fade-resistant fabrics. Check the branded umbrellas prices and make the right decision.

If you are specifically particular about having a black color umbrella, then try using a weather-guard spray to protect the original color of your umbrella.

Pick The Right Frames For Your Umbrellas

A quality umbrella frame will give a lasting value to users. Frame materials are the most important things about the custom-made umbrellas Australia. Let’s get to know about different types of frames and their qualities. This will help you take the best decision in choosing the right umbrella.

Wooden frames- A classic and timeless choice

Wooden umbrellas do not lose their values, as they have a natural elegant look. When you love something eco-friendly in your umbrella design, you can prefer wooden frames. Manufacturers mostly use poplar, beech, and other hardwoods to design umbrella frames. Moreover, they treat these wooden parts with wax oil to prevent weather damages, insects, and rotting problems. Although wooden frames may be heavier than aluminium models, they are highly resilient. Small umbrellas for personal use are usually made of wooden frames. However, these are getting replaced with aluminium frames which are foldable and light-weight.

Fiberglass frames

The lightweight and strong fiberglass frames are softer than aluminium and wood. You can bend them without the risk of breakage. Moreover, fiberglass frames are the perfect choice when you use the umbrella on a stormy day. Businesses and individuals are buying such umbrellas in bulk to present them to the employees, friends or family members as a gift. The fabric can be customized with a personal message or a business logo and can be distributed among people.

Metal frames-Best for all outdoor umbrellas

Steel frames have a high weight bearing capacity. Moreover, they are available at a cheaper rate. Most of the beach umbrellas have steel poles providing you with an affordable option.Such umbrellas are also used by many food joints or outdoor restaurants to provide safety and shade to the visitors. These are huge in size and the printed logo seem quite visible even from a distance.

Creative Ways To Use Printed Umbrellas

Find the list of creative ways of using your old umbrella.

Use your umbrellas for decorative needs

Umbrellas are one of the most appealing accessories in your everyday life. However, you can use these aesthetically pleasing objects to decorate event venues like wedding venues and party halls. Hang these umbrellas from your ceiling and create a dramatic effect for the overall decorations. Umbrellas are available in vibrant designs and colors. Thus, you can choose them to decorate outdoor events. You may use wires and strings to suspend the umbrellas. Wholesale umbrellas with logo are available at the most reasonable rate. You may need a large number of umbrellas to decorate a venue.

Use umbrellas as your photo props

You can find specially designed umbrellas in the best photography studios. Professional photographers like to use umbrellas as one of the photo props. However, there is another use of umbreldelas during photography. Umbrellas help in bouncing off the light in a range of directions. This approach will result in softening the shadows for a clearer image. In this case, professionals like to use white umbrellas.

Turn umbrellas into your kids’ poncho

Do not throw away broken umbrellas and create ponchos for your children. Thus, an umbrella can become a rain cover for your child. Your kids will like to put on the printed fabric. As umbrellas mostly have waterproof materials, they will protect your children’s clothing from rain.

Convert your old umbrellas into a planter in your garden

You may have enthusiasm about gardening. Thus, one of the best creative options for you is to use the old umbrella as your planter. Open your umbrella and upturn it. Place it in your garden and fill it with soil. You can now cultivate different flowers in the innovative planter.

Use umbrellas as your lampshade

You know that umbrellas help in protecting us from sunrays. The umbrella canopies can create unique displays. They can be converted into your light shade. However, you have to remove the handle of your umbrella. Then, you can place the umbrella over your lamp. It creates a homemade center-piece, which may attract your guests. They are commercially used for such decorations in restaurants and outdoor food joints.

Create a kite

Hold your umbrella and flip its inside out. The fabric of the umbrella can be used as kite. Choose any distinctive shape for your kite. Use the rods for reinforcing the shape. Buy umbrella Sydney and use it in multiple ways.

Why Choose Umbrella As A Promotional Gift?

There are several reasons for buy umbrellas for your promotional campaign.

They’re useful against rain and sunlight

A large portion of Australia experiences high sunshine hours, which means custom umbrellas aren’t just for rainfall. Umbrellas help protect yourself from the sunlight, which can easily ruin your look and cause premature skin ageing. They’re practical, enduring, and we all use them at some points in our lives.

They generate great impressions

Some of you may be thinking that to buy umbrella wholesale is cost-effective because they’d just be discarded like many other corporate gifts. But the truth is that custom umbrellas are kept for 14 months in average—that’s almost double the retention rate of any other promotional products.

They Are Versatile

Umbrellas can be tailored to your company’s requirements. These promotional products come in various styles and sizes, providing more flexibility in customisation.

Where To Buy Umbrellas?


Kids or adults, rain or sun, you need an umbrella for everyone and at any time. Thankfully, you don’t need to run around in a crowded market to get your choice of umbrella. At Promotions247, you can buy an umbrella online for your personal or promotional needs. We not only stock wide variety of umbrellas, but also provide screen-printing and customization of the umbrellas so that you can use this product as a tool for the advertisement of your business logo or company. Buy small, medium, large-sized or commercial umbrellas in vibrant single color or printed styles at highly attractive prices. Also get wholesale rate on bulk orders and free doorstep delivery.


Umbrellas are one of the essentials in our regular lives. Based on your needs, you can buy umbrellas of the right size and colour. The large umbrellas are intended to be used at the event venues. Small umbrellas are also useful for consumers who desire both aesthetics and functionalities in these accessories.

Author : Amit Ghia

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