How Promotional Umbrellas Change Business Strategies

Mar 16, 2020 08:00

Saving lives can be a business strategy. Let us learn more.

Strategies win the war. But if the question is asked what is the role of the umbrella in winning wars, we may find it difficult to answer.

Carrying an umbrella may help to survive in difficult terrain. But businesses are asking for tangible results with the help of strategies. They are willing to buy umbrellas wholesale for promotions. But they want guaranteed success.

For ROI, We Have to Wait

Our point of discussion is not ROI, but a change in business approach. We have a limited knowledge based on research that we should have a combination of advertising and promotions to be successful. Again, there is no guarantee for success but businesses can make an impact in the area of brand exposure that will indirectly help in sales promotion.

Cheap Promotional Umbrellas

If looked at the scenario of branding we can find one thing. Common people are least inclined to unloose their purse strings. At that time if one player goes to them and offers a product or service with the least quote, people are willing to listen to them. Their only condition is on quality and after-sales service to buy for the first time.

Focus on Healthcare

In the face of emerging threats like this business especially the SMEs can think about a strategy to reach communities. And the right way to reach them is to launch an awareness campaign on healthcare during corona season.

What matters more is not corporate promotional products. On the other hand, it is the campaign and the active participation of its volunteers that gave tangible results to the communities.

Imagine a scenario where your company distributed fifty thousand masks for students to prevent corona. Your team worked hard by going from towns to towns in important cities like Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra etc., in the hot sun. To get protection from the heat your team used cheap promotional umbrellas to protect their skin from UV rays. People observed your hard work, your concern for the communities, your sweated and tanned face. The saw worth in your work.

Yes, the good has been generated. They saw you, the umbrella you used, as well as the logo and tagline too. It is a combination of all these factors that will give you success. In that corporate umbrella with logo did a small part.

No Ads, But Real Actions

Working locally among communities will give you brand exposure. In that, only your sincerity matters and there is anything like magic. Hard work, systematic outreach, against that there is no magic.

Yes, we all can learn many things from campaigns in an emergency. We all have seen many campaigns in Australia over these years. We do remember some and forget others. As a matter of fact, we come across certain themes done by an advertising strategy. Some are CSR ideas of leading corporates that made a mark. We remember them.

Is Corona Threat an Opportunity 

But today businesses have an opportunity to reach their target audience. We saw coronavirus as a threat to the economy but the fact is it is an opportunity for businesses to endear themselves to the masses. An umbrella campaign can change business strategies in an emergency like Covid-19.

Trident Sports Umbrella - White Panels 107903101l x 130d cm 

How to Get Emotional 

Often, we need color magic to get the attention of the target audience. For example, you are going to a professional education institute or university where your target is youth. When you show multi-colored umbrellas, they will exhibit interest to know what you are and details on your campaign. When their queries are appropriately addressed, they may show interest to become volunteers in your campaign. Some may show interest to donate money also for your campaign. What you need to do is to give a promotional umbrella with your logo emblazoned. 

Raising Volunteers 

Step by step their numbers will increase. Focus on youth especially the young women with whom you can create a real impact. All matters here is your humble talk, your courtesy, the willingness to share available resources with them. In this way, you can build bridges with the community.

People always have a feeling that only big brands can be in the limelight. But on the contrary, SMBs are at an advantageous situation provided they should have a partnership with a few likeminded ones for the community outreach programs. Here you should exercise caution to choose partners who should not be your competitors. 

Corporate Umbrellas With Logo

Scenario 2 

You are a hotel owner having properties in all cities of Australia. You want to create an impact with a promotional tool. 

An idea. Use beach umbrellas if your property is situated near the beach. Write a simple message on corona prevention. A tagline like ‘use me but with masks’ may be appealing to them. Have a campaign online also with a catchword, ‘Faith, hope and love during corona emergency’. That will help you reach people who face problems like social distancing.

Remember, people have a feeling of being avoided during a pandemic. But if you have a compassionate theme for them, there is a likelihood of people turning loyal to you once the threat is checkmated or disease contained as a result of new inventions in the medical field.

Grow in Crisis 

Businesses can grow during times of crises. In every crisis, there is an opportunity. For ethical businesses, it is self-promotion by remembering about ‘faith, hope and love’. After all, we need to develop the fruits of the spirit in an emergency stage like corona that disrupts our busy lives. When there is a unity to save lives, our campaigns are going to be successful. Let us hope for the best.


Author : Amit Ghia

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