Here Are Some Unique Umbrella Designs And Fabrics

Dec 14, 2020 08:00

An umbrella is not just something that protects us from rain and sunrays. It has turned out to be a fashion accessory, as we find umbrellas in decorative designs. From movies to real life, carrying a stylish umbrella with beautiful design and pattern can add a lot to our look. Frankly speaking, simple black umbrellas have become boring to us. They are actually limited to a few define usage only. Even corporate bodies these days are also choosing designer umbrellas as the best custom corporate gifts.

If you are also a lover of umbrellas and have them while going out to protect yourself from the scorching heat of the sun, you must know about the varying styles and designs available in the market.

You pack an umbrella into your bag to get ready for a trip. However, have you seen umbrellas of unique and innovative designs? We will introduce you to some creative umbrella designs.

Custom Printed Umbrellas

Backpack Umbrella

You hold a standard umbrella using your hand. But, this backpack umbrella provides you with a hands-free solution. You can wear this umbrella on your back without compromising the protection provided by it. When you are carrying loads and cannot grip the umbrella, you can prefer this model. Take them out and use whenever needed. They can be folded to smaller sizes and can easily fit inside the bag while being safe.

Funny sunshade hat-

The umbrella looks like a hat, as you can put it on your head. During the hat parties and other informal occasions, you may choose this wearable umbrella. They can be strapped across your head and can provide full protection from the UV rays of sun. They are available in highly attractive colors, prints and design. Such umbrellas are available for young kids, teenagers as well as adults. 

Heart umbrellas-

It is common to find umbrellas in round shapes. However, there are some amazing umbrellas designed in heart shapes. Red umbrellas of heart shapes can be a lovely gift for any women. You can easily get noticed in a crowd while using these umbrellas. They are also trending quite a lot as a Valentine’s Day gift. They can bought in bulk at wholesale rates to be presented as return gifts to kids.

Beautiful rainbow umbrellas-

Most of the umbrellas are available in 4 to 5 colors. To make a unique style statement, you can buy umbrellas of 16 colors. The colorful look can transform your style. You may choose these umbrellas as the props during your photo session. You can search for them online as there are many online suppliers of umbrellas stocking different types to meet the varying needs of the buyers.

Bamboo umbrellas-

We always love using eco-friendly products in our everyday life. Thus, bamboo umbrellas can easily grab our attention. The bamboo frame adds an aesthetic value to the umbrella. When you are looking for 100% biodegradable umbrellas Melbourne, you may invest in these products. They are strong, large-sized and really look great. Special for your outdoor visits to beaches or roadshows, you can use them with ease. 

Large-size commercial umbrellas-

When we talk about umbrella, we think of something handy and easy to carry. However, there are umbrellas for commercial use that are extra-large in size. Such umbrellas are typically used in open spaces by food-joints, restaurants, pubs etc to give shelter to their visitors in an open atmosphere. The business logo printed on the umbrella does the branding as well. 

Although designs are one of the notable factors to buy umbrellas, you need to check out the fabrics. We have listed the commonly used umbrella fabrics.

Promotional Umbrella Online


The tightly woven nylon blocks UV rays and are lightweight fabrics. It is an impermeable fabric and can dry water very fast. The soft, silky nylon has no abrasion and friction while rubbed against other surfaces. However, it can shrink due to air humidity and may cause problems when you are closing your umbrella.


It is another durable, chemical-resistant fabric with high responsiveness to dye. You may use a polyester umbrella in all weather conditions, as it retains its shape. You can buy custom printed umbrellas made of polyester fabrics.

The best fact is that polyester umbrellas do not need much maintenance. Manufacturers mostly use polyester for commercial umbrellas.


It is a soft fabric of thin unbleached threads. Some of us confuse it with cotton. The waterproof material is best to slide off raindrops. They are light-weight and completely safe for use in rains and sun.

Now, you can place an order for a promotional umbrella online at great prices. Find an umbrella of an attractive design and customise it with your brand name. The best umbrellas can last long and value your investment.

Order custom printed umbrellas at best prices and get delivered across various locations in Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth etc.


Author : Amit Ghia

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