Promotional Custom Printed Stubby Holders


Creative marketing techniques are preferred by experts and are found to yield better results than other expensive modes of brand promotion or marketing. Customized products from Promotions247 have always helped the clients raise their brand visibility and reap better results every time. Promotional can holders are one of those products with a difference that connects with the users and gain bigger eyeballs to create a brand image and leave a “brand recall” factor.

Why buy wholesale stubby holders for your branding?

Can holders and stubby can coolers be products of high usability? The person using the product and others coming across the users are sure to give attention to the product. Mostly, these holders are colorful and bright which gains eyeballs and makes people ask where the product was procured. Other reasons why they should be chosen for brand promotion are listed below:

  • Easy to carry and light-weight
  • Easily customizable with greater creativity
  • Perfect to be carried in bulk for giveaways
  • High functionality and usage among the people
  • Higher shelf-life gives longer visibility to your brand
  • People can recall the design and print on the product

Cheap custom printed stubby holders online, Australia from Promotions247

We have a specifically curated collection of stubby holders that are high in quality and great in looks. If you like to have a plain and simple holder, we have that counted and have a great collection in a single color as well. Some other bulk stubby holders cheap include

Fantastic Stubby & can cooler: Available in different colors, it is manufactured from laminated foam to offer great insulation to keep your drink cooler for longer. On this annual day, you can plan to present your employees with these stubby coolers for a cool experience.

Bottle Buddy: It has a wet suit style with a zip that fits in most of the bottles. Rest assured that when you will hold the chilled bottles with these bottle buddies on, your hands will remain safe.

Other products in the collection include Neoprene stubby holder and a Fantastic full-color set.

All the products are delivered in a flat shape for easy transportation and product safety.

When you can present can holders for promotions?

There are many occasions when you can present stubby and can holders to enhance your brand presence. Plan for it on an employee day, corporate event, customer giveaway on festivals and celebrations, beach parties, or company events.

Our expert team will guide you through the entire process of choosing the product to its customization. Rest assured that it will be delivered on time.

Don’t ignore your way to an effective marketing campaign. Try something different this time and see the results. For more details, get in touch with us right NOW!

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