Why Custom Umbrellas with Your Business Logo Is Underrated Corporate Gifts?

Jan 07, 2021 08:00

Any business must realise the value of building and maintaining a network. This network should consist of every player in the market—from stakeholders and employees to partners and loyal customers. Showing your appreciation for their trust and hard work is essential for this.

“Businesses give gifts to give thanks to long-term partnerships and to recognise valued employees and customers. It all boils down to affirming relationships and enhancing the connections.”, explains Alister Clare, a senior investment advisor at Credit Capital. Alister is a believer in the power of corporate gifts.

With so many options, you’re probably perplexed in choosing the best corporate gift this year. But let us suggest something underrated but exceedingly useful: custom umbrellas.


They’re useful against rain and sunlight.

A large portion of Australia experiences high sunshine hours, which means custom umbrellas aren’t just for rainfall. Umbrellas help protect yourself from the sunlight, which can easily ruin your look and cause premature skin ageing.

Umbrellas may not be the most popular object in Australian homes, but we look for them when it’s too hot or too rainy. They’re practical, enduring, and we all use them at some points in our lives.

When you give away corporate umbrellas with logo, the recipient may not be able to use it but it will be at their door and will be used by another person. 

They generate great impressions.

Some of you may be thinking that to buy umbrella wholesale is cost-effective because they’d just be discarded like many other corporate gifts. But the truth is that custom umbrellas are kept for 14 months in average—that’s almost double the retention rate of any other promotional products. And because umbrellas as used in outdoor settings, other people can also see them. Just imagine corporate umbrellas with parading in a crowd of thousands! Research shows that a branded umbrella generates an average of 1, 300 impressions during its entire lifespan.

When you think about it, one umbrella that can generate a staggering number of impressions is worth it. 

They are environmentally-friendly.

By choosing custom-made umbrellas as corporate gifts, you’re helping in the conservation of our planet. Unlike many other corporate giveaways, such as posters and brochures, umbrellas are not normally thrown away after one look. They are used again and again for months to years. And if the brand is stated clearly and creatively in the umbrella, you can benefit from its longevity. It’s also a good way to inform consumers that you’re taking steps towards environmental consciousness.

Umbrellas as only discarded once they’re no longer useful and each part of these products are recyclable. 

They Are Versatile

Umbrellas can be tailored to your company’s requirements. These promotional products come in various styles and sizes, providing more flexibility in customisation. You simply have to add your logo, taglines, and brand colours to the canopy. Find a reliable supplier who specialises in professional designing and printing of custom umbrellas.

They Are Stylish

Printing your logo on an umbrella can help your brand upstage others. While others are settling for typical gifts, show the consumers that you’re willing to make bold moves. Many companies use bright colours to capture the attention of the crowd and to make the umbrella unforgettable to the receiver. However, you will have to factor in your own branding guidelines. A professional supplier of promotional products Brisbane can advise you on how to make the umbrellas more outstanding.

An umbrella has a large area where you can put the logo, a message, or an image. There are more possibilities in this item, which makes it a cost-efficient choice for a corporate giveaway.

Additionally, umbrellas tend to be more noticeable in larger events, such as exhibitions, trade shows, and bazaars. The larger and more unique your umbrella is, the more eyes it can draw towards your brand.

If you want to be stylish, forget about the classic and try other types such as golf umbrellas or pocket umbrellas.

They are universally accepted.

Corporate Gifts


One of the factors to consider when choosing corporate gifts is the culture and lifestyle of the recipient. Aside from the budget, this is one of the factors that can make the process more challenging. When you choose a gender-based item, you’d have to make sure you won’t come up short or overstock. What if you suddenly remembered a male business affiliate, but all that’s left are gifts for female colleagues?

An umbrella is suitable for all genders, races, sizes, and cultures. You won’t be walking on thin ice with these.

While there’s no considerable difference, data shows that more females own a promotional umbrella than males. There is also a correlation between increasing age and umbrella ownership with 65 years old and above more likely to own corporate umbrellas. But, the appeal of these umbrellas is still extensive to people 35 years old and above.

They can create sales.

By now, you’re probably already convinced that custom umbrellas are practical promotional products. We didn’t even mention that 51% of consumers would consider doing business with a brand that gave them a custom umbrella. It can be because umbrellas are useful, attractive, or fun to have.

Because umbrellas are typically large, sturdy, and lasts for months, they give a positive impression about your brand. Consumers would think that since you’re willing to invest in corporate gifts, you’re probably serious about your business. Just be careful with cheap promotional umbrellas!

Giving away custom umbrellas will maximise your budget. You can show appreciation to the receiver, generate impressions, and create “moving” marketing material. Promotions247 can customise quality umbrellas for your company.

We are the leading producer of promotional products Brisbane and many other parts of Australia. Our selection primarily includes bags, caps, drinkware, apparel, office supplies, and leisure merchandise. Contact us now to get competitive pricing!


 Andrea North

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