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Promotional Printable Rulers At The Best Rates On Promotions247

Little things sometimes go long in fulfilling our purpose. The use of custom-printed rulers is small but useful and a preferred product for branding among businesses. As a leading supplier of promotional products across Australia, we have helped our clients in running their promotional activity through the right choice of promotional product or in the designing of promotional kits in their budget. Rulers are one of the long trending items in this category and we have, with us, a range of rulers for every purpose.

Our collection includes flip rulers, scale rulers with logo, metal rulers, mini rulers, and others. Our special multi-ruler can be used as a letter opener as well as a bookmark. It also has a magnet on the reverse side to help it get attached to the fridge or any other body with a metallic surface.

Another interesting type of ruler that you can get customized with your logo is our magnifying rules which can magnify a line of text when it is moved down the page. This product is available in a single clear color and is made of plastic.    

Start your branding with cheap custom-printed rulers, bulk

If you own a school, a library, have a stationery shop, or running a supermarket, you can please your customers with scale rulers with a logo and let your brand visibility expand. It can be a perfect gift in academic institutions as well as to kids on sports days, annual days, rallies, or in any kind of social campaign.

Buy bulk plastic rulers from Promotions247 and get them customized the way you want. We will deliver the bulk order right on time.

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