Quality Frames For Your Promotional Umbrellas- Buy The Best Ones

Jan 11, 2021 08:00

Have you invested in high quality promotional umbrellas for your business? Nowadays, several companies like to buy beach umbrellas or other small size umbrellas and customise them with their brand names. Surely, these custom umbrellas have become the best option to spread your brand names. However, the attractive beach umbrellas need to last long, as they are the promotional tools for your company. Not only this, since they are supposed to be used outdoors, the quality of the umbrella matters a lot. Moreover, you would not like to invest in an umbrella that last for too short a time. Especially, if you are investing money for promotional purpose, then it matters a lot to make your product last long.

To ensure that your beach umbrellas are durable and sturdy, you need to check the frame. A quality umbrella frame will give a lasting value to users. Frame materials are the most important things about the custom-made umbrellas Australia. Let’s get to know about different types of frames and their qualities. This will help you take the best decision in choosing the right umbrella.

Custom Made Umbrellas Australia

Wooden frames- A classic and timeless choice-

Wooden umbrellas do not lose their values, as they have a natural elegant look. When you love something eco-friendly in your umbrella design, you can prefer wooden frames. Manufacturers mostly use poplar, beech, and other hardwoods to design umbrella frames. Moreover, they treat these wooden parts with wax oil to prevent weather damages, insects, and rotting problems. Although wooden frames may be heavier than aluminium models, they are highly resilient. Small umbrellas for personal use are usually made of wooden frames. However, these are getting replaced with aluminium frames which are foldable and light-weight.

Fiberglass frames-

The lightweight and strong fiberglass frames are softer than aluminium and wood. You can bend them without the risk of breakage. Moreover, fiberglass frames are the perfect choice when you use the umbrella on a stormy day. Businesses and individuals are buying such umbrellas in bulk to present them to the employees, friends or family members as a gift. The fabric can be customized with a personal message or a business logo and can be distributed among people.

Metal frames-Best for all outdoor umbrellas-

Steel frames have a high weight bearing capacity. Moreover, they are available at a cheaper rate. Most of the beach umbrellas have steel poles providing you with an affordable option.Such umbrellas are also used by many food joints or outdoor restaurants to provide safety and shade to the visitors. These are huge in size and the printed logo seem quite visible even from a distance.

Apart from frames, there are others features also that you should keep in consideration. So, before choosing frames of cheap wholesale umbrellas, you need to know about their integrated parts as well.


Traditional style umbrellas have a vertical pole with varying widths. You can find these poles divided into two parts for easier storage and portability. A thick pole with a single-piece design is a highly durable option on a windy day. The diameter of conventional rods ranges from 32mm to 28mm. Moreover, you may find a metal tilt to let your umbrella provide more shade.


These are slender parts to keep the umbrella’s visor in an open position. These ribs are of two types. The long ones remain fitted to the top part of the umbrella. On the contrary, the short ones are present in the lower side of other ribs for closing and opening of the canopy. You can find a difference in diameters of the steel ribs and fiberglass ribs.


A hub is a ring-like system attached to the rib. There is a steel wire to string together the ribs and hub. Check for their quality. They should be anti-rust.

High Quality Promotional Umbrellas

Buy bulk custom-made umbrellas Australia and get them customized

Umbrellas for gifting should be high in quality and the customization should also be of quality to last for long. You can find any reliable supplier of promotional gifts to choose the right product and get it customized the way you want. In umbrellas, printing is the most feasible way of customization and you should look for quality printing that does not fade away in outdoor conditions. Choose the right colour of the logo which is in contrast with the umbrella fabric color to ensure its visibility.

Now, you can start choosing the promotional umbrellas with a premium quality design and frame. Outdoor umbrellas can be one of the branded promotional items for your company. You can find umbrella canopies in a range of colours. Based on your brand’s color scheme, you can invest in quality umbrellas. These umbrellas give you a space to print your business details. You may use these big outdoor umbrellas during your tradeshows and other outdoor events.





Author : Amit Ghia

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